>rider is a dogfucker edition.

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Anchor your requests and delivers here.

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Draw this monster doing this pose

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Can someone draw Stuart

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Requesting this girl, entirely nude and hypnotized, coerced into getting fucked and eaten alive by a giant snake.
>She's riding the snake's dick cowgirl style, the snake cumming inside her
>The snake is coils up around her legs; its mouth open ready to swallow her head first
>Her head is inside the snake's mouth as the snake continues to swallow her
>The majority of her body is now inside the snake, only her feet are sticking out of his mouth
>The snake now has a bulging belly from where he swallowed her
>Same as last pic, except it's an x-ray view that shows her inside the stomach
>A 2-day later pic showing the snake with a slightly less bulging belly
>A week later pic showing the snake back to normal, no bulging belly, and with her remains shit out

Snake v0re references: imgbox.com/g/QMi1dnPYlz

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threads over

wait it doesn't count if it was ded tho

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Join now before it's too late

These threads in a nutshell

Requesting a pregnant girl Fry having just finished having sex. Something like the bottom pic, with cum dripping from her pussy and her looking tired but satisfied (Instead of an ahegao expression).

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trrrruuuuuu *crying emoji*

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Wonder if accompanying the horned one to the Doctor did not end up in me catching something

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Hyp's ability is to put people to sleep, so requesting him using his ability to put Reimu asleep and then fuck and impregnate her.

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For your consideration, mein amore:

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For your consideration as well, mon Liebe:

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Fuck off

Requesting her getting a loving belly rub

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i bet you vorefag is the naked guy at the end that the nurse takes away

How is this fucking relevant? If I could sage someones single reply I would.

One of the things that will be really interesting is when one of these repeat spammer fags just stops. They disappear. Because then well know they finally had a nuggie overdose and will never plague these threads again... How I yearn for that day so.

Didn't you already get this delivered weeks ago.

I don't think I did, if I did I didn't save it

Go look through the archives. Pretty sure it got done. But I'm not going to dig for you.

how is anything here except rider and debil relevant? simple answer its they aren't the repeat requests and begging fetish retards belong on other boards.but you will just scream "this is my Cred Forums we can do what we want" even though a majority of these bums wandered in here from other boards because the well ran dry for them elsewhere or they got banned from other boards for being human garbage.

Checked all the posts with that image, and also checked relative keywords, no dice

Meant for

Can't think of a board for monster guy
Stuart guy could go in Cred Forums
Voreguy has bestiality, so it's only allowed here or /trash/
Fry guy belongs in /aco/
Hyp guy belongs here for shota
Belly guy is a bit risky for /d/

tried to emulate justice league style

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And you failed

>Voreguy has bestiality, so it's only allowed here or /trash/
he is on trash but no one wants to draw his bullshit there either
Fryfag can either be on /trash/ or /aco/
hypefag could have gotten so many deliveries elsewhere if he allowed for aging up
bellyfag is another /trash/ reject probably wandered in from some shitty inflation thread
but this misses the point altogether they repeat this bullshit day after day and no one wants to draw it.you would think common sense would tell some one.
>"hey i've been requesting this and everyone ignored it or told me no for weeks or months maybe just maybe it's time to move the fuck on.

I continue to return to Dragon Quest IV but I keep getting lost

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What are you guys plans for the 14th?

Based and snake-vorepilled!
Thanks drawanon!

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/trash/ drawthreads are mostly furry, so all of those are out due to being human or half human.
Hypfag could get deleted in /d/ for the ref image alone, /d/ mods are that bad.
That bottom part, have you ever been to a drawthread outside of Cred Forums? Complaining about repreqs is a lost cause.

I had planned on spending it as any other day, after looking up possible holidays on that certain day I would assume you to be referring to Valentines Day, now having that knowledge my plans have not changed at all
I simply did what was asked of me

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You got a delivery, now please leave.

yeah i've been to drawthreads on other boards.it's not like i'm blind to where the mentality of these autistic repeat requestfags came from considering i said they wandered in here from other boards.defending the retards is just as pointless and a lost cause too you know

Sorry user, while indeed it is a good delivery and I'm very appreciative to the drawanon who drew it, it's rather low quality. Definitely not a fappable delivery. I will continue to request until I get a fappable delivery

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Yeah but neither is crying about them.

he will not leave he never leaves he will just post that as an additional ref for the request and keep requesting it

i can complain about cancerous garbage if i want.not like there is much else going here. its sad as fuck that you're are defending this shit though. are you one of them ?

>he will not leave
>he never leaves
>he will just post that as an additional ref for the request
>and keep requesting it
Half-true. Until I get a fappable delivery or until six months pass, whichever comes first. Then I'll stop requesting it

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>or until six months pass, whichever comes first. Then I'll stop requesting it
You also said that you'd leave for at least 6 months as well, after your last delivery. But you lied. And here we are.

>You also said that you'd leave for at least 6 months as well, after your last delivery.
I never said that, sperganon

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first drawing i know it sucks but hey

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Then if you say that you will leave, why haven't you left? You got a delivery on your last request. And you said you would leave. Why have you come back? Why did you lie about saying you'd leave? Why are you lying now?

Complain about cancer all ya want, just don't be surprised if you set off vorefag.

you keep coming back and requesting more of your bullshit i don't want to hear your lies anymore you got a delivery today go pester people on /trash/ and masturbate to little girls and snakes and let the thread be for today

could care less vorefag is a retard who masturbates over toads and snakes eating digesting and shitting out children he is beneath contempt

Almost forgot to be a different form near Rider
Not until a high quality draw is received
Worry not everyone starts somewhere, you are more than welcome to the threads where anyone of any level can join and draw

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>Sperging this hard
Yes, I've said I'll leave in the past, but I never said forever. I'll leave again in the future, but how long will I be gone: a year, a month, a week, a day? I don't know. Roll the dice and find out :^)

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Actually, this user raises a good point.
If you left after you got a delivery, just for a day or two, people would get less fatigue from seeing you. It would also create incentive to draw deliveries for you, to get more of that relief. You have a delivery, may as well head off for at least a day.

I hope you get kidney failure.

>If you left after you got a delivery, just for a day or two, people would get less fatigue from seeing you
I've stated the terms numerous times. I won't break them to appease random anons and spergs. Thanks for your concern.
>It would also create incentive to draw deliveries for you
People don't want to draw for me because I said a couple mean things on Cred Forums like six years ago. Ever since then, a team of bitter sperganons and drawanons have led a crusade for a whole six years straight to dissuade other drawanons for drawing for me despite me acting gentlemanly ever since.

Ok, sperganon

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And here comes the copy/paste replies.

you act as if you don't irritate everyone by back linking your shitty request to every drawfag like some autistic jewish parrot

>Still sperging
If a little bit of Cred Forums-tier shitposting triggers you this hard while you browse Cred Forums, maybe you shouldn't be here.

What's the pic "I entered a thread full of stuff I don't like, and now I'm mad!"?
That's you.

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not worth the effort go masturbate to loli porn some more faggot


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this made me laugh so hard its pretty much every drawthread now

Precisely! Thanks, kind user

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you are all 3 of them at once

thumbnail still looks like a large mouth bass laying on a table


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kill usa

I takeing two requests.

Not a bass fish but close, sorta. Here, a pic for you

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For your consideration:

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murder americans dclxvi

Requesting a comic of this girl getting raped doggystyle by a dog while sucking the dick of another dog. To the side, show an x-ray views of her ass and pussy filled to the brim with doggy dick
>First part she's getting spitroasted by the dogs
>Second part the dogs are cumming, one inside her ass, and the other all over her face and in her open mouth
>Third part another two dogs comes in to fuck her doggystyle, this time in her pussy, and another to fuck her mouth again
>Fourth part the dogs cum inside her mouth and pussy, filling her womb with doggy cum (x-ray of this too)
>Fifth part she's getting pissed on the head by one of the dogs that fucked her as her eggs are being fertilized by dog sperm
>Sixth part is a closeup her pussy and ass, gaping and with cum all over the place
>Seven part is a closeup of her face with cum on it and with it in her mouth open with some cum dripping out
>Eighth part is a few months later where she's heavily pregnant with a litter of puppies with a look of shame on her face

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Attached: 6.jpg (800x900, 470K)

Attached: wg3_hyousi1200.jpg (845x1200, 926K)

>last word

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Attached: Fo4FH_creaturegulper.png (1326x903, 821K)

Requesting these 3 women from Fairly Odd Parents with cookies inside their pussies as in the picture.

Attached: 1566388252795.jpg (1587x1306, 421K)

>more last word

Attached: 87897587647821f4905yh5921r.gif (110x90, 59K)

>Guaranteed another reply

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Ha, gottem!

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am gonna jerk off
that why i've dump it here duuh

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>pregnant with black baby
Hot, requesting that with the character in the belly rub request

>>pregnant with black baby
It's every Aussie girl's dream. Abo dick is too stronk

>rider relevant
Are you his faggot friend that got doxed and the one who also claimed that you fucked a squirrel?

story? deets?????

sorri ill pass
i thoght it was a rabbit but hey whats the difference a hole is hole amiright?

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>rider relevant
more relevant than some sperging user with a wild imagination.

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Since when did you fuck dogs?

/r/ Shirley Sunshine in either one of the two poses below

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Riders art is gross and he belongs in Cred Forums. Keep that faggot off other sites

Yeah uhhh
Can I get some uhhhh
B i o n i c l e s

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Cred Forums is a trashcan for the least likeable fetishfags to die in. This is all they have. That's why they never stop posting the same shit over and over and endlessly troll. They're not clever or calculated, they are chronic failures and their last mission is to waste everyone's time as much as possible before they die their lonely death.
Stop coming here and thinking shits going to be different because someone draws nice tits once in awhile. This place is a trap.

I'm only here because shota's not allowed on other boards

Unironically unlikeable

>free real estate
since i was a baby

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Impressive that you can get erect at birth. Must be a cock master by now!


It's not a crusade. I only learned about you maybe a month ago and just generally don't like you.

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The fact he didn't reply to this only makes it worse, kek.

my penis is twelve miles long btw

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Can someone draw my oc?

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Requesting a Romulan cougar mommy gf in see-through spandex leggings with a nice butt.

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spergs came out to play early today huh

Huh yadot ylrae yalp ot tuo emac sgreps.

u liek pokeman

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Fuck off

unironically seconding

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My favorite one in the series, Pokemon Saw!

Um Rider, do you have problems with the modern Pokemon?











You could tell us about your feelings and problem about the franchise. Everybody including me has it, alot. So just tell us, what's you mind, buddy.

i dont nessacarly hate them i never played the new ones (only played blue/gold/emrald/diamond) tho pokemon seems to be milked harder than starwars in the past years...

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Requesting the female busty feral Dolphin Bomber on a human male in the Cowgirl position.

Attached: 35df2d5f25b0a09df3e55648aa2f84ed.png (1500x1200, 720K)

Oh well in that cased. Ever heard of My Gym Partner's a Monkey?