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You have ONE opportunity.

If Donald Trump wins re-election— it will be the mark of a new era, that the president can break the law and get away with it. The same ability that dictators have (name a dictatorship that isn't a 3rd world shithole.)

Trump is not an inherently evil man, but a product of his environment.

Much of the older generation and the rural population will stick with the GOP and Trump's actions without question. We will see the complete deconstruction and ultimately the demise of our great country if we do not vote in opposition.

Why should you vote Bernie Sanders?

1. The end of private prison systems.
2. Tax equality— everyone pays their fair share.
>70% tax on the wealthy?? Doesn't that meant that the government will take 70% of their income??
3. Federal minimum wage to $15 an hour. (This hasn't been updated since 2009.)
4. Public college/university tuition paid by the Wall Street Speculation Tax.
5. Elimination of the Electoral College. A system that was best suited for the 1800s and not the modern era.
6. Universal background checks for weapon purchase and a ban on anti-personnel weapons. Weapons that are designed for killing humans as effectively as possible. (The current system is not protecting us.)
7. Universal medical insurance. Healthcare is a human right.
8. Marijuana legalization and the rescinding of previous convictions.
9. The military budget reduced. We will still be the best-funded military in the world.
10. This is a man that cares about YOU and wants to see our great country flourish. The system and plans that Bernie has in-store will accomplish a lot in his term and will get us moving in the right direction.

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bump for great justice.

So glad Bernie fucking beat that faggot.

I dont blame Trump

He is just a wild dog with no boundaries

I blame for the Republican party to let him loose and use him just so they can stay in power in the white house whatever the cost. Letting him go free just shows how corrupt and twist the system is.

It's time for the system to be remade.

Burn is the closest thing to a revolution. If anything that was learned these past few years is this.

Democracy has Failed.

This man does not care about you.

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Trump is a brutal dictator

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>without consequences.

i wouldn't be so sure

Bernie gets cheated by the DNC again but the Bernie cucks thing Trump broke the law. Lmao
> Forever Cucked

he tried to open up labia laws or whatever the fuck it's called.

He opened up many labias, be more specific.

Name a single one of you soy boys who’ve had their doors kicked in by the feds for a single anti-trump tweet

Bro, labias

Imagine actually supporting any Democrat after the last 3 years of nothing but elitism and waste

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Literally no one cares

Lol but a old communist does?

The Commies really have low energy since the SOTU

they have low energy because literally everything that makes modern society great and not a violence filled, starving shit hole has come from profit seeking motive.

Their logic is that of an African child with sickle cell. You cant tell them how math/economics work. They only think of feelings

nail on head. Also history, there is plenty of people ignorant of how life was a hundred years ago, but not all of these ignorant people advocate for completely removing and rehashing the economic system that caused rapid progressive of human comfort and life in last century.

Imagine actually supporting any republican after the last 3 years of nothing but elitism and waste

I mean yeah, they're just as bad. But Republicans didn't spend the last 3 years screeching "russia russia russia" and fabricating impeachment charges and promises

I'm voting for trump because bernie lovers have zero understanding of economics of your list
1. private prisons are bullshit and are too expensive i agree. equality should be everyone pays the same rate no tiers 25% across the board.the poors to billionaire's a like.
3. $15hr is far too much for minimum wage unskilled labor such as retail, and fast food do not deserve $15hr. Note minimum wage in my area is $16.35hr prices everywhere here for food, and retail have gone up 40% since it was enacted. community college should be earned id be ok with some free tuition if the student met a 4.0 criteria and if there grades slip they must repay the government's investment in them. but an absolute NO to free university.
5.electoral college is a solid system in that sometimes the majority isnt correct and it makes voting more fair otherwise states like california and texas would be able to control elections. to all of that. Infact regulations should be removes more restrictive gun laws are directly proportional to rises in violent crime more guns in a an area equal less violent crime. crime rates rise the stricter the gun control is.
7.Universal healthcare or aca fucked the entire healthcare system now its mandatory to have, and yet many cant use it because premiums have risen so high. long as people are not driving high or operating machinery i could care less.
9.reducing the military budget is both a national security risk and a economic nightmare 1 in 18 americans are employed by the military, or military contractors.
10.he couldn't give less of a shit about you no politician does they do whats in there best interest not yours bernie is no different. not to mention he just had a fucking heart attack. and he has connections to AOC who is literally the worst of them all.

I dont fucking care which party you support but you cannot fucking tell me that the current election system is fucked and the people in power don't care about us.