Show me your decks Cred Forumsros. Pic related is my janky ass Pioneer Arclight Phoenix deck...

Show me your decks Cred Forumsros. Pic related is my janky ass Pioneer Arclight Phoenix deck. Pretty fucking fun to play, just finished foiling it out.

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I enjoy fair decks. I wish i could play jund in pioneer, but for now i play grixis dragons

Nice aggro Cred Forumsro

My vintage hurkyl's recall deck is unbeatable.

That's why I love Pioneer, the meta is still developing so you can home brew a deck and still have it compete locally.

Chyea boi, mono read aggro master race! I played mono red Phoenix in Modern until they took my beloved Faithless Looting away. RIP.

I have a super budget Vintage Burn put together for screwing around with at home, if I won the lottery I'd totally but into Legacy or Vintage. The only reason I was able to foil this was I got my re enlistment bonus and balled out on it.

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I play ad naus and U tron in modern, i know im a faggot but i only built the decks to spite a faggot i know

just check dem titties

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Ad Naus was such a pain in the ass when I played Phoenix in Moder. I had 3 turns to win or I died. If was on the draw I had 2 turns. I can see why Tron is the Boogeyman to some people but I've always played aggro so it wasn't super hard to race. Just keep a skullcrack handy for the Wurm and swing for the fences.

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Dubs checked, titties confirmed.

>Ad Naus

Haven't played in a while and googled that card. Are they just intentionally breaking the game with each release now?

>fill deck with lands, 1 and 0 cost things, some life gain
>cast single card to win

If you haven't been playing recently it probably seems like that but the power creep is real. Ad Naus isn't even tier 1 right now.

I last played with vehicles/5 color combo/snakes. Got so fucking boring seeing 3 decks over and over. Last time I played was a ptq where I was playing snakes and only needed 3 fucking mana to run 90% of the deck and got mana screwed half my games. I feel like my shuffles/draws are cursed at a higher level.

I'm trying to get tithe wheel to work in modern right now. It's a bit too slow for the format. Fun when it goes off tho.

That standard was silly but in a bad way. Vehicles and Energy decks. It was like a watered down sequel to Eldrazi Winter or the 2003 Ravager Affinity nightmare. Have you thought about getting back into it?

Not really. I think the game has just lost the allure. I started playing when legends came out and it feels like the fun peaked somewhere around 2003ish then slowly went downhill. Plus for whatever reason there are far less tournaments in my area. I also hate how so many new cards end up being 15-20 bucks right out of the gate, so to compete even in standard you're typically looking at a 500+ dollar deck, minimum.

Yah the price of cards that are still in print should never be that high unless it's a promo or alt art or something. I started in Legions and quit after Alara block when I joined the army. Came back a little over a year ago and I had to spend like $1.2k to build a deck to compete in Modern. The pay wall for the eternal formats is what keeps a lot of people from playing.

Yup. I make like 6x what I made when I played back in the day, so I have the cash but it seems like a dumb waste. If I lived in a larger city with more action I might still be tempted to play limited. I used to have a super high rating under the old system and loved that format.

Commander is the only good format imo. I have a lot of fun crafting degenerate decks and showing them off at my lgs

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>Hey lets build a dumb fucking little bench no one will sit on, ever.

I live within an hour of DC and the Star City shop. I'm also like within 3 hours of Philly, Pittsburgh and Baltimore so I'm super close to where a lot of opens and shit are held. We have 3 shops to play at too. If it weren't for that I never would have spent the money to get back into it, so I can't blame you one bit.

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Boise, ID here. I used to drive to SLC, Portland and Seattle for tourneys when I was pushing hard for a pro tour invite. Came so so close on several occasions. It's soul sucking to be just a few plays away and miss it.