Show me the biggest meatiest dicks you got, my mouth is watering

Show me the biggest meatiest dicks you got, my mouth is watering

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really makes me wanna suck again ;_;

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I call my dick The Octagon

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i would crawl through broken glass nude to suck this dick


slap me in the face with it

that looks like it’d feel so good

fuck my throat pls

strange name but id gladly die choking on it

they're all so tasty. none of the dicks ive sucked have even come close to the ones in this thread

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id love to give it a go

ok my throat is aching for this one gimmie gimmie

im curious how this guy looks after i wake him up

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Fucking Jew dicks!
Real man wouldn't cut part of his penis!

yes pls master

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only one of that cock i have.
also do give it a shot, you'll probably love it and it's pretty easy woth grindr and doublelist. I've sucked like 10 cocks now and each one was fun

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That's thicc.

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Uh, wow. 9.5/10 would suck

I know I can deepthroat, I don't know if I can take all of that though, but I would have SO MUCH FUN trying!

Would ride that all night long.


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dont think i can deepthroat ;_;. never had a cock that big but i gagged on smaller ones

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7/10, id probably suck it

I have a 7 inch dildo I love to suck on. I can take that thick boi all the way to the balls. In ecstasy EVERY TIME I do it too.

I prefer a cut dick..its cleaner and you boys dont know what hygiene is usually

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Personally I prefer trans cocks, and I think they're just as, if not MORE beautiful than guy cocks.

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did that take practice or were you just naturally good at it?
i like all cocks tbh

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I'm the same in both your mentions.

I tried it at first and took it slow, but within a few minutes I could take the entire thing down my throat.

I want to see a sexy woman attached to the dick I'm sucking on, but if the guy is fem enough and cute and girly enough, I'd likely bend the rules.

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have you ever deepthroated someone's dick, or just your dildo?

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Just my dildo

whatcha waiting for? toys are fun but nothing beats a real cock

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Like I said, I'd prefer girlcock, but it is SO much harder to find unfortunately. :(

Jew/desert monkey lover!!

This thread badly needs moar gurldick

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ah yeah I've never run into one. would be curious to blow one though

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i wouldnt mind some girldick would be a nice change of pace.... kik me DangerLinz

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i would like to experience a girldick someday

Very nice. Bring that dick over here. I think someone deserves a blowjob

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Sorry but not this month

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izabelly marquesine

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did i miss something?


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Too big to have any fun with.

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damn, looks like you shoved a bottle down your dick.
is this its final form?
are women able to take it?

Looks like someone needs some help!

Me and the wife have piv every now and then, but it is a slow process, loads of lube and usually blood.

She likes bragging about it a lot tho.

ugh I want my mouth on it /10

Except that isn't yours faggot.
Should've changed the file name

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Thank you.
nice trips btw.

i guess if shes a size queen she doesnt mind the blood and strech.
do her female friends know this about you? do they behave a certain way around you or mentioned ever knowing about your big "problem"?

No problem I think it’s very nice

this thread is making me cum hungry

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Thx again.
Nice dubs this time.

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Oh awesome
I honestly can’t stop thinking about it in my mouth

youre too kind good sir/lady

It’s decent I hope

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very decent id suck it off again and again

Nice and thicc. 8/10

Chastity !!!!

id swallow your cum

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