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Why eddedneddy fanart poster?

fuck OFF. jannies, why don't you ban this fag?




do you have a reason user? no matter what it is we will definitely listen.

keep this post alive anons!


OP please if you would be so kind as to explain yourself?
> that would be great


bump 2- the world warrior

bump 2 special champion edition

Da fuq

bump 2 turbo

that's what I'm saying! we need answers!!!

explain yourself OP!

For what reason?
Could it be
A U T I S M O?

come on OP we aren't gonna let up as you can tell.


I will breed your mother

Op here, I assume I have undiagnosed autism actually. Very poor family so couldnt afford testing. Did ok in school. No woman has ever taken interest in me very long.

but you didn't explain the significance of these pics or why you post them 24/7

Don't you like them? I post them for everyone to enjoy. And to inspire others. There's only so many episodes.

damn it user i want answers!

I just want an answer as why you post them.
i don't hate them it's just you post one pic then take off to do it again. why not just have an ed edd and eddy thread?

Isn't the rule 1 image per person per thread?

no???? who told you that?

I was only guessing.

Also Im not OP just trying to incite op enough to make them come give us the real answers

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I'm glad to see I'm not the only faggot around here who wants an answer to this autism

considering i have all of his threads open at all times. i had a feeling you were too good to be true. i don't even want to admit how long I've been doing this for. lets just say I'm almost certain this is something deeper than we can even imagine. not a crazy conspiracy or anything but definitely someone with a bot system or network of people. the only question i have is why?!

> OP get out here

Us without u op

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Has op ever responded?

I'm beginning to wonder if there's some kind of hidden message or something

What is you retards doing

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user you have no idea. the only way we're gonna get an answer is if we keep these threads alive and demand one every time. the only problem is gaining more people who can't take it any more.

not to my knowledge. many people troll claiming to be him as you saw so an actual answer has yet to be made by op. i plan to eventually get to the bottom of this. keep in mind i've been at this on and off for way longer than i ever should have been.

> he is god
> this is his punishment for my sins
> i deserve this

Mostly me baby. I was bumping all 5 threads for a while. Want to know

i've gone over the pics plenty of times during the start of this adventure and have found nothing. if it's a secret message it's not hidden in the image. an inside joke maybe? we'll never truly get an answer till op fucking answers! I'm working on getting a team together to help my research at this point.

I want to be your fri3nd. Post home address and credit card info.

get out here op!

Possibly something to do with the commas and periods as the text?, Or maybe just generic autism lmao


no be lurking in the shadows OP!

> NOW!

We sit around wondering what profound knowledge is hidden within these cryptic post.
>>meanwhile, op is litterally sucking poo off his fingers

I've thought about that but honestly i think it's just filler so he can post.

he used to actually post words with his posts at one point. odd shit but i had put all the phrases from his posts together in the hopes that it would make a secret message. guess what?

> it fucking didn't

>OP downloads a bunch of shitty fanart images from the early 2000s
>Rediscovers them
>Decides to spam them on Cred Forums for the hell of it and to make a few anons question why he does what he does
Honestly not much more to it.

is that really the case? do you know that for a fact? it can't really be that simple

Share some?

Dose anyone even know where to find the source of the images?

I've tried reverse image search but the image is sooo crusty nothing comes up

I remember him telling an user in one thread a while back that he downloaded them some time in the early 2000s, that's apparently why they all look so compressed because they've aged like shit.

That last bit on him posting them for the hell of it is me assuming.

It's at a website called The Ed, Edd n Eddy Zone. You can find at the ed Edd n eddy fandom Wikipedia website. There's a link to it in the Wikipedia article

A computer in op's mom's basement

I want to believe this but honestly user.
> I don't

I would have to dig up the word doc from my laptop and it's not currently with me. from what i renumber it used to be things a long the lines of "aren't they having fun" they were such random normal phrases and i had done that ages ago but none the less it doesn't provide any more info than we all ready have.

reverse image search pulls up nothing. I'm assuming the deep fried nature of these pics are why.

i can believe that but yeah even you don't have an answer as to why user. thank you for sharing though i really appreciate that.

that's a new development in this case! maybe he's the one who made it back then? it's a start!

do not let this thread die my Cred Forumsrothers!

I really wanted to see "Edd minus his hat" by HorseRock on the eend zone thing but wayback machine won't load any of the fanart god damn it

I did a me poking around online and found this site here:
Some of the images drawn by some guy named "Jordan" look to be a similar style to the shit op posts

What the fuck Jennifer?

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holy shit user! all of these are pics he stopped posting ages ago but once did! ok so we might have a name and a general time period for when this art was made. it's starting to come together to some extent. thank you user!


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this is one hell of a rabbit hole. you don't suppose this poster is the creator of the website or an old user of it trying to find others who once went on there?

There's a wayback machine capture of the guest book for the site

Join now before it's too late

Who the fuck is maria/mia? Are they the user "Kit" that maintained the site?

i noticed there was no Jordan which means maybe OP isn't them but i did notice someone talking about a fan fic which Jordan drew some fan art of said fan fic but this user here is named james it seems. they talk kinda like jordan though. it's all a wild reach but we're making some real progress here.

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its someone testing getting past spam filters.

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it could very well be that as well but till op comes forward and explains himself we'll never truly know.

Testing that for months?

years actually


page 1 or bust anons
> keep it alive!


youtu.be/9WfO9LWyaAo mnb



would it be possible to undeepfry an image