Dating a violent, low-class drug addict. Is it worth it? I've found a very hot one...

Dating a violent, low-class drug addict. Is it worth it? I've found a very hot one. What are the chances of something seriously bad happening? Like getting stabbed with a screwdriver?

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Almost definitely not worth it long term.

Wouldn’t recommend it. Good luck.

I mean... it's a mistake we all will make once or twice. Dealing with Crazy for hot is one thing.... it's not that bad, but dealing with drugs for hot is way worser. Idk man, it's probably going to fun, but worth it? probably not, there are plenty of decent women out there.

I had a chance to a long time ago and regretted it. But this time I feel like it's an opportunity that can't be passed up.

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Chances of being robbed are pretty high, do you value a piece of ass so highly you'd take a screwdriver to the throat as collateral?

>plenty of decent women out there
Not for me, user.

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I knew a guy who dated a junkie stripper. She ripped off their dealer, they beat him to the point he has moderate to severe brain damage. So there's that.

I'm process server and have served HUNDREDS of "I stuck my dick in crazy" cases.



sexyxx breedx

I'd take a screwdriver to the thigh maybe, but not the throat.

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If you have to ask here, i feel you already know this is a god awful idea that will not turn out well for you but youre looking for reaffirmation because shes "a hot one".
Go get a hot without drug addiction and a history of violence.

do it, BUT do not trust them or expect them to change. best if you don't let them know where you live.

Seriously bad? 100%
Its just not necessarily a stabbing. It's theft of stuff you actually value, destruction of friendships, getting you fired, getting you implicated in a crime.
Just, not worth it unless you really, really want it to be you two in the end, you think you can change her and she wants to change.

IT'S GREAT if you're suicidal or just don't feel that life is exciting/dangerous enough. In which case you could always take up base jumping or heli-skiing.

Amber Scanio?

>ripped off their dealer
Well yeah. If it was “their” dealer then he was asking for it

She does porn

Iris Rose on pornhub

When was Staci Silverstone arrested?

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Had a booty call thing with a non violent drug addict.
Didnt get stabbed but she was beyond confusing.
Missed her court date the morning after we fucked.
Not worth it.

She's a porn star. Stage name is Staci Silverstone.

Basically this... she was an ex meth head but still a bpd psycho bitch

She would tell in my apt at me when she got drunk, stabbing me with a metaphorically poker trying to make it sink into flesh... she could never really get to me, but I couldn't have her yelling at 3am due to many neighbor complaints about her shit+even threatening of eviction. She basically wanted me to beat her up till she shut up, which I wouldn't do... after months of this I put my hand over her mouth and held her tight till she stopped throwing punches at me. Another time I spanked her (I've spanked her WAY harder during sexual activity.. it was just the message, told her I'm going to do what her father should have done)

At this point she's saying I "put my hands on her".. a vague statement that alludes to me beating her like a crazed drunk from some 1930s film... she wanted me to admit I beat her (while I literally have pics of full body bruises, because I'm a boxer, she really didn't treat me properly physically)

Have her out of my life, she promises she's changed all this... she acts up first night over, but I put on headphones and she's not blasted drunk so she eventually gives up... next night, blasted and tired just relentless... I call the cops and she punches me while on the phone to cops with audible thud, "I can't believe you called the cops on me"

so she was going to tell for another few hours after already telling for an hour at 3am (honestly thought she would tire herself out... nope)

Good fucking riddance

Moral of the story.. if a girl and her life is corrupt: she will aim to corrupt you and your happiness

Yell like what the fuck is this shittiest state of fucking autocorrect I have seen in phones since ever... I swear to fucking God every move made by big corp and gov this era is aimed to keep people in duress

Those last 2 are actually fun though... I would just stick to the suicidal bit, not really exciting... definition of succubi vecause all they will do is suck you dry.. the ONLY benefit is that yes, that also means your balls... which will also fuck with your seratonin, testosterone, drive and ultimately happiness

weird... MMA guy here and my girl is nuts and also has worked me over a little from time to time.

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Sorry.. tired, caffeinated, restless, depressed, suicidal... all in part to do with that dumb whore I left... was I gym everyday and running every other day... we did blow drank, smoked my first dog in 6years, weed all the fucking shit, and more and more to put up with her shit... the fucc was not worth how much this succ.. gotta get its but I'm so fucked and sick of life and people and now I'm just fuxking rambling and I'm stone cold fucking sober and don't know how long it's been since I slept.. like I think I slept last night but I also remember being awake while dreaming and fuck I need a grip, losing it

>Make it clear that you're only with her to fuck
>check her for weapons before fucking
literally all you have to worry about; then choke fuck her, because all girls like to be dominated, literally all of them

Fuck that bitch... imagine if you threw hands like that... it's not a movie and it's not passion: it's abuse.

Who's this?


I like the way you think.

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Ture. The best head you will get is from a addict who is sucking your dick for a hit

Just gotta make sure I don't go to jail as well.

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Untrue.. every girl is sucking for some form of personal gain

And a girl who wants a hit is a lot more motivated than others.

No. They are usually retarded from the drugs.
Smart, hot girls who want your financial security, give the best head... best best head was when I was driving this rich girl home from another city (long drive) and she was hungry. She needed a ride, company, and food.. she was happy affffffffffffff to see me

No problem until you support her with money/drugs. Its better to let her buy herself, because when you get enough of her you just have to give her 3-4× money and she'll probably wont show up for a longer period of time, and if you're lucky she eventually oversdoses herself. And then if cops ask you just gave her money for food, housing, etc. But if you gave her drugs... So just support her with money and if you bored of fucking her just give her a bigger amount of money (for the emotions you can even say her she is worthless and don't want to see her again - but if she does not overdoses herself she will show up again with the screwdriver for sure. - so breaking up is optional, has its pros and cons) - ghetto crack whore#

Blowjobs from a brain melted whore are something out of this world.

Natasha Agin?

That's some good sleuthing user. Staci Silverstone's real name.

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More like she’s getting dick behind your back and you can’t do shit because he’s probably alpha as fuck.

Staci was hot in her day. Same as Dakota Skye, Lauren her real name? lol

Ok, retard. Enjoy you dumb fucker.

Hint: half the planet is women. And you seek out the mental defects notoriously disease ridden stank cunts who will most assuredly find a way to harm or even kill you while you sleep? How fucking dumb are you?

You don't get to pick where you get stabbed. Also she will definitely rob you unless she's completely dependent on you in which case she won't rob you blind until she finds somewhere else to go.

Holy hell. Saw some Dakota Skye on Pornhub the other day, wtf! She's all cracked out in her vids pissing all over the streets lol.

Where can I find a woman like this? I have never been able to form a long relationship with nice girls. Maybe if I lower my standards I can finally find a girlfriend again.

just fuck her a few times and ghost her before any bad shit goes down

Join now before it's too late

Just by posing the question you know it's not worth it. Shows hesitation. Show you already know the answer.

FUCK NO. They're the most damaged, daddy issued, drama craving species on the planet

No. Druggies are unstable. Someway somehow you end up screwed or involved in something criminal. They have no moral code, no standards and dont fear anything. One minute they promise you everything, the next they are stabbing you. Do like this nigga here instead.

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More likely to catch something. She's probably fucking and sucking to get her fix

I busted fat nuts to her

Just don't get her pregnant, that would be very bad

this one dragged a kitchen knife down my back and has caused me to develop depression and anxiety,

>not worth it

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Sounds like she was borderline

My ex from Texas. She's a living example of the crazy hot scale she threatened to pull a false rape charge on me to get me kicked out of my school. ugly bitch ego too. she likes to brag that shes smart but shes so dumb that she made that rape threat over text.

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She has a mug shot for driving under the influence somewhere I just can't find it

>What are the chances of something seriously bad happening?

I'm going to give you some advice that took me a while to learn: never trust a junkie. never.

It literally depends if you are the one she changes for and you were there during the process.

Yea, I'd just pay her 40 for the car doggy

I've stuck my dick in crazy (worked in kitchens in bars and gentlemen's clubs and shit) and maybe I've gotten lucky just being a hookup for a few of them.

Use to sell too so I took up a few junkies on a trade. Those were probably the dumbest things I ever did but at the time I felt like a fucking king.

Literally the woman I love is a non-violent federal offender. People change. She is also the most attractive woman I've ever been with.

more than likely, they've fucked niggers and that alone is reason enough to stay away from them

Hope she was better looking when you started

South Plano?

nah. she was ugly both inside and out. i honestly dont know what i seen in here

I see most of these women via cheap escort sites. Like I love the appeal of a random crazy chick, but I like not feeling bad walking out and changing a number when she forgets what I'm there for.

You see a person like a cheap escort and you wonder why you can't get a sable relationship.

Dude she's just a female calm down you will be ok

she was such a cute little slut

>Dating a violent
Stopped right there.

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I got a rattlesnake for a pet, it's not actually domesticated in any way, and it rattles angrily all the time, am I stupid for having it? Will it bite me?

If you're desperate for a women, go Asian. At least they make good wives

You’ll get the meth charge when yall are pulled over

itll be fine, give people a chance and they usually turn out ok

but the ticket, take the ride

Bet she's a great fuck too. Any pics?

the cases I know ended in murder, suicide, and crippling depression for years.

The murder was a guy who was a little abusive and a little weird, but passed as a normal person. He stabbed his gf a bunch of times in a college dorm, then showed the body to her friends.

The suicide guy I barely knew, but he had an abusive gf and they found him in a closet with a plastic bag on his head.

The depression guy was (and probably still is) financially dependent on his gf who mentally and physically abuses him constantly. He is a shell of a human now. It's been years and he keeps going back to her.

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None as long as you make her happy

What kind of drugs are we talkin? Anything with tinfoil or needles... enjoy your aids

My dad once told me, "Don't stick your dick in crazy because that just makes you fucking crazy."

A couple of college friends went off the deep end by messing around with psycho women. Not worth it at all, especially the stalker-level crazy.

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Hammer to the head more like it.

Hammer to the head is worse.