Do you have a partner?

Do you have a partner?
what will you do on Valentines day?

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shes really fucking shy we usually dont make a big deal out of it but always flowers chocolates and be her slave for the day with 0% lazy until i collapse haha

-real days work things xx

hesoid works and days theoi

wow. tnx

shy girls are cute. i rather that than a super outgoing party girl with light years of cock

It being a Friday I will drink until unconscious.

>what will you do on Valentines day?
Celebrate my birthday.


we will both be working because we are poor

who cares as long as she only got eyes for you hahahahah

god i love you(love)

but u are not poor if u are working? u are getting money. poor is you don't have money

poor is insufficient amount of money to live a good life. destitute is no money.

so long as she's faithful she can be anything she wants to be.

also i think they say shy girls are deviants in bed or something?

Shell probably just bitch about stuff and I'll wish I was alone.


hahah yeah, absolutely to both

not only but help her be (both) x

poor dont matter so much as long as u can work/get justice/maslows hierarchy

murder all usa


Been w my woman 5 years have a child together . Never does shit for me struggles to show even the faintest love action

We gunna buck

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The day before valentines day I am going to cum on a bunch of those stupid gay little teddy bear valentine gifts in Walmart.


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man, the ideal would be this shy girl who'se gorgeous, but doesn't really like anyone else but you, then when she's alone with you she turns into a sex starved beast. gotta fantasize sometimes... lol


I have autism. I am not retard you horrible cunt.

which autism, the one where no one can tell your autistic but you say you are anyways? or the special ed kind? lol

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had this for 5 years. is definintely best. fucked her in public a bunch of times. total nympho and alone now lol

my wife sent me to go stay with my mom 2 weeks before valentines day so my plans are probably a divorce unless i off myself first.

You just made me throw my Limited Edition Sasha Braus figurine across the room. It almost broke. You get fucked,


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u can clear ur names by both walking by me at the same time with silence from pine gap to me

how dare you throw him? don't you have any empathy? apologize to him right now.

damn, i wish i had a nympho. petite too... skinny, and really long black hair, blue eyes too. mmmm

she gets real squirmy, right?
like a cricket rubbing its legs together to "chirp"
except its around ur dick/head

sooo sensitive

genuinely fear for ur life.

lol. and shes super jelous, and clingy.

fuck yes, and worth the monogomy xxxxxxx
nothing is sweeter then holding her hand, carrying her bag, seeing her smile and move :)

we need our culture to move towards more feminine girls, enough of these strong womyn independent feminists.

Yes. Since there is a bdsm munch on valentines day we'll probably be there and hang out with some fiends eat good food and drink some beer/cocktails. While talking about kinky stuff.

i have my shadow. she follows me wherever i go


Take your Partner to a Chinese Resturant and get Corona-Virus from the gook chink bastards working in the back..

I’ll probably just fuck your mom again

No, nothing like every year. Cause no I have nobody. But I accept it. If its no different every other year. What does it all matter?

Gyoza are great


Partner? Not all of us here are actual faggots. Taking wiafu to dinner here.

Dude, the word "partner" is a code word for faggotry.

Good, maybe it will spread into the gay community