45yo fat manchild coomer

>45yo fat manchild coomer
>talks about being a glow up with his ugly ass fake teeth
how pathetic is he? nigger thinks he's a teenager still

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It's okay user you shouldn't talk down about yourself like that maybe try and be a bit more positive and you might find out you're living your best.

Are you attempting to use self deprecation here to motivate yourself?
You know there are much healthier ways bro.
Shit, I did Healthy Keto and lost 72 pounds, had so much more energy, but what helped the most was when I met with a therapist to talk about the reasons I let myself go. That had literally the same effect.
You can do it with out negative depressing bullshit motivation.

Maybe he's proud of losing weight and gaining some self acceptance?
You don't need to add your sad faggotry to everything you know. Let people be happy and stop being a cunt to people you've never met

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Looks like he lost a ton of weight and is jazzed about being at Disneyland.

Good for him.

Stop being a jealous fuck.

Fat people the post

Why so heated retard

lol k dude. I'm not fat and I don't even like the youtube guy in the post. I just know a sad faggot when I hear one, and that's you.

OP here. I lost 150lbs on keto and got my shit together without acting like a little teenage bitch. He doesn't even have the willpower to lose weight on his own. He's got a fucking gastric bypass fucking kek

Okay, so you feel that because you were once a fattie, you can take that hatred out on others AND yourself?
It's okay man, we all can improve, we can all slip back, but we have to be there for each other, supporting and encouraging. It's healthier for us, and healthier for society. Hell it's probably even healthy for the economy.

You don't need to be mad anymore. It's okay. It's okay man.

looks pretty fat in both pics

Impossible, fat makes you fat. You need to eat healthy whole grains and a low fat diet with plenty of fruit juice.

He looks WAY fatter in the left pic (which looks older. So seems to me he's done a good job of losing a bunch of weight.

You clearly don't know what kind of a horrible person boogie is. You must be a real retard to defend him

Nice meme

Maybe 10-15% difference. Still carrying way too much to be healthy. It's not even hard to lose fat.

Yeah, you're right I don't know him.
The only person that thinks they truly know him, is him.
And he's his own worst enemy isn't he?

He's still alive?

shut up and enjoy the glory as his 'fame' fades, as does his viewership and money, requiring more desperate acts. all recorded in high definition and edited for your viewing pleasure, on demand, 24/7.

Someone hasn't seen a special K commercial.

Actually when you're that fat it is. It's not just the reduced intake, but trying to increase activity can be literally painful until the weight really starts coming off.

Apparently. Even after calling suicide for god knows how many times to get attention and donations

I'm almost certain OP is either Boogie himself or Anita Sarkeesian.

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Boogie is a pathological manipulator. Just throwing that out there.