New Omeglepill Thread

Last one got archived. You can use the ask a question feature on omegle
(scroll down) and have two strangers debate. This is my one. Post yours anons. Godspeed

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Every time.

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Don't die, thread. There are still a bunch of us dicking around on Omegle.


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Please leave faggot


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You cut off where I responded "So?"

Not a fag, though. Was just fucking with you.

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Just had a nice conversation with one of you EU niggers. Godspeed

You fucked it up.

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it was noice


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My god... your fucking ugly. Hope you are part of the 41%

i was stranger 1. that guy was really smart and i should have mentioned Cred Forums but oh well

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trap thread

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I'm having a lot of luck with this question. I need to ask why they delivered so many babies next.

Full video please

Here you go user.

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the time is coming yet again. Remember we burnt your books before.

TIL the Nazis herded the jews into death showers while an orchestra played outside.
>"Play me in, Hans!"
>Jews congo line to their death while Mayim Mayim plays in the background

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Damn, pretty intelligent and based conversation. Good job user.