The NFL halftime was a disgrace prove me wrong

The NFL halftime was a disgrace prove me wrong.
That shit was embarrassing, the nasty ass twerking shakira did and that retard dressed up as a robot. Can we have maybe one year where women don't look like total bait for trashy doods? Results of morons breeding or inner city culture?

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Honestly, who the fuck cares.

> Watching the halftime show

It's disturbing that we live in a country with such scum.

What exactly did they do wrong again?

They Latino'd too hard, was Venezuelan Olympic opening ceremony.

I mean they're shaking their asses for dirty looking men. You want your kids doing that?

I understand that it was quite sexual but the fact of the matter is, kids don't give a fuck. With exposure to tik tok, facebook, snapchat, instagram you name it, kids simply aren't as innocent anymore. They're aware of what's going on. Times are changing. Likely for the worst, but their performance does not affect anything at all.

Ok Boomer

The sexuality of it didn't phase me, it's your national sport, why wasn't it American?
It's like having Chinese dragons open up Aussie rules grand final day.

you are bitching like a middle aged Karen just shut the fuck up idiot.

It wasn't very classy

shakiras ass used to be better that's why

jewish nigger sportsball halftime show looked like jewish nigger whoredom

shocked i tell you

That halftime show was fire and you know it. Unless you only approved of last years show because some half naked dude was doing exactly the same thing type of bullshit this year. Maybe you're just into dudes

You're trying to call op a faggot yet you're the one bringing up a shirtless dude no one remembers for no reason itt
Cock hungry maybe?

>"x was fire"
>bring up naked guy
teenagers sure are queermos any more

Cred Forums is invaded by a bunch of jidf and mossad pushing queer shit and niggerdom. the guy is a shill

I like my women to not look like down syndrome bimbos (refer to Audrey above)
As for the performance she sings like trash and everyone knows it. Only decency was reference to Led Zeppelin.

Shakira and JLo have somewhat become part of American identity. America's demographics and tastes are shifting whether we like it or not. I don't really care for the show, but in public opinion it was one of the greatest.

Yeah I'm aware people like this nonsense but why?
When did this garbage become the norm. Nothing wholesome about it.

when jews became openly dominant in american society. nobody wants this. it's the only choice in media. faggots on TV, niggers on TV, whores on TV.

Sounds like you need to get laid.

Why did liberals ruin the half time show?

They had Tom Petty the year after the wardrobe malfunction, I was actually kinda happy to see it getting trashy again...tho Tom Petty was one of the best shows I've ever seen, they should get him back again...

2018 Super Bowl halftime show would like a word...

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NFL is a disgrace prove me wrong.
Bunch of amerifats watching gangbang piles of brain damaged husks.

Yes knee grow culture and lower scholastic standards so they can compete and advance has brought down all of society

I actually agree, I don't like football.

That fucking clown looked like a doodle pad with a fake beard

Tom Petty was a few years after the famous "tit flash" incident. Paul McCartney did the halftime the year after.

Why the hell would we want a nation of idiots? High school now vs 40 years ago is much easier students used to drop out before and now everyone passes.
Would they want to make people stupider to make it easier to convince them to vote for them or push socialism?

He went to a tattoo studio and told them... "Just make me look like a tattooed guy."

well I liked it...

More like "Generic Alcoholic"

>closet homosexuals
>fake outrage
>faux patriotism
>scared whites

idiots are easy to control

just chant some shieet and idiots will follow, other group of idiots will oppose. that's pretty much usa's politics today - people screaming all kind of bullshit

The only people I could see liking this are:

a). Girls/fags who need confidence in their slut lifestyle.
b). Dudes who think that hag is attractive. (stop because you're fueling this trash)
c). People who listen to modern rap/trap music.

if you're in any of those categories you're the problem (minor exceptions with the last one)

Yes, that has been the 100 year campaign of the progressive movement. They control the teachers union and indoctrinate generation after generation of morons that want to vote for Bernie


Cred Forums was invaded by newfags like you
Still talking about gay shit I see. What a little homo

I actually watch reruns of Andy Griffith with my girl
We don't pay for tv any more so much gay shit

Strange how people started acting this way the same time religion started to decline but sure go blame Jews for everything you little incel faggot.

I like football but yeah the NFL is shit overall. Black crime statistics, constant cheating by the same few people, * next to wins, etc

yeah go read how the talmud says you can fuck 3 year olds and come back and talk about "muh religion"

we just read to each other. its better than tv

Sounds... exhilarating...

Im sure your 'girl' will be sticking around for a long time.

Literally no one is voting for Bernie, and if they did, that'd actually be out of the norm for the US status quo
>teachers teach to the modern paradigm
US teachers don't teach socialism it's alright user you don't have to live in fear

The biggest disgrace was how old they were. Nobody wants to see two grannies twerking.

Yeah she brought up marriage. Sorry you're that much of a faggot you equate random bullshit with entertainment kiddo. Try going hiking, biking, kayaking, etc

what kind of fatass equates his shit tv shows with a longterm relationship? kek. you fucking incels need to go outside

Oh I went on to call her a hag later.

it's a jidf shill. he wants you watching niggers dancing on the jewtube instead of wholesome life with your woman. proves every argument in a nutshell.

>(((TV is very important)))
>you can't sex womyn if you don't watch (((tv)))
try getting off your fatass some

I did find it hypocritical that were in the era of Weinstein and metoo yet this is the shit that they call dancing in front of the whole country and then wonder why women aren't taken seriously and people like Weinstein exist.

user didn't you hear? Women can masturbate in public. That doesn't mean they're consenting to random pedestrians to see it
>eye raping a poor woman who did nothing but get paid to stimulate her clit on tv

people like weinstein exist because jewish perverts run the western world

Nice strawman. By your shitty logic all child molesters are Jews who take every word of the Talmud literally.

Kek what a beta. Can't even argue his ideas without there being some boogeyman behind every corner.

Yes please name 100 more. I need more proof

>Laughs in white sexual assault rate

how many religions approve raping children in the holy books?

Don't believe this guy he's a Russian asset

To be honest that's all women are good for, shaking asses and fucking

It doesn't matter so long as they don't rape children now does it? Prove that every child molester ' motive was religious to give your argument any credit.

finger in the eye
goyim 3 year olds

Europe is just mad they don't get sexy Latinas. I'm all for thicc mamis

Speak English you parasite.

it makes tears
it grows back
oy vey, niddah

Where was the super bowl taken place? Why did they show Latina women again? Ugh this is making my brain hurt.

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Imagine complaining about sexy women

Tell me about it, my friend the other day my 9 year old niece was twerking on the coffee table in the middle of the living room to some shitty song and my sis-in-law was recording it on her eyephone while laughing

double dubs. nice.

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"It's a disgrace!!! Showing a Latina performance in a stadium in Miami!!! THEY WERE SHAKING THEIR ASSES UGGHHHHHHHHH"

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Boundaries being broken, promiscuity is bliss

STIs can fucking hurt. Being libertine is cute until the reality of evolving STIs kicks in
Ever work with a patient who got Hep C eating ass?

>responds to two obviously different people with gibberish
>think that's an argument
Are you unironically being retarded? Stop tha

>responds to two obviously different people with pointless gibberish
>think that's an argument in itself
Are you unironically being retarded? Stop that