I'm honestly shocked at the current state of this website

I'm honestly shocked at the current state of this website.

Yeah, we made racist jokes sometimes, but it was all fun, right?

At the end of the day, we were all pretty much liberal, we all supported gay marriage, and we all opposed racist conservative christians (Remember trolling Westboro??)

But now? Our entire fucking site is subverted because of fucking nazis. Places of worship are being shot up because of racist, xenohpobic shitposting NEETs that operate as a collective hivemind.

But you know what? The internet is OUR platform. the LIBERAL platform. Racism, sexism, misogyny, were all confirmed to be left in the past because millenials are the most left-wing generation of all time. So why in the FUCK, do we still have to deal with nazis IN TWENTY-FUCKING-TWENTY??

Despite how much you wanna cry about how it's just a conspiracy and a boogeyman, Russian hackers ARE real, and this site is proof. We went from one of the most liberal sites in the world to supporting Orange Fucking Hitler? Nah, that's not normal progression because people only get more liberal with age, just like how you get smarter with age.

Apparently we need MUCH more strict moderation around here. And on the internet in general. I'm glad YouTube is growing a pair and taking a stand. I'm sick of all of this shit. Fuck Conservatives, Fuck Nazis, Fuck Fascists, Fuck Hitler, Fuck Trumpf, Fuck Putin, Fuck White Pride, and FUCK REPUBLICANS.

Just fucking nuke all this site already

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Ok boomer

Low quality bait

Yeah but leftists ACTUALLY post like this

I would vote democrat if they would only get serious about the border with Mexico. The candidates are afraid to admit that mass immigration from South America is killing our economy and causing crime because the new "woke" culture thinks it's racist to say something true. So, I'm voting for Trump in the next election. And he's going to win unless we start admitting that we don't need 1 million Mexicans illegally crossing the border every year.

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The 'liberals don't take the border seriously' line only proves you are indoctrinated by a right wing propaganda machine. Democrats signed more bills promoting increases for finding to border security in their time than republicans do (this is confirmable fact, go search congress.gov and filter for the relevant subject areas). Republicans just propose intentionally, bluntly excessive actions so that when Democrats legitimately question the merits of, say, funding a massive wall without funding the necessary staff increases to patrol it, they can say 'look, they oppose ALL BORDER SECURITY! They want to flood us with Mexicans!'.

Democrats do take border security seriously. But when they propose something like bringing immigration enforcement and border patrol under one organisational structure to improve efficiency, you get Republican retards screaming 'they gonna abolish ICE!', which was never on the cards. The propaganda machine runs on both sides but by comparison the Dem propaganda machine is a steam engine and the Rep one is a V12 Turbo.

I can't stand either party as a whole, fyi. America's two party system is killing politics and driving both sides too far. Hypernationalism will fuck us over just as quick as SJWs and political correctness.

yeah i member back then being liberal meant being free to like hot chicks without being told to "be better"

Quicker actually. Fags and SJW's never destroyed a nation, nationalism has.

>this time nationalism will werk!

Retarded fucking nazi larping.

>millenials are the most left-wing generation of all time
that would be gen x, millenials are literal nazis

Nah I don't believe it will destroy us quicker. The Nazis became nationalist in response to being subjugated by outside forces after a crippling world war, they came from a position of weakness. America is becoming nationalist in response to widening political gaps when it is still a world power. Honestly we would probably win a world war if we decided to annexe someone, but it would damage the narrative to become the aggressor so blatantly. Wouldn't go the same way but would still fuck us in time.

I actually believe that someone should take over the world for good. I'm tired of this faggotry. I don't really care if it's burgers, krauts, ivans, nips or chinks. Someone should step up to the plate and take responsibility.

My way or the die way lol
Order via opression
I like it!!! ..


no idea where the fuck you've read oppression from that but that's fair.
our situation is unsustainable. we need the biggest dick in the planet to unzip it and show it off. Shut the betas the fuck up and make them wag their tails. I don't really care who end's up as the top dog. I can learn new languages, I'm already fairly proficient in 3 of them. But there is an ontological obligation for someone to step up to the stage. I'm from a minor and irrelevant country, I don't even have any exacerbated patriotic dreams for my homeland. But I do know that this bullshit that current presidents of "relevant" nations larp all their lives about, needs to fucking stop. It's a shit show. A very unprofitable and self defeating one at that.

All this is true op. Good luck trying to get it to change. If they could get rid of almost all the cp, they could kick out most of the nazi incel fucks here.

Nice proving his point dipshit

Cred Forums is completely taken over by jews and DNC shills recently. it was never this bad in the past.

it's all anti-trump shit, nigger dicks, faggots wearing womens' clothes, etc.

>Racism, sexism, misogyny, were all confirmed to be left
Yeah, we know.

Fags and SJWs were never give the chance to ruin a nation. They were kept in the closet, stuck in lunatic asylums or killed like dogs. As it should be.