What does cum taste like, user? Trips and I find out

What does cum taste like, user? Trips and I find out.

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salty coins and sperm

If trips I eat mine too!


Get the spoon ready



C’mon, anons. Make me eat cummies.

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tastes like boogers :D I cum hard in my fleshlight then suck the cum out

Umm. Salty milk and coins.

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Are going to post it?

Condoms taste awful. Cum tastes good.

like extremly salty dried fish

I want to see you cum in your own mouth and do a taste test review

more pics like op's please

Depends on your diet.

Metallic, salty and slightly bitter.

if you don't exercise, and don't eat veggies or fruit.

my gf says mine is super sweet, because I exercise and eat veggies and fruit.

if i'm lazy and don't work out, and eat garbage, mine tastes horrible.

Great apparently. My lady swallows 90% of the time, begs me to buy in her mouth. Even when I don’t and just bust in her pussy she pulls some out with her fingers, licks it up and sucks whatever’s left off my cock.

Fuck it

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We got a ringer

Ohhh shiddd. I won I won! OP don’t be a fag, eat your cum for us.


>What does cum taste like, user?
Like bags of sand


tastes very mildly salty but mostly bitter. if it touches the tip of your tongue then it can have a sweet taste, but anywhere rlse its bitter.
sauce: swallowed loads from a few guys, also my own load

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