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Gimme that coronavirus pussy

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i drew another one but the file is too big so here is a black and white version

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Oh shit, you're actually Saintversa? I remember you posting years ago, I'm still following you on FA. Love that big bat booty.

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yeah lol and thank you, i really need to start putting out more art. its been awhile since i really went in as far as content.

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I wanna lick the sweat off those big kitty titties~

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I'm thinking that bunny is actually a boy now that I look at it, but whatever, still cute

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Perfect body, fuck that ass and titties are amazing

God damn it, I hate my libido now, kms

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no thanks

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Is there a point to just posting the same pictures in a thread with no real conversation for hours?

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killing time

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Yes, it kills time when we're bored and don't want to do something else, and it's enjoyable. How have you not figured this out yet, how many times must you ask before you get it?

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does there need to be a point?

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Killing time and waiting for...?

I've asked 2 times before, with no real answer due to sheer slowness of pace.

Yes. There's a point to everything.

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the rapture

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you sound pretty sure of that

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You've asked variations of that question many times like "what do you do when you post here?". Obviously, other things that entertain us, of course. Why else would we be here? To do nothing or suffer? It's a hobby like anything else, like video games or anime. It doesn't have to be creative or constructive to be enjoyable.

When doesn't he sound like that?

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Dangerous numbers you almost had for words like that. I mean what are you waiting for within the span of a few hours, or posting here a secondary action while you do something else?


Variations sure, but there's a difference between "why do you come here in general?" and "why are you here right now when inactivity reduces the value of the experience?"

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points are only where we make em

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Well the answer is obviously because we enjoy it. You ask so many questions that seem so fucking obvious to me, and I really don't understand why. You can't draw your own conclusions about people's behaviors?

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murder all americans dclxvi aa

Diction suggests influence of drugs,
Must be a laid back life.

I ask questions, it's what I do. Also this wasn't obvious to me, so you're telling me even when there's "nothing to do" it's still fun for you to come here? You enjoy posting in silence?

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why do i find this hot?
am i a furry now?

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It's not obvious to you because your first instinct is to ask questions rather than come up with answers by placing yourself in the position of another person. If we didn't enjoy what we do then we wouldn't be here; we would do something we actually enjoy rather than driving ourselves insane and being miserable. Even the angry edgy guy who shows up and talks about murdering furries enjoys being angry or he wouldn't do it.

Yes, I do enjoy posting in silence because I'm posting with people I like and enjoy talking with. There doesn't need to be constant conversation, you know. I've learned to enjoy the quiet because it gives me an opportunity to reflect upon myself and my behavior.

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you make it sound like i grew a good tumor or somthing like that

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worse things to be than furry

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Usually when someone doesn't know something they ask questions. It's not like I don't have a list of probable answers based on experiences that I make in my mind before asking a question, but why hypothesize when you can ask and be more sure. I also assume the worst.

It's very late. I wonder what circumstances brought you, me, sun, and mr. rabbit here. I wonder the small scale stuff first, coincidences of what we're doing at this time, then larger. So on, so forth.

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wish I could commission this guy

Attached: 2065.png (1600x1600, 1.21M)

>why hypothesize when you can ask and be more sure. I also assume the worst.
That sounds like a (You) problem because you don't always have to ask a question directly to determine an answer. Assuming the worst is a bad habit when you shouldn't assume at all, and if anything expect the most likely outcome. It's not like getting answers here really matters, but if that's what you enjoy then you do you I guess.

Sleeping a long time and having fucky circadian rhythms is why I'm here. I love staying awake, learning, and entertaining myself, but also love sleeping and don't like getting out of bed. I wish there were more hours in the day tbh.

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Evenin' guys

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Oh hey, nice to see you again. How have you been?

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Attached: 6529.jpg (878x1280, 148K)

Not too bad. Starting a new life soon. How about you?

How've you been?

How are you starting a new life?

I'm good, but really tired. I was about to head to bed, but you showed up so yeah.

Attached: 1389339464348.jpg (700x539, 152K)


Moving to a new state with a full-time job. Basically going as far from home as I can on accident.

Glad to hear.

That's strange. You do type in this mercurial way, even when you're not angry. If you have hypersomnia that's really bad for long term brain function, and could explain difficulty understanding things and writing things out. As for me, questions is what I am here. The anonymity let's people talk about who they really are without fear, and I enjoy that, especially in taboo groups like this.

Another one. Neat.

Well I hope that works out well for you, it may be a nice change of scenery


Washington is a beautiful state and the Pacific Ocean beaches are unreal to my flat sandy norm.

Because I expect people who present themselves as intelligent to not feel the need to ask stupid questions with obvious answers.

>explain difficulty understanding things and writing things out.
I have no difficulty explaining things. I'm very clear in my explanations. Also, I believe you mean 'typing'. But *I'm* not good at explaining things ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Also, you treat us like fucking animals in a cage, like guinea pigs as if we're some kind of enigmatic life form. Like what the fuck kind of questions do you expect from us? It's just irritating that you try to be smart yet appear so stupid sometimes. Why don't you ask more important questions than "durr, do you all just masturbate to furry porn in silence?" Like no, we're not one dimensional creatures.

Dashie, you were doing so well...

I just cannot stand people who have to be so autistic about everything, in the way they type yet look dumb as bricks with their questions and inability to draw obvious conclusions. It's a pet peeve of mine, and don't patronize me you twat. It's too late for that shit.

Dash... while you're remarkably on point regarding the things you're thinking by yourself, he does have some points.

You're also upset now.

>remarkably on point
The fact that you believe I'm stupid and aren't always on point shows that you're the stupid one because I don't have to act intelligent and ask questions when I can figure out questions on my own, such as "how do I interact with people without seeming like an autist or pseudointellectual?" when the obvious answer is just act like everyone else and fit in. Apparently intelligent people have a really hard time doing that, and I don't get why it's so hard for people to know when to be smart and when to seem normal, as if they're mutually exclusive to one type of personality.

>The fact that you believe I'm stupid and aren't always on point shows that you're the stupid one
There is proof. And, no one said you weren't always on point; you just were.

>I don't have to act intelligent
I think that contradicts your more lucid moments.
>how do I interact with people without seeming like an autist or pseudointellectual?
There's an irony here... and again, it's not like you don't have a point, but you're pretty much cut yourself on the edge of that sword in the process.
>when the obvious answer is just act like everyone else and fit in
But does that really make sense? I think the obvious answer is to pay attention, not to conform mindlessly.
>Apparently intelligent people have a really hard time doing that
Autism, Dash.
>I don't get why it's so hard for people to know when to be smart and when to seem normal
Autism, Dash. Come on, you can't talk about autists, only to say that.

But I'll admit, It was an unexpected pleasure to see you use certain... phrases. Very clear in your explanations, are you.

I've said this exact thing before, and I'll say it again: I don't have to sound better than others to know I'm smarter than most people. You have this idea in your head that I'm stupid because of how I behave and present myself when I actively make the choice to not appear like a douchebag to the average person because the average person is intimidated by intelligence when I'm not, and can usually gauge someone's own intelligence fairly easily. I can hide my power level because I know it annoys others sounding smart in inappropriate situations.