I want to get better at meaningless conversation. even tho I'm not an introvert...

I want to get better at meaningless conversation. even tho I'm not an introvert, I don't enjoy talking to most people who aren't at my level mentally. I can have meaningless conversations with people but it doesn't keep my attention for very long; I can listen to people talk for hours but if I'm not really interested or knowledgeable about the topic, it just looks like I'm getting talked to and not really engaging in a legit conversation. I don't like talking much to begin with and I'm looking to change that even though the people I do talk to say I'm one of the best people to talk to since I give great insight from different angles.

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Good on you for working to better yourself :)

any advice on how to go about actually doing it?

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Don't think you are super to other people would be a start

Step one: ditch the arrogance, you cunt.
You'll be halfway there of you can somehow manage to do that.

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if you truly believe everyone is equal, you're deluding yourself
it comes off as arrogance in text format but I treat everyone respectfully until given a reason not to
I'm tired of just being the funny guy. I've been that guy all my life and it's honestly very taxing

I'm looking for legitimate help here guys

see how hard you can offend them without their noticing

Nah, bro. You ARE arrogant.
People are generally just too nice to tell you to your face because they don't see it as a real issue superficially.
As I said, if you can somehow manage to ditch the arrogance you'll be halfway there

only people of little value to society believe in "arrogance" being a bad thing and I think YOU think arrogance and narcissism are one in the same when they're not. everybody has an area of expertise in which they usually love to show their ability: if a single guy in a group has the skill to shoot pool better than most, is he being arrogant when he bets random strangers and beats them after telling them how good he is? stop conflating two different words to falsely label someone especially when they're self aware enough to know what their weaknesses are and is actively looking to correct them

An impossible task.
I suspected as much. Have fun fucking off.

you came to my thread bud so it's on YOU to fuck off and close the tab

Read the book games people play. You're welcome

>Come to thread
>Give one piece of advice
>Not even the first one to give that advice
>Fuck your advice you're all just below me!

OP is a faggot

Get off my board normie Cred Forumstards hate you don't fucking ever thing of posting Yoda on my fucking board such a newfag I swear

I was going to entertain this thread because I thought you and I might have a joint perspective about the issues you were asking about, but after skimming your replies to this thread, it's starting to look less likely. That's too bad

your "advice" was fucking stupid and is not applicable to the outside world. also
nice samefagging

>I don't enjoy talking to most people who aren't at my level mentally.
Most people with more social intelligence than you pickup on this shit attitude and, in turn, try to get away from you more.
You want to get better at it? Stop treating it like a chore/you're better than anyone else. You're literally asking tranny Nazis online for small talk advice. Obviously you're below 50 percent (probably 30) of all people mentally. And that's the most honest advice you're going to get from someone who was like you back in 08.


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if you think you're above anyone and asking random faggots online how to talk like a normal human being you're just fucking delusional

>Not acting like you're better than someone youre conversing with isn't applicable in the real world.
No wonder you're online asking for advice how do talk to people in the real world.

Seriously, I can't tell if you're that arrogant or that stupid

Found the problem OP: you're autistic and underage

op is a sperg "nice guy" bitch and this is now a ylyl

Yes.let laugh at OP as he thinks he's superior but can't grasp social skills that are important to being social with society.

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My experience was kinda the same a few years back. The problem is most people around you are to different from you. Could be anything. Age. Education. Interests. Social background. Etc etc. So it can't really work that way. But once you bump into people more like you, there shouldn't be any problem talking. Either that or the position you're in or superiors around you hold you back. You feel not comfortable enough to speak freely.

>context thrown completely out the window
but then again, I'm the dumb sperg right?
after setting up this thread for legit, sound advice and receiving nothing but "hurr ur arrogant and people can sense that cuz we all have like a 6th sense durr" without knowing the full situation and completely neglecting the bare minimum of info I have given, shows how wrong I was to come here. I've had decent convos with guys here even after heated arguments who've become some good friends I game with sometimes, but you 4-5 morons are the absolute fucking worst. absolute waste of fucking time.
again, conflating arrogance with narcissism is not ok. they are 2 different words that mean similar but very different things. a narcissistic person would have a problem with acknowledging their flaws while the other one may resist at first but will eventually come around to fixing said flaws.
no and definitely not
will admit I indeed was a nice guy back in the day but I'm a mgtow now

Stop being a narcissist then
If you can. Solid advise.

I do bold stuff back a lot even though I'm an open book and straightforward. the few guys I've actually really connected with (surprisingly from almost every age) all had one thing in common: we weren't with the bullshit and told each other whatever we thought of at the moment with no judgement. I also think my problem is I'm way too literal with things and it can, I've seen, turn people off quickly. I can have the bullshit convo of "who'd you bang in a zombie apocalypse while an alien invasion was happening before the nukes fell" and have a good laugh, but my problem is moving from small talk to just bouncing from su Jeff to subject without it being like an interrogation if you know what I mean

*hold stuff back

*subject to subject

ffs autocorrect