Hey /b

Hey /b
I havent cum in 4 days and am training to have a sissygasm. Any tips?

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Let's see ya

nice try robin

>Any tips?

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4 days isn’t very long but it’s a start. You need to earn your orgasms now, sissy

You gotta play with your dick
at first, jerk it a bit and try to cum
without your hands. Do it often
and then there’ll be the point that
your prostate will do the work
for you

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pic unrelated- just wanna talk about sissygasms

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For a real sissygasm you should have a limp clit

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Staying locked helped me alot, it changed the focus to my ass.
Also maybe try bbc stuff, makes me cum harder.
Also keep being you girl

Sissygasms are so hot

i quit jerking off for 2 months and randomly had the urge to put something in my ass, used an odd shaped dry erase marker and had a hands free orgasm in like 5 minutes.. touched my cock after and it immediately began rock hard and my ass wouldn't let the marker go. makes me wonder what getting fucked would be like, but im not gay enough to try

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Okay, tip number one is real prostate orgasms are not actually cum, but urine, get used to this if ur committed, this is the reason there is no refractory period, youre not actually coming conventionally, but trust me when I say its an orgasm. Dont touch ur dick and use something big, dont try to hit the gspot if its big enough youll hit it no matter what and you can worry more about sliding it in and out like a real peen instead of poking at ur gspot. Remember tucking, grinding on the bed counts as touching ur dick. When it happens youll hold ur breath and flex ur core and ull feel the ability to push liquid out your dick, make sure to put a towel down because this is urine and prostate fluid and there is A LOT of it sometimes (like use three towels lol) Anyway, the rest is up to you to figure out yourself, feel free to ama because I do this a lot and as far ss I know no one on google even knows this information.

My biggest problem in the past was going in too deep. The prostate isn't that far in your ass, try your best to stimulate it with a vibrator, but when it comes to actually orgasming I need a regular dildo or prostate massager, the vibrations will often just edge me and I'll never cum.

Theres been times where I've edged for like 6 hours without cumming, and once you get your prostate riled up you need to cum from it alone, even jerking your dick isn't going to satisfy you.

I would recommend this toy on amazon for beginning (don't sit on it, try to lay down or keep body weight off of it) : amazon.com/gp/product/B07RZKYQKR/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1

And to finish the job I use this : amazon.com/gp/product/B0010B8CGM/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

Only downside for the second is that I had to sand the edges off.

Also, there is this feeling u get of ur insides trying to push the toy back out of ur ass, lean into this feeling and your body will be pushing it out of you and youll be pushing it back in with your hand, very weird feeling, its like trying to hold a ball that floats underwater.

You’re going to make such a good girl with your positive attitude

I know people say the prostaate is like 2 inches in, but if you try it urself you'll find that the actual prostate is much deeper than that, its like this little squishy ball that my thumb can barely swipe at when I have it pushed all the way into me, easily 4 inches in, those of you who are actually ejaculating semen from this arent doing it correctly and you wont ever experience a real prostate orgasm if youre satisfied with just the 1 orgasm u get from regular cumming, if uou do what Im telling you right, you can cum once every 30 seconds until ur bladder is empty. Even then you can continue but it gets uncomfortable, I usually just drink some water and wait at that point.

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Fucking insufferable cock manglers think they own everything, keep fighting the good fight user

When did you first realise you were a sissy?

>Also maybe try bbc stuff, makes me cum harder

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