Help me get laid please

Help me get laid please

Dubs decides what I say

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Send dick pic right away

Send dick pic right away

Hey babe I'm fingering my asshole thinking about you pounding my ass with a strap on.

Hey sweetheart. Just finished shooting up some good old black tar. Feel like coming over and becoming the mother of a neglected baby?

Wanna go half on a baby?

Do you swallow?

Would you like to come over and eat chicken tendies with me? Mom should be back home soon with them!!!


I've been spying on you while you sleep. I really want to sneak through your window and fuck tonight.

Roll for tendies

Hey, I know this sounds crazy but trust me, I can explain. But first, when's the last time you shaved your asshole?

>>need help getting laid
>>help getting laid

...and you're asking for dubs?


>Roll for tendies


Waste of trips

Of course I smash trips....

"My mom thinks my dick isn't "black" enough, tips?"

Zero results posted...OP is a fag

No delivery OP is a fag

seems this is true OP you have not replied and if this post ends in 666 you will be cursed by our leader satan.

Whats that?

Hey sorry lol

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post reply

Ummm, yea did we not see the very first comment on this post? Send dick pick right away and they got dubs... Play by the rules you set dude... Send it now! OP make up for being scared, it'll get you laid too.. Trust me ;)

OP is gonna puss out?

you fucking new fag

That's kinda hot ngl

Hello there

The fucking madlad did it