Hey dudes

Hey dudes,
I'm a trap who's trying to supplement her part time job which pays for college with another source of income mainly for feminizing products, clothes etc and eventually probably some implants and laser hair removal
I have a small twittter account, with my nudes and such on it. TBH I'm always turned on by the idea of being a pornstar, so was thinking of turning my hand to making videos/livechatting with punters. I have a fledgeling slut twit at the mo and im gonna expand that. Is there any good sites to advertise that service? And is cam 4 still my best option to do shows starting out?
inb4: not passing, faggot, inevitable pictures of shit and hitler

But yeah if anyone has advice/wants to talk/is feeling dirty hit me up

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and my face xxx

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>I'm a trap

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no need to brawl, boys- you can both marry me

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Just max out all credit cards you'll wind up killing yourself in ~5 years anyway

if u have a snapchat and have nothing better to do would you add mine OP? its @interiorpockets ;;

Whats your twitter?

Btw common business model Ive seen is posting to reddit, lrading people to only fans or cam site.

irishfemboi on twit


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Replace hers with his and her with him.


Good lord, do you have any ass pics?

sure, I mean tbh I couldn't really give a toss how I'm pronouned, but just met a lot of straight dudes along the way who's dick-kryptonite is any suggestion I am at all male in my biology or origin (which is dumb as hell- but tbh usually so are the dudes lol)

i must find an easy webmd maker i have some vids of me playing with it

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God damn show me that pussy of yours

Also just if anyone has any opinions, any suggestions in the EU of good sex resorts or openminded cities? im looking to bring myself away somewhere this year by myself and just have a carnal time.

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You can upload videos to Imgur I believe

Mid 50s daddy dom looking for a sweet young trap princess to financially spoil
Come find me on tumblr angel


that's one I put up on pornhub already, lemme see what else I got that's doable ;)

(it's pre my nice new webcam btw)

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so tell us some slutty stories of yours

chaturbate see you there

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The second pic in this thread is from my early

omg fucking Cred Forums android app is shite for posting.
Anyway that pic was when a brazillian tranny prostitute I was an acquaintance of put me in an outfit, didmy makeup and put up a local ad which got a huge amount of responses (a lot of working class married men which was nice) and was actually he closest I've come to feeling like a fleshlight lol

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Trying to supplement *his part time job

There I fixed it

as I said, I could give two shits if people call me her or him, and it's mostly been more important to the guys I was sleeping with then me to keep the fantasy going, but listen- thanks for fixing it, couldn't be the shemale I am today without your support

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um what?

my post got cut off when I was posting on the app. Moved back to my laptop since and is the repost of what I meant to say.

got ya

Need said videos for research purposes