FEMALE feet thread

FEMALE feet thread

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Every fucking time

fice neet

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You can find em in archives from tonight some guys nurse wife feet should find you the thread

Relatively new to Cred Forums. How do I find the archives

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google "Cred Forums b archive" and stop being a retard

More of her?

Icanbeneedy on reddit

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Is this footqueenboo?

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yes user

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Post feet

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i actually kind of like em, idk why though

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Perhaps because they're nice? Nice feet, even?

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>FEMALE feet thread
It used to be, the only thing that needed to be said was "feet thread", and everybody followed The Rule (face with feet or gtfo) which ensured it was only female feet. Asking for "FEMALE" feet allows for the imbecile that is the cancer of these threads to still post "feet only", and as has been proven repeatedly most of what he posts is gay male feet. Hence, face is necessary to demand if you want "female" feet to be ensured.

Idiots that think they can discern female feet from male feet absent other body gender-identifying landmarks are clueless. As has been shown both here, and in the scientific literature, female and male feet are typically indistinguishable and are based not on gender, but on body weight, height, etc. Testosterone has nothing to do with feet growth and male feet rarely have hair either. This has also been tested here in blind tests in countless threads where idiots claimed they could tell the difference, as we all know.

The Rule is what controls. Everybody knows this who has been here doing oc in feet threads (used to be all oc back in the day) for at least a decade

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Nigger are you ok? Go back to sleep

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>uses "noice"
the 1980's wants their kiddie-word back

please come into the 21st century with us you fat old fuck
wtf are you doing on a teenager's website you fucking loser?

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What asshole is posting this shit?
No face. Socks on feet. In a fucking FEET thread, no less. Just kill yourself. You don't even have a foot fetish you closet homosexual. You just need to fap to a body part that is ambiguous and block out the face, tits, and ass so you can get hard and don't have to admit that your subconscious can play "hurr-durr, could be male could be female but I ain't gay"
Leave, you fucking moron!

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Nice feet

I think somebody's put their grumpy trousers on this morning :o)

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Need all of her


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damn she fine

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Woah you're a mega faggot stfu

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You are loser for posting this. Why are you a loser? LOSER!

Dutch amber

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Nigger top post is true.

My favorite feet to post

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who dis

more of this girl?

I have no idea who this is because I took this from another thread but I want to blast her soles with cum

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Agree 100%
It's always 1 asshole that comes to these threads and keeps posting feet only pics. He's cancer here and never seems to get that.

This is, or was, my own personal picture slut.

Anything i wanted to see, i got.

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Join now before it's too late

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I really like women, I mean I'm not bragging here but I've slept with about 20 women, and I can honestly say that is one of the worst pussies I have ever seen. The little bit of fat above it, the unkept hair, the saggy looking lips, despite it being an innie. I've seen cocks more attractive and I consider myself straight.

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I mean... That's just like... Your opinion man.

May I serve as their footstool and toilet?

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clicked on it to check it out, youre 100% correct

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gf's feet

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Any of The pose? Lost my folder

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How are those?

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Would you jizz them?

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who this?

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Yes, a lot

Love it, have you Kik?

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This man speaks the truth, foul pussy awaits thee

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Face fetishist freak

while correct you are also gay.

holy fuck wow

Rate my GFs feet

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Pretty nice seven out of 10


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kill yourself.

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Dang nice quads

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All I've got of her atm, if anyone has more please post.

She looks ready to have her feet used/abused in this one

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Anyone have more pics of girls pointing at their feet like this?

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Wrong pic last time ! Reup

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Any info on these?

God damn look at these soft soles and holes

Candids from uni

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Dang uni i was hoping primary


gfs feet

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She was 18 at the time

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Lol is that the Reddit chick who got her soles tattooed and everyone hated it?


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they look really smelly

my gf has a nice sweet and sour stink to her feet

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any more pics?

Fucking newfag.
You're a goddamn idiot, and full of shit to boot.

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post some

Whos this

Love this pose gonnabhave to start requesting it lol

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Do ypu have a toe spread pic?

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She went by liv on soleproject

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Thats a butt hole and vag not feet

Very hot thanks

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Thanks I know still attached to said feet pics

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no prob, email me if you want more

[email protected]

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Settle down.

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You're such a fucking idiot. If you think a face guarantees a female, I got some bad news for you - tons of traps look very feminine.

This sounds like you have some sort of gay complex.

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Who is she?

10stonedtoesxo on reddit

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lots of trap-loving faggots getting offended by this post

preach, user

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Keep goin

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Got a kik?


new thread?



starting with some Ashley