Hey /b!

Hey /b!
The British "comedian" Ed Gamble is creeping on my gf.
Dubs decides what I message him from her phone.

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"She likes you"

tell him show belly button and go to bed

then show us his pic.

Ask for dick pics then share his number, I bet it's not him.

It is him, she did some work with him so met him

Dox the retard

Expose this faggot

Schedule a meetup and then you and some niggas beat him with a lead pipe

Show us ur gf.


Tell him to check the dubs

trips i show gf
dubs i respond

Totally this


Do ittt

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Respond asking for dick pics


Tell him you don’t fuck baby dicks and that you need a dick pick if he wants to fuck then extort him.


Kekd and checked

blackmail him, is he doesn't comply sue him for sexual harassment

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Extort him in the me too way. Share the story in the right way to the right people and all of a sudden he’s a creeper and it ruins his mediocre stand up career.


I'll count quads as trips

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and this

yeah she's hot


Post nudes for those quads

"if you're asking you probably have one. sorry."

If this doesn't give you ideas, idk

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Ask him how rich he is

“If I’m gonna cheat I want it to be good sex. I’ve done this sort of thing before and the scenario makes me dripping wet, but my pussy has standards. Show me the meat ;)”

OP is a larping faggot


That's fair, I'd hit on her too

Prove its him retard

That's the chicken shop date chick. Amelia. OP is a larping faggot.

I'll let you fuck if you send dick pic. Just don't let me boyfriend know.

That's Amelia Dimoldenberg

What a scumbag... l'm going to continue fapping to porn good day to you

She does look like Legolas mang.

>The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
>Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

Fucking kek, Ed Gamble isn’t worth 40 million, what he shit...he won’t be worth 1 million.

In other words OP, you're a cuck and caught your girlfriend cheating it'd turned you on so much that you pray that it extends further because your girlfriend desires a better man than you.

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Join now before it's too late

Time to let her go, sorry mate

Obtain DicPic and circulate on social media.

40 million id go out and suck his dick myself before he's gone that train won't come a second time.