Cat loli thread now with color upgrade

Cat loli thread now with color upgrade
>cats and lolis are mandatory
>crossbreeding is desired
>speed is irrelevant
>wholesome content is needed

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well well well, what do we have here?

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Not wells to be honest.

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you dieing?

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Ive jacked off to this pic two times now

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not yet. Need better dying material.

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I remember this pic, someone pointed out, the artist used a live model pic. Are you that same person?

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I'm dying of ass cancer, I'm not treating it because money and sickness.

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Ass cancer sounds marvelous.

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It is. It tickles my prostate, I can coom multiple times like a wahmen.

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Neko Sakura

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Very interesting.

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Yea, this is me IRL

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yea if we zoom in, you can actually see the ass cancer.

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Ohh. I believe it's... quite electrifying, isn't it?

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loli? more like ________

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the pacifier is in the wrong opening

oh no Cred Forums,
your loli

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Most fucked Chan site? Which Chan is the most paedo bear fucked? How is it even alive?

>hey bros let me at that child porn
way to be obvious about it

Answer: this is the most fucked Chan.. how is it still alive?

Why not some rolls?

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by "cooperating" with us law enforcement

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it's ok, i have a special pacifier for her.

reminds me of babysitting, besides the guy being naked as well (except in the shower usually)

Kissable butt-holes?

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degenerate me had the same idea when i was 9 or so :/

Whose opening did you put it in when you were 9, user?


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You're correct, it's from the VAN set. Those girls really like it.


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looking for good neko in thigh highs.

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I need part 4 of fate/kaleid, some news?

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anyone else

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i love cutes

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Demon > cat

This is Meguru from Sanoba Witch (hentai game), I really miss playing her route and wish it had been longer.

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Just the top one is fine.

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tasty tods!

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Tods are top tier!

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tfw no toddler gf

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Alll these tods are my gfs! I spill cum over them every day!

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This thread has been up for more than 8 hours without any interest from anywone who could actually be bumping my th~.... oh toddfags.

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lol, I literally had a nap and this thread is still up?

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I think I have enough time to image limit this thread

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Apparently, lol.

It's funny tho... Exactly the people who hate me bump my threads.

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I don't hate you crazy cat loli lover, I just think you're crazier than me.

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Well you're not a toddfag are you?

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not particularly, but I have saved some, that speak to me

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There has to be follow up pics to this right?

Then I hate you with all my might.
Hello dear enemy!

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this one cuz anime
this one cuz unteralterbach was a fun game and it reminded me of the witches

this one is borderline

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probably, this is the only other one I saved though
I'm everyone's enemy, I'm NIGGER FAGGOT after all

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I still hate you. And I will remind you that until you end your life or give in to the cat overlords.

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I really hope you don't queue the "you've got a friend in me" sound track to anyone in this place, user

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I hate you. Please cease to exist.

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good, let the hate flow through you my child, may you know that no one loves us for what we are, but they love us for what we do.

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so this is why catfaggot things todposters are one person
sorry dude there are 2 threads up and I had no intention of posting here
polite sage

you cannot stop me from existing, I have already been

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Nah, you're awesome!

It's also because he's legitimately mentally ill.

todposters ARE one person, why are you speaking nonsense, I am you and you are me.

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I want to touch you so hard with my hate.

Get lost autismo, I'm just larping with user.

Fuck, trippy image bro. I still hate you tho.

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aren't we all, we are on 4chin after all

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it's too late now, we are ALL todposters

I hate you. You lowered the quality.

I could hate you less for posting this. But I still hate you.

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I never liked tods until I started going to catloli guy's threads.

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one of us, one of us, one of us

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I never liked loli, until I found out everyone hates lolicons

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we are now back to our regularly scheduled cat loli's

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Good, gooooood. More hate for me. Please ALL of you cease to exist or bow down to the cat overlords. These are the only options to be forgiven for your sins.

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Do you remember that feeling?

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Yes. I can never forget how much I hate you.

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No, not that, That curiosity you had as a child, you didn't know how things worked. It was a feeling of wonder.

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Yes yes, and utter hate for the toddfags. I think I was born with an extra genome or something that pre-programmed me with rage and hate.

I mean I remember clear as day when I was in diapers and relatives came up to me all that "ohh what a cute baby" and I was like "fuck off toddfags ya' degenerates".

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Did they spank you and told you to not cuss, while they shoved a bar of soap into your mouth and laughed while hitting you in the face with the belt buckle instead of the other end? oh sorry, I'm projecting

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I really really like this image

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No. They actually burned in hell. Who in the right mind would call baby satan "cute". Heresy.

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but isn't heresy what you stand for?

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No. I praise and server the cat overlords. Unlike other toddfags.

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fight knowing i too am on your side user

You are welcome catfag

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Yes... But I still hate you with all my might ya' filthy degenerate toddfag. Worse than furries god dammit.

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It's pretty easy to serve a cat overlord, all they ask for is treats and cuddles

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For someone to hate you they'd have to care about you

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im just another catfag.


is it a tod or is it a kitten?

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is it a loli or is it a cub?

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And human sacrifices.

I care enough to hate you user Cred Forumsro. You may die in the pits of hell friendo.

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even the NIGGERs show contempt for one another.

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you first furfag

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I really really like this image too

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that is the stupidest fuckin face I've ever seen

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hol up

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Attached: 8561be244ecd6057b32c796ab581a8ee.jpg (578x714, 160K)

This... this is the peak of toddcons. I hate you ALL with all my might.

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that's not a cat loli, You're an imposter, what did you do to the real cat loli lover?

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Attached: 1578418140050.jpg (1280x1807, 374K)

Attached: 7128 (3).jpg (665x600, 121K)

I consumed his soul and sacrificed him to the cats overlords.

Attached: 1532829278719.jpg (3799x2137, 1.54M)

a true cat overlord minion, would never sully his folder with regular loli. Straight to the fire pit with you.

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God is a LOLI!

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Attached: NIGGER.jpg (531x750, 80K)

I hate you and I hope you get impaled in your clavicula by those ass bones.

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I'll never post todcon in your threads again if you can provide a few cute pics of Somali, you sexy beast

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Attached: 624473760acda037f100dd490ac0eeca.jpg (724x1024, 113K)

Attached: b0c8fa9fad3ba603c200db4070ab91fc.jpg (1115x1280, 221K)

why is there a bandage on her left butt cheek with cum underneath it?

Attached: 6589.png (1200x1200, 1.2M)

Attached: 2144 (3).jpg (800x791, 56K)

todds are actually made of cum. she was leaking and they didn't have any FlexTape®

Attached: 1559146478726.jpg (1090x1500, 244K)

Bandage was used to hold cum inside pussy. Then removed and stuck to butt

Attached: f61ce9cc198f1ba5082ffa55858b3f5d.jpg (767x800, 140K)

is that why fapping is a sin? cuz I you wipe millions of tods away and throw it in the trash?

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Attached: 0ebff15a2e7b13b0832ff7b57dca1ab7.jpg (600x800, 170K)

Attached: 2d885296e2051a4d226a58ee22a4497c.jpg (1000x1412, 431K)

that makes more sense

Attached: 9232 (3).jpg (1024x768, 47K)

Fapping is a sin because jesus is always watching and he is not a fan of dicks because he doesn't browse Cred Forums.

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>image limit

carry on