Telegram sex slave scandal in korea

Telegram sex slave scandal in korea

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She looks kind of familiar.

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damn she fine

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What's a telegram sex slave? Will they be replaced by fax sex slaves?

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Explain yourself faggot, whats the story

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from what i heard there were idols dealing with sex slaves and posting/making videos of them. Things like drugging and raping. Lots of them were chinese women

no such thing as sexu slavu


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Typical Cred Forums fatbeard comment

Now where do I buy one of those sex slaves

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Yes, this one will do nicely

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damn i love this


more of original girl?

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love it. keep posting

Well most of her are vids

more like that

can you post somewhere?

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no sorry

pls more

damn :/

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love these
please keep going

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she's enjoying that way too much

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her tits are literally perfect

In fact, she was threatened by a hacker.

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she's good at acting then

i feel bad but my dick doesnt



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Last year, two hackers hacked some women's twitter, fb, Ig, and the other accounts. And they threatened women to take naughty pics, to have sex. There are dozens of victims. This scandal was featured in news in january.

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kpop idols or trainees, it's common for their companies to pimp them out and there's been multiple scandals about how they meet up with "sponsors" who pay the idol and company huge amounts to sleep with them in secret is the most popular case. 30000$/night

i can only imagine what current idols make, they've gotten much hotter since 10 years ago


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Any chance of uploading all her stuff to mega and posting a link on here OP?


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No sorry

Is this like a Korean Ruben?

What's the telegram

where is this girl in life now? did she kill herself from the embarrassment?

she's still alive

I wonder if OP is the blackmailer.

Unfortunately, I'm not.

that's amazing, do you think if I blackmail her with these pics she will have sex me too?


bitch learn to write backwards if you're taking mirrorshots

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I wonder if the faces they're doing are acts of defiance or were requested by the hackers?

by the hackers I think

What is her name?

I don't know
Can anyone make vola link? I wanna upload some vids

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yesss please been wanting vids of her and the first girl

That's because all those Orientals look alike.

Bump for that


Another girl

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I agree you should do this.

Post em here

Goddamn that's hot

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lol what this girl even is doing

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that's the stuff. more ass, it's not bad.

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There is an anime where a girl in there is a pervert super hero and wears her panties as she walks around naked saving they day

cool story bro

Related to burning sun ?

What a doll

Thanks user

well don't keep me waiting--what's it fucken called

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bro where does this little chines thot stream too

The Panty-Faced Terrorist

fucking zipperheads and their face tune, Jesus christ.
she is the thread champ for sure.

so whats the story behind these videos/leaks

>Last year, two hackers hacked some women's twitter, fb, Ig, and the other accounts. And they threatened women to take naughty pics, to have sex. There are dozens of victims. This scandal was featured in news in january.

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I would buy her then set her free