Why do liberals hate America?

Why do liberals hate America?

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They studied a shitty major

It's been said before. Eye whites above the Iris is clear indication of NPC status. Not ALL of the time, but most of the time. If you see it... back away... document said individual and warn others of the flesh robot.

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Why do conservatives love this meme? Why are they so worried right after they won? Shouldn't you inbread fucks be gloating?

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>Why do conservatives love this meme?
Because it's true?

The NWO threat is always there. Imagine of the whole point of humanity was to be ruled by the Rothschild dynasty. I think modern day conservatives wish to replace liberalism with intellectual honesty and objectivity. Something more akin to the understandings of our Founding Fathers.

We can all upload people yelling and have different political beliefs too. Why do conservatives hate America?

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Sup, Shlomo.

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>Why do conservatives hate America?
Why do you retards keep spamming this like it's true?

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Conservatives don't hate America. They love it. If you want something different you can apply elsewhere for a different lifestyle.

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Who said I think it's true or simply asking the question presumes it being true?? I'm simply asking the question.

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oh hello JIDF. Try harder, no one is biting.

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Cause what if a nigger or jew gets elected this time, lol.

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Shows state police. Kek. Fucking retard.

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train harder.

They dont

They just hate you, you hillbilly garbage.

And you think some national force would be any less corrupt. Rucking Fetard.

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Um. They do.

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Why do republicans blindlessly back a corrupt president?

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Didn't Germany have a massive protest recently and get their shit pushed in by "more government"?

>If you want something different you can apply elsewhere for a different lifestyle.

American society must be hate-filled historical given most of our history includes a lot of social progress (wanting something different) from suffrage and abolition of slavery to labor rights and consumer protections, simply to name a few. I guess reform is a very un-American thing... Why do I waste my time with idiots.

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There is a Bernie Sanders 2020 club on campus and they're obnoxious to passerby students to get them voting for him.


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Why do conservatives hate the constitution?

>I don't know what the executive branch and federalism are

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Did you even read that? My guess is no. And while feminism has gone WAY beyond suffrage into unnatural degeneracy and while labor rights have gone WAY beyond child labor and unsafe work conditions into (no one can operate this forklift today because Bob didn't show up for work today and Bob has senority) (and yes labor laws ARE this insane, I work in situations like this) There's still an attack on the basics of the American's Creed... and if you disagree with it, that's fine, no judgement. Just leave. But many wish to live this way.

In all sincerity, they don't understand the well-being of America. Likewise, they don't care. They only care about "winning". Funny, because this is often associated with Trump, but is done so to deflect the "wah wah" bullshit of Hillary supporters onto him. It's acutally pretty fucking cute when you think about. Real shit, just let the Left be mad, #InTheBag2020 is coming, so just sit back and enjoy the ride.

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We can apply elsewhere. Why don't you fucks go to Russia and suck putins dick next

They're too intellectually, physically, and morally weak to compete with anyone so they need everything redistributed to worthless parasites like themselves. Add to that all the mental illnesses that cause them to be pathetic are elevated to political identities.

I work with forklifts every day and seniority has nothing to do with who can and can't drive the damn thing. We just took a little certification exam and that was it, anyone can drive the damn things. The fuck kind of nonsense are you on about?

All presidents are corrupt in some way. The people want to back a president that is good medicine for the ills if their country.

Intellectually week? Have you seen the Bible belt motherfucker,

Look into the Hostess bankruptcy and how insane union laws made work in the factories impossible and sunk the company. If it isn't forklifts it's something else. Gone are the days of 16 hour shifts with zero safety protocols and no lunch breaks. Here are the days of lawsuits because your foreman forgot to show you the company safety video.

South America? I dont know but I really wish they'd stand up to empirical capitalism and the CIA and put a stop to it.

They don't, you just hate freedom of speech and are too much a pussy snowflake to deal with it.

I don't hate anybody, and i think most liberals don't hate the country. They just want it to improve.

You found our liberal secret out.... The left wing members of the CIA dose the water in South America with the sexual frustrations of conservatives

Also stop making Micheal Moore documentaries your litmus for American life. Travel a bit, meet people. There are all ranges of intelligence everywhere in this amazing country.

75% of the country says this is bullshit. But hey, enjoy jerking yourself off on Cred Forums, the white supremacists echo chamber for people who jizz themselves at the thought of being school shooters while pretending they are part of a race war.

Tell us all more about "NPC"s and jews you useless impotent fucking psychos.

creativesafetysupply.com/infographics/forklift-accidents-causes-prevention/ Maybe because doing so would increase the likelihood of accidents and deaths? I guess that's going too far.

Death to America

Sure, and when your foreigner ass gets BTFO on election day, make sure you come back here with this bullshit number. Bump it to up to 99%. That'll make your smelly family feel better.

Empty desert wasteland is red. Lol

As much as I hate that woman...I’d still fuck that face.

What? No one wants to shoot up any schools. Many whites are tired of blacks being militarized by the left (Roots the miniseries) (The Black Panthers) (Black Hebrew Isrealites) etc. It's needless and evil.
As for NPC's, there's an odd trend among the left to shift towards extreme emotional outbursts in place of discorse and calm exchange of ideas. This is why this meme exists. That isn't to say that there aren't conservatives that react in the same way, however the massive influx of this among the left... SJW's ANTIFA, safe spaces, anti-free speech laws etc, have led to the NPC meme. if anything it's shedding a light on something quite troubling.
As for Jews... no one is making any blanket statements beyond what has been been documented in terms of the Bolshevik rebellion leadership, the Frankfurt School, and the end result of various Marxist fueled rebellions. To the extent which any of this is Zionist or wrought of Ashkenazim influence (although alarming) does not include a blanket statement of all Jews... which would be misleading and presumptuous.

>Shouldn't you inbread fucks be gloating?
Not related to OPs question at all but why do libtards call conservatives inbreds when the most search porn tag is normally mother/son, mother/daughter, etc. etc. I don't think porn sites consist of only republicans.

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>communication studies

The funny part is that it seems like a meme to you. I'm just sitting back and enjoying the party until November's re-election, bud.

that's an easy one.

Liberals are usually not old shits and have enough collagen to have a normal facial structure.

Also, reds are usually fat fucks and have sggy faces.

>btfo on election day
Classic tard behavior. Unable to think beyond us vs them. But the ride has been great:
Bible-thumping outa schools
Worker's rights
Black's rights
Women's rights
Gay rights
Guns restrictions up
Etc. Etc. Etc...
The history of America is a story of how conservitards lose more and more every decade.

It's a not all cars are fords but all fords are cars thing. Not all republicans are inbred...

Maybe. And maybe getting rid of cars on the road would eradicate car crash deaths. In any case, union "safety" rules or "senority" rules have literally destroyed factories and sometimes companies. Next time you drive through an American ghost town and see the scraps of inbred obese walmart welfare shoppers, meth addicts and alcoholics and consider the body count and misery inflicted... think that maybe at ONE time, this town was thriving with people who could afford their families, WANTED to work hard even if it meant few to no bathroom breaks, well dressed... church going happy thriving people who saw their livelihood disappear because their nieces and nephews needed extended dental plans and 2 45 minute paid breaks in 8 hours was "humane."

Liberals hate America because every time they fix something, conservatives come along and break it. Then convince people it was the liberals who broke it. Then collect some type of profit from it.

Tax cuts
Trade agreements

Conservatives are actually trying to convince people that it is the democrats that shipped all of the jobs oversees.

I’ve realized that conservative do not want to be told the truth, they want to be told what to believe. Just tell them what to believe, and they will believe you.

Doesn't explain Schiff or Pelosi. Try harder.

The reds have a few fat fucks. Not many. And even among younger NPC's... TONS of above Iris whites. I mean.. try it for a second... go to a mirror, and try to get the whites above your eyes to show... for a moment you'll feel like you don't have control, like your animal (follower, braying bleating side might just take over) Normal people must TRY to open their eyes wide enough to get to this state. SJW's Antifa get there at the mere mention of something like "The free and fair, open exchange of ideas."

do you people just not know that the nordic countries exist?

yes i know, that's what I'm trying to get at. The majority of republicans are not inbred/incestiual. But it's always been the stereotype associated with them (besides all the various -ists' they have) when it doesn't really work

Your brothers and sisters.

Because the US sucks as a nation and libers also suck because there are only two fucking parties. You get two complete opposites more often than not, and the outspoken people are the ones that are on the far extremes.

The first step in improving something is recognizing its flaws

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When all the inbreds flock to your ideology, is justified to characterise that ideology by the inbreds.

You know. Not all incest results in malady. As a matter of fact, through incest, select genes can be purified and made to produce superior offspring. We've done this with canines for centuries, creating the perfect dog species for specific roles. As a matter of fact MOST cases of human incest don't result in genetic defect at all. Case in point... Charles Darwin sired 8 healthy children with is 1st cousin. Because both him and his cousin were intellectually inclined, most of his children went on to intellectual pursuits and held esteemed positions at various universities. The issue with incest is when both parties of incest come into union with too many bad genes that might match up for a doublment effect, or at the very least a high chance of being made manifest. But two perfect healthy specimens with little to no negative recessive variances are perfectly capable of healthy offspring if not superior offspring.

>Democrats support workers
>ew get away blue collar scum
>Why can't we win

I work in marketing and ok. Way too pozzed, though.

They dont, they just have a slightly diffrenent view point on how things should get done, the media and internet makes it something its not, and you listen; you know like a sheep. The libs do the same shit. How about you ask someone who actually liberal instead of the far left loonies who exist in the minority?

This thread smells like facism.

The ones where the demographics are gradually becoming more islamic and the actual nordic people are getting raped and killed by said islamics?
Socialism's really working out for the immigrants.

The Chinese were right to kill all the fascists.

Look at them now. Great.


You clearly know just enough about genetics to let the Dunning-Kruger take over. Go ask a dog breeder what incest does to the average health of the offspring, even from perfectly healthy dogs. There is a crisis among some breeds because irresponsible breeders are trying to keep their income up by inbreeding to produce more of a valuable breed.

You are an idiot. Inbreeding is, on the whole, a bad idea. Less genetic variance will always lead to health issues because we don't genetically screen couples before they produce children. One needs only look at the statistics to see this bear out in reality.

Incest. Is. Stupid. It is SIGNIFICANTLY more likely to produce damaged people than it is 'superior' offspring.


Isn't that what your team wants?

Conservatives love America so much they want it all to themselves. They forget they're a country of immigrants, a melting pot and once were the envy of the world, now its full of fat asses that don't know their history and are intolerant and angry racist fucks who think they own the land they wrongfully stole from the inhabitants before them by breaking treaties and being selfish gluttonous fucks who don't practice what they preach.

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50 years of schools run by lefties,colls & younies produce new crops of likewise grads for tech information publishing,,sosh media sites,government and local village cucks,,on 3 continents

Why do you call them liberals? They are left, if I understand correct.