Make me laugh you stupid cunts

Make me laugh you stupid cunts
YLYL thread

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Ur mum

No u

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This is so true. American fat scum

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What‘s funny, is that the americans that actually descent from europeans, descent from the people nobody wanted. So instead of having them around, they were put on boats to try and see if it was possible to survive in the ‚new world‘.
Your ancestors were literally seen as subhuman scum, just good enough for an experiment.

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you so duuuumb
German have good teeth-care


I wish that was true

Should say there's guys out there killing and taking over things in the name of their corporate overlords

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By whom or what? Amerimuts? Sure buddy

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It's in the style of ancient Greek art and it shows niggers chimping out. I don't see the problem.

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Even their waiters are overly entitled what a shit nation


>when you're enjoying coffee and going to your job, I'm out here on welfare killing kids for corporations
So. Brave!

>while white women drink their coffee (fairy juice apparently) retarded high school dropouts are doing bad things to innocent children and naked wrestling on base later. Gawd ladies can't you respect that!!1

>I'm out here killing innocent people in a foreign land (or more likely stateside on a base) so I can share gay FB memes telling white 17 y.o. women they drink sugary coffee
>please don't ask who is doing what bad things

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Whole lot of Cred Forums propaganda happening in this thread.

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and yet, they're the biggest superpower nation on the planet and the last bastion of non-Islamic freedom still standing in the west (and likely to remain so for another 30 or so years until Beanermageddon happens.) Go figure!

Look at this blatant samefagging...
... and this “educated European” clearly and intelligently expressing his opinion.

Truly, the European races are the peak of human civility and development.

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good one


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lost at first pic, fuck you

what? nobody wanted? you mean people who had the balls to go to the new world and seek a new life for themselves instead of being oppressed and poor stricken for decades? lol

And how did these "unwanted people" create the worlds most powerful country you black dick sucking nigger lover?

Fuck yeah, I do.

sure, I do not watch it anyway

fuck i lost goddamn it.

Who this nigger think he's lying to?

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>people who had the balls to go to the new world

But it wasn't a new world.
It was an old world that belonged to other people.

>And how did these "unwanted people" create the worlds most powerful country

First, they stole it from its owners.
Then, they exploited various resources that the owners had left in the ground.

This can't go on forever.

Facebook called, they want their "memes" back.

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A bunch of smelly tree huggers with no concept of borders. So we come along and start building, they never said the land was theirs, we build and establish society. That's just nature. Do you get mad at a species of animal when they take over land from another species? No you just hate people.

yeah it can, we got meteorites in space and technology. It can go on until the universe gives out.

You're risking your life and your health so that I can safely drink unicorn juice? And you despise me?

You're a fucking idiot.

I hope they pay you really well ... oops, apparently not.

Oh look, a butthurt american.
Isn‘t it time for your double bypass?

>former mother, now wife
oh boy, almost got me

Are you really full of shit, or just pretending to be edgy?

> we come along and start building...That's just nature.

The definition of "nature" is "everything not made by man".
So no, it's NOT nature. It's the opposite of nature.

If you're so proud of white culture, learn the language at least.

No, humans are animals and therefore a part of nature. Don't argue semantics, we're a natural process just like every other process on earth. If you're so hateful of humans then why don't you jump in a volcano? Make a sacrifice to mother nature.

I don’t know mang, rednecks, feminazis, bunch of snowflakes, militant faggots is all I see and they‘re tearing each other apart

Your ancestors acted like big bullies on a playground for retarded children. Brave new world and explorers my ass.
You‘re the offspring of what would be other subhumans today. Eat dick faggot

hand egg it is then.

that's a lot of bullshit. Just propaganda. The settlers settled and kept building. The natives could have built as well and traded with us, instead they didn't and expected whites to come up with laws to protect them. They didn't have any laws, so what do we do? build around them? Trace specific borders on our maps declaring areas to be theirs? how big or small should those borders be?

If they had zero laws, then the land is free for the taking. Unless someone buys the land and uses the law to protect them. Which no one did.

this made me actually laugh kek

You‘re blabbing so much bullshit I don‘t even know where to start.
Your ancestors knowingly took the land from people who minded their own business. There literally was nothing to buy or sell, because no laws existed in the first place. Instead, your ancestors made them up in their own favour.
Hence they acted like big fucking bullies

lately the YLYL threads have been fucking shit
this isn't an exception

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im not at all apologetic or anything, but jesus christ, the settlers really fucking cucked the natives and there was no real justification.

I mean it's just an oversimplification of what happened. It was a long process but we're not going to stop advancing our civilization just to "be good". By what standard? What if you think "being good" is building a thriving country? Well, look at us now, on the other hand this place would still be some huts and arrow flingers living and dying with no change. One day the sun will explode and if we make it, it won't be cus of any natives living and dying with no progress. Life will thank us in the end.

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>Durr hurr military is welfare
>Votes for Bernie
tfw you forfeit your rights and get shot at so some retard working at Starbucks can call you a pussy.

kek cope you dumb cunt

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So what you‘re saying is that people invading an already existing culture and destroying it in the process is a good thing in the end? Why the whole wall building and closing borders thing then? Do you actually think your agenda doesn‘t apply to you, because you hamplanets are supperior? Please be an hero

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navy fag can agree, also kek

Lmfao lost

huh. so everyone that looks like that is a white incel?

You can say "what Americans did was bad" and it doesn't change anything. It certainly shouldn't apply to their ancestors. if not, I hope you're not German, or of viking descent, or British or, wait is there group of people who haven't taken things by force in the past?

Not salt, just facts friendo.

boomer memes

This is so accurate that I did not find it funny.

Lmfao the virgin incel alt-right are the most precious snowflakes of them all. Fuck you lot are an autistic bunch kekkekkekk just keep on gobbling up that bait fagits

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nah just the virgin ones that blame women and Jews for their tiny dick.

Just reading what a kike told him to.

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I am german, we were invaded by roman/italian cucks some hundred years ago and defended ourselves.
Also, I only clarified that you‘re contradicting yourself. If you actually followed your own propaganda, you‘d embrace all the spics and kanacks and let them do their thing.

is this the guy from the hellraiser movies?

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Don't be Sandmann.

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petrochemicals come from plant matter you dingus

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This goddamn frogs

Damn, good call.

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I've never seen so many likes in one place

Remember everyone, one candidate's staffer's wife owns the company. She denied owning it but said she invested in it (despite owning it and her two companies sharing the same business address). Shillary's cadre of retard corruption

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It went from unwanted people kicked out from each imperial power to just a lame ass "hurr they stole it". Stole what? Most died from Spanish diseases. Now you're excusing the imperial nations you were bragging about. Inconsistent retard

>First, they stole it from its owners.
...who stole what? Most of the Americas were vastly depopulated by plague

you just went full retard. pointless posts

We're obviously superior because you're an obsessed butthurt faggot rambling on a Jap tranny board

America really living rent free in yalls head lmao. just cant get enough

that logic goes both ways really,

are we gonna go customs or not you cunt

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Eurocuck mudslime detected.
It's 2020, get over being second class at best.

You‘re literally talking about yourself, sperg