Gf just locked me up. What can I expect? Anyone else locked...

Gf just locked me up. What can I expect? Anyone else locked? Posting cuz she said I should check with Cred Forums about it.

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Locked for a year now by my goddess. Its going to be hard first few weeks, after that it's awesome

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>What can I expect?

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Getting used to it its the hard part. Then the feeling of being owned makes up for it

Bullshit, girls don't know about Cred Forums

W r o n g


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Do you just walk around with an achy dick all the time from straining in the cage? Does that part ever go away? Is the chastity nirvana thing real? What does it feel like?

I'm interested in the psychological effects.

Cannolis? I love cannolis!

Dosent hurt at all. It made me even more submissive to my goddess than I was before so that's the only psychological thing I can say

Any keyholders here who can weigh in?


bump again

not him, but eventually you get so horny that you cum in your cage, or at least i do. it is an insane gasm too, indescribable while its happening, but afterwards you don't really feel satisfied. hard to explain

what tf do youwanna know?? its locked and not my prob at that point

OC of you?
>im crazy into chastity couples and talking about how their dynamic works

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Wheres your diaper user ? Diaper and caged is life.

>OC of you?

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Fuck my ass!

Like... do you notice a difference in your guy's behavior? How long does it take?

Yep. It's me.

Sorry, diapers aren't my thing.

how did you decide on a holytrainer? looks like you should have got the "Nano" instead of the "Small"

regardless, really cute, i hope your new female led relationship really works out and she holds your keys for a long time while you have the joy of servicing her and worshipping her sexy feet and body.

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Absolutely fucking pathetic vying for even more attention kill yourself faggot you have never had a gf

My gf and I switch, and I've been locked while she fucked my ass, but we (mainly she) gets really worried about fucking up my balls because we're trying for kids, and we always take it off pretty quickly.

Is it possible to do that? To cause damage to the sperms with a cage pic related, me.

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why don't you want your gf to take fapping out of your life and have you focus all of your sex on her? if she's a great girl she'll also use the chastity to get you off the computer and learning how to workout and do organic cooking

chastity often degrates into a fat girl making her cucky hubby beg for sex as she denies him, but sometimes it's used to cut out the shit things in a male's life like porn, masturbation useless tv and helps him focus on his body, mind, and sex with his female. (lol i must laugh at has "his" as it is she that owns him)

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I dont get this. Anyone care to explain watthefuck the point of not being able to sexually stimulate your dingdong does to you.. well sexually

This is a cheap chinese knock-off. We went with it because it was really cheap and we didn't want to shell out a lot for a nicer one for my first try at it. If we like it, we'll get a nicer one. As for the size, I'm a little compressed in there. The tube is actually close to my size when I'm flaccid, but I get bunched up inside it when I put it on. I might try a little lube next time for a better fit.

after not being able to fap, or even being able to touch yourself(a good keyholder will only remove your cage to let you wash your penis in a cold shower) you will shed nearly all of your fetishes and life distractions in general and just want nothing more than vaginal sex with your gf who is locking you in chastity. youll also want to spend more time with her, things like hugging her, and holding her as you watch a movie will gain meaning sexually again.

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It's a submission thing. She decides how and when you get off, and uses that as a means to dominate you.

>watthefuck the point of not being able to sexually stimulate your dingdong does to you.. well sexually
it makes your prostate tingly and sensitive

My first two weeks of "chastity" was really easy. My wife was constantly getting horny and wanting cock so she released me almost daily. After a few weeks, she finally worked into a groove of weekly releases. We've gradually increased and I'm at 3 week intervals now.

She keep saying things like "after you've been locked up for a while, I bet I can get you to like anything I want you to."

Can anyone attest to that?

Yes, true story. You'll do almost anything for the privilege to orgasm. Ruined or not

Yeah. Not looking forward to ruined orgasms. I don't think it's something she's into either, but who knows...

how kinky is she about it? Any anklets with the key dangling?

being teased is so much fun, but i have to imagine teasing is even more fun, when at any point you can just do some "queening" and get your pussy licked while while poor hubby is in cuffs and bedties and stays locked and frustrated.

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My wife wasnt either, but the power goes to their head lol

Me and the wife joked about putting me in one of these. Not sure how I would feel about not being able to jerk it while she fucks.

Wish more girls were into this stuff. Tried to get my last gf into being more dominant. Facesitting, small cock humiliation. Never did chastity but I did encourage her to see other guys. I think I pushed it too hard honestly. I could tell she had sort of lost interest / respect for me and we ended up breaking up.

It’s not for everyone. Which is fine, everyone has their wants and desires.

I've been kinda pushing the hotwife thing too. Wifey is pretty into it and had her eyes on an attractive co-worker

I kinda figured we would try most of the typical chastity tropes at least once once we got into the swing of it. The only thing we explicitly ruled out was cuck shit.

I'm not big into humiliation, so I can see why she she'd be turned off by being asked to do it. I find it degrading, and that kind of thing does NOT poke my brain in the sexy place.

That’s kinda my thought process as well. Me and my wife have been doing Hotwifing for awhile but lately have been talking about doing humiliation stuff during. Not sure it’s my cup of tea

For sure, I probably should have recognized that she wasn't really into it. It just sucks that most girls seem to want a dominant guy when I prefer to be submissive or at most a switch.

It's a rush. If your wife is already into it then half the battle is done.

She was actually submissive herself and enjoyed light humiliation. But I guess flipping the script didn't sit too well with her.

Yeah, when we were younger she blew a friend during Truth or Dare and I still get off to that image all of these years later

Cuck shit as in her fucking other guys?

Fucking little dicked CUCK!

Unless you’ve done it already be prepared for a world of hurt

omg i know, i was let out one weekend for good behavior( i gave her 8 foot massages that week, brought her to orgasm with my mouth every night, never once mentioned my chastity cage(rule we have)-she knows when i need to be unlocked for a showers) cooked dinner every night, had her fav show already queued up for when she got home form work....she unlocked me all day saturday while she was at a wine and cheese thing with her mom. i ended up fapping...she got home drunk and was so horny and was just dying for sex and i couldn't perform as i just fapped like an hour earlier...she went CRAZY-even though i offered to lick her for hours as long as she wanted . she tied me up cuffs on my wrists and ankles and straps across the bed and one across my head so i couldn't move an inch and she fitted my Nano to me with a ring set that was one ring set smaller than my usual she was so pissed!

she cooled down that morning, put my own cock ring on so my penis did turn purple and fall off had me suck her toes, then lick her to orgasm as it made her breakfast in bed and she read news on her kindle.

my new new is NEVER FAP, even if she's going to be away for 3 days, even if she orders me to fap(it could be a trick!) i just wait until ive earned my orgasm(usually she gives it to me via her feet or if i was exceptional that week she lets me inside her)

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good luck in the divorce

You couldn’t get it up an hour after fapping?


lmao, this shit is sad

Honestly, I kind of doubt it. We've had a few mmf and ffm threesomes in the past and of course I liked joining in, but I also really enjoyed watching

Lol, sure thing
enjoy being a failure of a man

Oh well then you’re fine. I would say always make sure to find a way to be included. Wether it’s you watching or her taking a few vids for you during.

What is the definition of “being a man”

not letting other guys fuck your wife is definitely part of it

As said by who?

it was weird normally i have a 30 min refractory period, but i think a major part of it was mental in that "i cheated on her" ironically do a video of guy getting chastity teased (mariekaefer on pornhub) and i just couldn't and i told her out of fear of her later discovering i lied if she sat with me and made me go though my browsing history. i think the fact i told her without her around, uncaged, i couldn't behaved should be allowed that priv for a long time is why it took her like 8 hours to stop being mad.

>with a 5'10 blue eyed girl with long brown hair with a college and advanced education, a pharmacist, yoga instructor

im with a lovely girl that i have sex with(though not with my penis) everynight, we workout together, we go on hiking and rockclimbing vacations together, we have a homecooked dinner every night other than when we go out together, she embraces and enjoys my intense foot fetish, and we often fall sleep spooning...just because im not allowed to have an erection doesn't make it sad. im sure many other couples would love to have what else we do. Again, what's sad?

>love how this old cartoon pretty much summed up my first 2 weeks in chastity(i used to fap early morning if we didnt have sex before bed the night before)

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Yeah. Neither of us thinks that's cool at all. I won't fault someone else who's into it, but we see it as malicious cheating, plain and simple. If she even asked about it, it would be game over, but I know she wouldn't.

sounds really gay

>showing affection to your girlfriend
>really gay


yeah, the only way to show affection to your girlfriend is by completely emasculating yourself and worshiping her.

This is the most pathetic thing I have seen in a long while.

>a man acting submissive is basically acting like a woman
>a woman acting like a man because her man is a pathetic piece of shit will always cheat or leave his ass

Have fun OP and know you are a pathetic fuck.

lmao, just made it a lot sadder. Enjoy being a cuck.

>it took her like 8 hours to stop being mad.
What's it like being married to a psychopath?

>To cause damage to the sperms with a cage pic related, me.
I sincerely hope so, you spreading your shit genes is not a good thing.

Yes, also regular ejaculation stops you from fucking up your prostate

69 replies and 20 posters.... This is basically OP justifying his cuck ways.

she was just drunk and wanted to feel my hard cock inside her and when i couldnt because i fapped........if anything she might have been more mad at herself for unlocking my chastity cage and letting me be alone all day after i hadt had sex in about 10 days. she was mad at herself for thinking i couldt handle the pressure of being able to touch myself again and all the temptations, and she was mad at me for not being able to not fap and see that it was an "obvious test" about what would happened when she unlocked my penis and left me alone when i was horny. id actually kind of love to relive the day and say we had long deep, passionate sex that morning before she left on her trip...i dont think i would have fapped tbh.

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Join now before it's too late

Your girlfriend is cheating on you.

>Being so sad and needy for attention that you go on Cred Forums, find a thread that has nothing to do with you, read the whole thing, then mock people who are more fulfilled than you are