You have 10 seconds to name something dumber than an obese American godtard

You have 10 seconds to name something dumber than an obese American godtard.

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An obese American neckbeard?

t. buttshattered godtard

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People who like pineapple on pizza

Pineapple is ok, you just need something to balance it, like pepperoni or olives or anchovies.

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Come on godtards, FIRE UP!! Tell me I’m going to burn in hell!!

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an agnostic


A Muslim

Now this is a good point. There would be any number of things which an agnostic would confidently assert do not exist, despite his inability to prove their non-existence. The agnostic saves his “open-mindedness” for the most ridiculous fabrication in the history of fiction: gods. And usually just one god.

A continent is dumb?

Come on he's got a point on this one

A bloody Mexican

any european who is okay with sandniggers, jungle niggers, and poo niggers invading their country

Sure, Islam is retarded garbage and every inch the scam that christianity is, but at least there is evidence that their “prophet” really existed. Baby jesus was simply plagiarised fiction.

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Also a good point. Don’t assume that because I’m a screeching atheist that I’m also a lefty. I would not allow any theist to migrate to my country.


What is two american godtards?

They feed of their own primal seething inbred stupidity.


You're not smart because you're atheist. In fact your substituting atheism for your lack of intelligence. You'll realize this when you grow up.


>You have 10 seconds to name something dumber than an obese American godtard.
Anyone who would post this faggotry.

I have faith and a certain spirtuality, just not obese American godtard-spirtuality.


You are subhuman scum

You do know Muhammad believed in Christianity and Jesus right? Jesus was a Jew but Mohammad was a Christian

Pineapple, chicken, bacon, and jalapenos. With white sauce. Seeth more.

yo momma

this.... or anything sweet in what's supposed to be a fucking salty meal. goddamn.

who'se more better? an obese american godtard or an obese american athiest?

what about if the godtard has a neckbeard and the athiest a fedora?

OP Faggot

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you worship a sandnigger kike


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murder all americans dclxvi h


an obese american edgy teenager going on the internet to complain about obese american godtard

Easy. Whatever the fuck you are.