What are some legal ways of seeing shit/ having waking nightmares...

What are some legal ways of seeing shit/ having waking nightmares? One of my friends said he just ate a shit ton of straight coffee beans and saw stuff but I dont believe him. Any recommendations?

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Robitussin gels with dextromethorphan are my fave legal high. Benadryl will work but causes permanent brain damage so I don't fuck with it. Morning glory seeds are a lot like lsd, they contain lsa. Benzedrex(only that specific brand) nasal inhalers, if you eat the cotton inside, will make you feel like you're on speed.

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Interesting. How much these run you? Would you say your addicted?

You could try kratom. It’s a nice opiate euphoria with sort of a coffee buzz that lasts 4 hours ish. I take 7g because the high is kinda light otherwise. Always have some lemon juice(citric acid) and magnesium tablets to potentiate the high.

How much it run you

Ketamin just steal it from the horses but it kicks like a muel.
Fuck legal highs though way to dangerous but if u dabble with retardation and his friends I can show you a whole other planet.
Keyboard dusters will space you out it will consequentially blow ur brain away as well.
Glue in a bag if you wanna revive the 90's russian street kids huffing in the metro very retro .
Whippets =Steve O said it all and he's still here how bad can it be .
Paint thats just retarded .
Heard of a guy sticking his head into a portable toilet fumes got him high but he died from them well shit literally .
Some mushrooms in the woods even Dumbledore would stay away from his infinite wisdom saved him there but ultimately he died anyway so who gives a damn .
Alternatively try everything you find in the cleaning isle in wallmart .
Tide pods will expand ur brain and clean you from all these sins

I hope it was educational and you giggled a bit
For real though get some decent LSD and get fucked up. Salvia is also nice for the few minutes ur high the taste is just dog shit.

Start with 8 for your first time. 16 of you think you can handle it

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dude. why do you want that. people ruin theirs lives from one time.


I fuckin Kek'd
thanks for that Cred Forumsro

Dude all I asked for was some legal ways to see shit or have waking nightmares. It's a one off thing that I'm probably not gonna try due to cost and laziness but I want to be informed if for some reason I do instead of just taking a shit ton of lsd. Better to know right?

butane - doesn't cause direct toxicity in the brain but there is chance of sudden death due to it's effect on the heart

The Dollar Tree dxm gels are $1 for 225 mg, I usually do around 3 bottles but definitely start with one it's not for everyone. Benzedrex is like $5 an inhaler and morning glory is like cheap IDK exactly.
I could never give up drugs forever but I've never had an issue using in moderation in general, rn I smoke once a week, drink twice a week, and trip on either dxm or a I'd once, maybe twice a month. I have a very nonaddictive brain chemistry though so proceed with caution most people aren't as lucky as I am

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Thanks for the info. Addiction runs in my family so probably not gonna try anything, mostly learning for the hell of it. Got any stories?

Don't do Triple Cs just do something with dextromethorphan only it's pretty much impossible to OD on dxm only but all the Tylenol in the coricidins can and will give you permanent liver damage

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Nutmeg. It's legal but if you eat enough you get high as fuck and eventually it's a hallucinogen. It's also pretty dangerous to take it that far though so I would recomend not taking it. Even if you just get a little high from it you get headaches that last for many hours after.

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You'll start seeing shit immediately. Mostly stars and flashes of funny colors. after the initial onslaught you'll be having a waking nightmare.

Once you want the trip to end, just start saying it was just a prank bro its for youtube, and point to one of the people recording you with their phone.

Nothing crazy with friends, dxm is not a social drug for me. Highlights include visiting an alien city, becoming a spark plug, my room becoming a kitchen in a spaceship, my room growing to the size of an auditorium and my monitor being the size of a jumbotron, my phone being the size of a doorway, and my clock moving and simultaneously staying still. Also you see at a low framerate and you'll get like JPEG artifacts in your vision at higher doses

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Thanks man

Nice misssion accomplished .
Even I had a good giggle .

>Any recommendations
Stop being an underage who hangs out with idiot underages

You don't ingest it you smoke it

DXM liquigels for the win. do your fucking research user erowid.org

>$1 for 225mg
why do you tell me this now??
I thought $3.50 for 300mg was good.

Omg don't listen to any of these dipshits on here about the dxm. Thats the same shit I didn't back in 2006 and got the same advice from this place it fucks you up and such a dead beat drug. You will 100 percent regret it heed my warning

honestly? i've used it for self improvement more than anything. you can face fears/delusions you didn't know you had on psychedelics.

Do meth. After 3 days with no sleep, plus the meth withdrawals,you will see and hear all kinds of shit

xanax kills all withdrawal

l have nightmares every night why do you want them? Do you remember your dreams?