Next time don't cheat. Loser

Next time don't cheat. Loser.

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Why so small?

Got some real balls to cheat with such a small cock

It was tiny AF. I have his snap as well

Another pic

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Tits or gtfo

Anyone want this losers snap or insta

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These are the photos that a gay man would take.


Post his snap. I wanna see wins. Also let's see what you look like and if you deserved the tiny weiner

So it's you looking for dick pics

I'd suck that.

His snap is kreepykarl. Have fun b

Yo, how tf are his legs so gigantic??

How do I get his pic posted daily


How can this guy even any women?

What's the insta

how did he get his soft cock to stand up like that?

I'm a gay man and that is a cock I run away screaming from. No wonder these are mostly submissive shots. This dude has the saddest dick I've ever seen.

Also, if you're a female, did you use a strap-on with him? I can't imagine him being the top in the relationship.

sat what you want but the man has balls taking dicc piccs with a two inch dicc

channeling those internet's busiest music nerd vibes

He dont. Their fags

I remember this thread. you're a faggot, aren't you?
you've posted this several times.

Pics like these make me feel absolutely massive.

i fucking smiled and felt blessed after seeing that shit