Hey guys, need some advice...

Hey guys, need some advice. I’d put this on the automotive board but it’s probably like asking the tech board for IT advice so I figured I should try here first.

What do you guys think of the 2013 Jetta? I found one for 7k with 92k miles and I’m thinking about getting it, it’s in great condition and I love the look. I’ve done a bit of research but am curious what ya’ll think.

Sorry for the blogpost, but it’s a big purchase for me and I’ll take any advice where I can get it.

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92k? What kind of engine does it have?

A Porsche would be more reliable. Wouldn't trust a European car at all. Japanese/Korean and that's it. I will say I do like VW interiors.

depends what you want in a car. these are reasonably fun and decent cars, but not exactly known for their low cost of ownership, and it's pushing 100k miles so it's no spring chicken. if you're willing to put some money into it in the near future and you really like the way it drives then it might be fine. if you just want something trouble free and affordable, probably get something else

I bought a 2014 jetta tdi with 42k miles for only 9k. this shit you are looking at is worn as fuck. pass

92k miles. Don't even bother dude

92k miles is a lot... I work for VW and our cars are built like brick shit houses but if it has that many miles and hasn’t been taken care of properly you’ll drop that money and the thing could be on its way out the door in about 5-10k miles... if it has its regular oil changes(every 5-10k depending on oil) I’m sure it’ll run for another 50-70,000 more miles

I got a 09 Jetta with 148k miles for 4K and have already put 4K into repairs (2 years) (some were my fault but definitely take the time to inspect the car, like shit some of my doors don’t open/ close right, little shit like that, test drive too and even better get ob2 scanner or take to mechanic to do a diagnosis (like $100) gl op. Prob just go with a Honda or Toyota tbh

Where did you find such a good deal?

Get a diesel truck instead.

VW on the preowned side. 800 credit 2k down. inb4 image size limit

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Very high cost of ownership and repairs. Pass. Get a well-mmaintained domestic vehicle

just get a phaeton, loser

9k american tho im driving a 2010 honda accord with bare fucking miles for 8k canadian haha jetta kinda guzzles gas for a sedan but its not bad sometimes high repair bill but reliable enough to not repair often

You don't need such a modern car, you need a less complicated one with plenty of repair history and a good mechanic.

i had a friend buy a jetta, he still hasnt fixed it even after putting work into it, he said he will never buy another jetta again. As others have said in this thread do not get it. It will be a money pit

Fucking Americans. But small diesel cars, enjoy 60mpg+

30mpg is bad in Europe.

Looks like a shady style dealer. I've sold for 2yrs at a VW dealer and am a finance manager now. Your best bet is 2017/18 cpo vwdue to the autistic 6yr/72k before cpo. If you drive a lot its VERY hard to argue with low mile buy back diesels with a 2yr unlimited mile warranty.

They're junk.

gas gauge on full tank marks about 540 miles

I get 32mpg in my 340i at 4.5 0-60. Americans in general are full throttle retard. Nvm ill take a gay chevy traverse. 23mpg? Okas men.

hah! Good morning anons, that's my car. I like you guys, so, do not fucking buy it, transmission is going.

But I think op is not talking about my car anyways, mine is 77k miles, $9000. That's definitely my picture though.