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murder alex asap if u wont john

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Actual true story inbound
>be me
>17 at the time
>beta loser who can't get laid for the life of him
>pathological fear of girls since middle school, when some bitch mind fucked me
>have a younger sister, 16 at this time
>my sister is boy crazy, really wants to date someone
>announces that she's "seeing someone"
>father and I start discussing plans on how to shoot the bastard.
>few days later, brings the dude home
>tall, scrawny kid with brown hair and glasses
>visibly nervous
>my father and I sit down and tell him that he's "walked into the courtroom"
>discuss for a few minutes
>they go out
>dad tells me "it isn't going to last"
>sis comes home
>announces it was "fun"
>around a week later, my sister tells me that her bf previously dated a college girl
>she's worried that he secretly wants this college girl back
>about a week later, overhear a conversation between my sister and my mother
>"We're not a thing anymore"
>tell my father this
>laughs uncontrollably
>mfw my dad predicted exactly how his daughter's first relationship would go down

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The interesting thing about this is that despite the nazis ravenous desire to kill people like this, he was right there and they didn't. You have to kind of conceed his point. He had the balls to show up, and they didn't back up their threats.

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The people they call Nazis are not Nazis, simple as that.

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The "nazis" in question would debate that. If you mean the y generally lack the political education to accurately define what a "national socialist" ideology is and where it fits in to a modern political movement then yes they may not qualify. "Nazis" is also a term applied to people with racial/ethnic superiority complexes and rigid authoritarian conservative views on social conduct, usually combines with hero worship of 20th century dictators. its a pretty distinctive phenomenon.

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murder all americans


johnathon fragile x syndrome pine gap northern territory is their leader


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wow you're dad predicted a teenage relationship wouldn't last. What a fucking genius, amazing story 10/10

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France aggressively colonized Africa starting in the late 1800s. The relationship between France and multiple African colonies is almost 150 years old.

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So far I've seen this post on every ylyl thread if your the same person as all other than amazing


I cannot unsee this.

Do debate that this person is pretty undefinable?

What's actually funny about any if this? It's like watching an rudimentary chat bot regurgitating "humor".

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iowa caucus?

You know, compared to the trannies and Muslim animes, I'm starting to like this one

lol wtf did she say

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She said fuck you, nigger

You should have been a blowjob.

You shouldn't try to be funny if you aren't.

Sounds about right, that's how I see France.

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They sure did, you know, a thing. I mean, I'm sure they think they sent a message to, well, somebody I suppose.

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>the final and ultimate strawman

She's cute...would smash.

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Nerve gas

God dangit

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literally "anything i don't like is a nazi"

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My favorite part is that he had a fist made before he even turned his head.

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Holy fuck, so they really did break the aliens out of Area 51??


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literally not what I said, literally.


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They do man my friend calls himself one all the time. The others are literal members of the US Nazi party. I don't particularly care but if it's a parrot, talks like a parrot, and tells you it's a parrot when asked, it doesn't matter. It's a parrot

try reading basic English, nigger, or get out of my country

Fucking niggers

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Literally "I'm literally a fucking illiterate mongoloid" like literally
>when you act like a nig but talk like a 15 y.o. white girl

>"Nazis" is also a term applied to people with racial/ethnic superiority complexes and rigid authoritarian conservative views on social conduct, usually combines with hero worship of 20th century dictators. its a pretty distinctive phenomenon.
No. The term "Nazi" is just abused that way, similarly to how people misuse the term "third world". National socialism is a hyper specific political ideology, it does not cover a large variety of political ideas. The term is used to insult people and to also associate these people with one of the most despised ideology. There's no intent to be objective when using the term in the ways you describe, it's just a form of rethoric manipulation. It's on a similar level as name calling but it actually works to an extent.

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What does this guy do with all his time saved from copy pasta?

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Stfu niggers

Yeah they did it. I'm sure it meant something to everyone maybe

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>if we continue to break everything down you see it's all a word game
>now the fact that they actually call themselves Nazis and language is evolving actually blows my whole fucking point out of the water

When the people in question self identify as "nazis" or more generally as fascists how do you reconcile that take with reality? What metric are you using to gate keep who qualifies? Are protestant christians "Christians" or does the the Catholic church define it? Both will the you they are christian, quote the same scripture, pray to the same god. Prove their legitimacy or lack their of.

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Deport them or kill them. Niggers will not have what we created.

God dammit bobby

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Lost, what a fag

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Spot on mein nigger

This is the worst thing I’ve seen on Cred Forums

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Lol america is the gayest place on earth


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This thread is pure garbage

no u

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Trunk people

>3 watches

That boy ain't right

Great business model

Pussy pass....D E N I E D

A man pretending to be a lady with a bread has won it before, so what's the news?

Wait, whut????. It's too cold to be summer already...WTAF.

They're just fucking with us now, arent they?

Oh dear. You don't know how it works do you?.

Utter cunts, fancy wanting a better life and risking everything for it????. Lazy scum bags.

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Disgusting, filthy animals.

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its not cool to fuck around with mentally ill people

yes indeed, u just shoot them

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I find it interesting that there are people who see this and think it could end in any way other than genocide.

Post this image everywhere, lets get trump reelected.


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>trump is dividing us

what is the story behind this picture? looks very sinister

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it is very very sinister

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probably smells better now.

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Don't forget that he is Jewish, just like the two "french" presidents before him.

Yes, analprobe needs a reset.

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If gender is just an illusion and isn't real, then how can you be transgender?



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10/10 best blowjob ever

seems positive!

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nice im so happy ive found this story again. Ive seen it a couple weeks ago and i just couldnt find it. Im so glad i managed to find it, it is LEGENDARY


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fuckin lost

Kek. The tiger symbolizes a modern day negro cutting his drugs with anything but quality

poor guy got elbowed in the face

Wouldn’t their direction of travel Vs the sign position suggest that they are leaving France?

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>What is a Scotsman?

Oswald was a lone shooter.

Is that Stephen King in the blue jacket?

I hate when the government pays welfare in watermelon

just ignore is you fucking newfag

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>Why are Illinois public schools flat broke?
>It's the times!!!

Is this a copypasta now? Ive seen it posted so many times


Literally the stupidest green text I’ve ever read

Lost, thanks for the kek user

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Yeah that's the joke..


In reality though schlop posters have a very special kind of autism, she might be onto something

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I'm not usually so weak with the memes, but I love birds, so here's a gift

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It's both endearing and horrible at the same time.

Out of this whole thread, this was the image

Worst ylyl ever who is allowing all these kids to be on Cred Forums, literally crawling with newfags

“hank hill quote”

>while contributing nothing

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God I'd fuck her

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If gender does not exist then where does memory or respect or integrity come from?

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You placate a psychopath, lest you want ugly trouble. You treat them nicely, feeding that hyperactive reward-center in their brain, so they don't so something aggressive and horrible.
You put on the nice mask and pretend everything's fine.

Seriously, should you ever meet a pshychopath, flee. Avoid. Cut them out of your life.

Ans deny everyone else any food or fuel towards that reward center, effectively becoming masters of draining the very life essence of other humans through sheer brute-force brainfuckery?! Fucking brilliant, fellow soul rapist!

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Never clean big windows too much - especially the non-reflective kinds.

LMFAO - win

Old but gold. Weirdly haven’t seen this is a while

lost his handcuffs

Wife bad

Almost, he's making crack...

I love that they have a ready-trashed truck on standby for this maneuver...

Why my pee pee hard


Mother and Daughter

Attached: mother and daughter.png (943x801, 1.3M)

gosh I hate peta

At first I thought it was after the accident and that it was going to pretend nothing happened and driving away. Still a fucking amazing video.

I don't get it


Rawr!! XD

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Fucking 9gag tier

fucking retards dont reply angrily to this greentext. The retard who's reposting this shit gets enjoyment from it.

is that a circumcision gone wrong or did he try to fuck a soda can?

Wtf is this

Hey, I'm an Iowafag too

Google Peter Dalglish

That boy ain’t right

It was a joke haha. R/WOOOOOOSH


D = 500
C = 100
L = 50
X = 10
V = 5
I = 1

add 'em up

How is it legal for a cop to act with this level of decorum?

LOL is that doctor evil in the top left with the MAGA hat

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Bend your legs to reduce the impact of landing you retard

cutfags gonna cut

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Women were a mistake


>implying he is actually police

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>it was stupid dumb bait
>Oh dear. You don't know how it works do you?.

Attached: 15528451970940.gif (2952x3047, 1.76M)

I don't get what they're trying to portray at the beginning.
>one guy gets off the bike and joins the fight
>knees his accomplice, not the victim
>everyone pauses for five seconds while he fishes in the victim's front left pocket for something

After that the action was semi-believable, aside from how all the passive security cameras turned to follow the action and the pre-wrecked truck.

look and learn


Wtf is this condition tho


what the hell is going on in your country ?
no wonder that trump is your president.


Overusing the phrase degraded its currency

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>nationalism is treason
This is the same as saying your country is make believe

well what can u expect from a kike

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Attached: retard..webm (720x720, 1.88M)

This is old as shit man the kids probably a proper neckbeard by now

Was he trying to kill the gorilla with bow and arrow?

I'd hazard a guess that this is actually the same guy who posted it and only does it to call random annons new fags even though its been two years now

So many Bernie Sanders voters.

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Too much penis pump

You know too much, you're supposed to say 'lol frenchcucks' and move on

That's my purse!

lol frenchcucks

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How does = Nazi?

Okay, Muhammad.

Ah... this makes my heart happy.

someone please edit this so a bunch of muslims and niggers are behing him raping his daughter

He gave 2% of the GDP to Nazis.

He had slaves.

Proof you can't force a meme, even with dubs

>When the people in question self identify as "nazis" or more generally as fascists how do you reconcile that take with reality?
Self identification should be a red flag nowadays. You are not just something because you identify as it. If i believe in ceasing the means of production and in a class struggle between the proletarians and the bourgeois, but i identify myself as a capitalist my self identification obviously changes nothing. Granted this is an extreme example but for words with a defined meaning that's just how it works. When they identify as facists however this becomes much more complex. Facism isn't really well defined and if we'd go to the most basic ideas of it it's that loosely based on sticking together (as a people) that identifying as a facist kinda can make a difference between you being facist or not.

Now to your church example. According to the catholic church it is the only church, catholic even means all-embracing, all-inclusive, unlimited. The protestant churches however don't have this claim per se. That makes sense when you look at their origin and Martin Luthers intent. Now objectively speaking both are christian fates. Actually proves my point, the catholic self identification doesn't changes anything.

Basically, you're a national socialist when you (fully or mostly) support hitler, the NSDAP, their ideas and their deeds.

don't watch its just some faggot trying to get views for his youtube channel

cover your shame, you slut.

The best part is the emergency vehicle driving away from them.

>He had slaves.
i would like to own one or two but it seems thats inappropriate

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Attached: blm..webm (1920x1080, 1.8M)

that closing line gave me diaper rash

Let me help you with an analogy
>Girl wants to join boyscouts
>Surprisingly if we break the name down it references the gender
>Girl identifies itself as a boy to join the boyscouts
Is she now a boy? Not really. Should she be allowed to join the boyscouts? No.

Every time I see this pic all I can think is, why? Why would you be eating corn right out of the can while you were at the same time drilling your daughters asshole.

oh he'll be okay. right? right?!

like u wouldnt

Attached: ikr kek..jpg (800x600, 104K)

No need, got a perfectly good one right here

Attached: 1476666374587.jpg (2954x1421, 806K)

Oooo, I haven't seen this angle before. Saving for the fap.

those nips.

good thing i dont have a Cred Forums

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Greatest moment of the Jersy Shore.. what a whore..



Shit... once you see it, you can't unsee it.

Both ugly. People are ugly in geeneral. Look at cats, they all are cute and beautiful, but humans are ugly af especially women without makeup

I can't stop watching it

Chick doing the pissing is kinda hot

Well, to be fair, it sort of is.

Fakking lost, wtf..

It's like they miss the oven. It calls to them in their dreams.

stoping... as in the mining process of extracting desired minerals from an underground shaft and then backfilling it with slag? How odd.

what to hell?!
what is this?

Attached: 1580521160248.gif (420x315, 183K)

Not really Jamal.

Yeah, so who cares if they outright steal in broad daylight?

Because progressiveness.

an hero

>mommy why are all of the africans moving out of africa into europe?
>because Timmy the white man's burden says that white men need to take care of everyone else since they don't know how to take care of themselves
>mommy isn't that just as racist as being a KKK member lynching blacks?
>timmy you've had too much to think its time to get you chemically castrated
This is the real world btw

And this is considered normal at pride events?!


it is, and makes you wonder - what in the wide world of fuckery have they got to be proud about.

Attached: 7887784787.jpg (1080x1080, 97K)

I get the feeling that wasn't the plan.

wow the nerve of those people "we don't belong here and our own countries are fucked up but YOU owe us jobs and houses"

They are literally invaders and instead of being massacred they are elevated above the natives.

but only white countries

kys newhomo

Attached: 1580182479045.png (1078x1076, 1.72M)

oh beau. shes even more fat now

Wtf, how was that even possible???? Wasn't even jumping from that high. Must be American nutrition.

Attached: 3200212554.jpg (600x360, 140K)

Attached: 1581088092255.jpg (555x552, 148K)

*the west
they're all like that outside asia

It's what you get when you do very little athletically and then jump onto a super hard surface with all of your weight on one leg.

American nutrition is fine - the main problem is there's too much of it.

>go away bear.webm

fine u win

Attached: bear fun.gif (460x244, 971K)


lost, kikeflix degeneracy has no boundaries


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no need to say anything, she was clearly outside of the kitchen