Exposed doxed ex gf. Spreading her nudes. Help me humiliate her

Exposed doxed ex gf. Spreading her nudes. Help me humiliate her.

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so just do it faggot

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fuck off, you keep posting the same 3 pictures of her over and over again. come back when you get some new nudes, faggot.

Marisol from Buena Park California

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Graduated Buena Park high school class of 2012

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She works at Disneyland now. Not sure where.

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No one cares you retarded spic. You've been posting this shit for fucking months now. Either send her nudes to her family or don't but fuck off with this pussy shit.

After seeing the same post everytime about this girl and how you "exposing her" I highly doubt you did any exposing other than posting here and linking your kik account, I can see why she left a fucking faggot like you, post new shit or dont even post at all

Her boyfriends instagram: anthonyq2

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Marisol perea

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Do her friends and family know?

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Faggot spic. Go back to l.eddit where people care about your bullshit.

Anyone nearby wanna fuck her if I get her drunk

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Any other info needed?

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no, faggot post new pics or stop wasting a thread.


Her boyfriends Facebook:
Fb com/anthonyq1

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her social info?

you've posted these before

And he'll continue to if you keep bumping his threads. Ignore them or bump em down.

You can find her on her boyfriends insta or fb. I’ve posted both.

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Huge tits slut

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Someone send these to her bf and post wins

I think they’d look good on his Facebook

Do it. I have no alt fb or I would rn

I don’t either

Someone has to have one. I've been wanting to read some reactions all night

why not just make one on your own

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Love her big tits

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No one got her social media yet?

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Her bf

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Yes! I'm near Riverside.

near cypress

Hit me up in kik: jessiecali951

Im in Huntington Beach. I'd be in to form a train on her

more pics?

Rave slut

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Hit me up in kik then: jessiecali951

Anyone know her personally?

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Can I anal her without a condom?


you have pussy?

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Post her facebook. Can't find her

You gonna post them up or what

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I can’t find her either. You’re gonna have to go through her boyfriend. Someone posted his earlier.


I live in LA area lets fuck this whore

Down let’s run a train

give me her info,

Add her boyfriend on social media you should be able to find her that way

but does he let her fuck other people? I really only care if i can fuck her passed out

Yeah I know cause she’s told me

why would you want to fuck her passed out?

you want her to ride you so you can see those tits bounce

im just trying to fuck a girl who isnt my girlfriend

Congratulations on your upcoming jail time..
Only a total idiot would post revenge porn in California..

finally a pussy pic. more?
anyone got the pic where's she spreading her puss? i saw it a while back

>how'd she hurt you OP?