Give it to me straight b, am I balding?

Give it to me straight b, am I balding?

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I cant tell, let me feel it

There's a really simple test to check, it requires you to put a sharpie in your pooper.

weird place for it to start bang on the top and not towards the back...

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yes but id be more worried about your bad vision if you cant see it

Yes but it's not that bad. Go see a dermatologist and get a prescription for finasteride.

Take that, foamy minoxidil, and nizoral shampoo if you want to restore a bit and keep it from going away forever. You dont have to shave it all off yet, but stick to having your hair cut with Half an inch off top and a 3 guard in the side. You will look handsome, trust me

Are you that singer from Weezer?

No shit retard. you'll go full bald within 2 years and depending on if you can pull off bald head and beard without looking like a soyboy, your life will either be hell or alright.

What's worse - going bald, or going gray?

Definitely bald, gray hair is pretty based

as i am going through the worse acne breakout of my life, at the fucked age of 21, i am counting my blessings i have a thick head of voluminous hair and a mouth of straight teeth...

shave that shit, you'll look more disgusting with long thinning hair, than with a bald head.

Yeah, get that Jeffery Epstein look, amirite?

Probably thinning a bit but not really balding grow your hair out a bit and ride it out until its noticeable and shave off that should give you a few years

No. But your hair might be thinner.

What does it mean when your crown is as thick as ever but your hairline is going south?

Nah man your good

DO NOT GET THIS. Fucks your dick up. Just looks like something is going on other than balding. Go see a dr.

As a person who is balding that started at 22, yes.
I started shaving my head at 23.

yes. go to forhims dot com before it's too late

bald it up my friend, don't be afraid of the testosterone. flaunt your male privilege.

I've been balding since I was a teen, 25 now, and I just do the Hitler comb over and have no problem with pretty sexy girls. The shavefags just had balding that made it look like a rat chewed their hairline or have ugly faces.

"i also balded but im cute so its ok lol"

please leave and never come back.

Get Accutane from Derm doctor. Only cure, and I mean cure for acne. I've been there, I know the heartache acne causes. I mean what you never have a zit again? Yes, you will get the occasional one but nothing like actual acne good luck buddy

Sounds like someone has a rat nest hairline.

no, but i'm better than you in every way, so there's that. Also don't be mad, be glad.

It just sounds like you're upset. Get laid.

it doesnt sound like anything. you have schizophrenia. I typed that so calm I almost fell asleep.

You are no good. Repent and god may forgive your sins.

Cope and seethe, rat nest.

if this was irl i would break your face little girl. but you're safe behind a screen so you can cry all you want and still be safe.

Also I told you you were mad and you're just repeating it.

No, it looks like traction alopecia. Just take some biotin and stop wearing headsets (also don't touch/scratch that part of your head).

The words of a teenager incensed by Cred Forums posts. You're probably a dicklet too. Get a grip, fag.

30 and head full of hair reporting in, give me your women's.

I would break you down into little bits.

"im blad but im pretty lol"

go drink some soy juice

>im blad
so mad he can't type lmao

yeah, just keep finding ways to calm your little hurt ego.

you're just no good. Maybe god won't forgive you after all.

God loves me, which is why I am blessed with serenity, while you are cursed with this impotent shrimpdick rage.

lmao, you keep going with the you mad thing. You have no serenity and god won't even look at you.

You need to reevaluate your life.

Says the man threatening murder in a bald thread on Cred Forums. Get laid before you shoot up a shopping mall, schizoid.

I started feeling itchy around November December and began to recede but has felt fine since and has held pretty much the same. I'm hoping I can at least get a few more years out of it.

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not murder, just to rough you up a bit for having a big mouth. and for making such an effort to appear calm and morally superior. lol. delusional.

Not morally superior, just superior to you. lol.

you wish. I already told you i'm better than you at everything. and you're all

>no me

Just shave it all off, maybe you'll be cute then.

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4 years ago my head looked a little worse than OP's, and it's pretty much the same now. Though my hairline on the right side has gone up but not much.
It's just hair, I was agonizing over it for 3 years before i shaved (buzz cut) and now i'm more confident than ever and haven't given two shits about hair loss since

dont worry just let it fall, you dont look like a model anyway

That jawline

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You can take Minoxidil 2% or 5%.

Doesn't fuck your dick up. Saves your hair. I've been on the stuff for almost 3 years. No change in erections, semen, hardness or drive.

Maybe I'm just lucky.
Plus I have a full head of hair.

Yes suck it up cupcake

This is what I do after some research and I've told this to my friends:

1. A teaspoon (or 2, to be safe) of pumpkin seed oil after every meal (generally snacking on pumpkin seeds and incorporating them via bread and other stuff into your diet is good) - at least morning and night - studies show that it's a natural DHT blocker and it was found that men who had consumed pumpkin seeds throughout life had little to none prostate problems at later age. My friend swears it stopped his balding after I told him to do it.
Natural replacement for DHT blocking medicine, the no.1 thing against balding.

2. Proper hair massage. This sounds like a hassle, but anything is better than nothing and I do it while watching TV and laying in bed. This stimulates blood flow, the same thing the no.2 most effective drug against balding does, but naturally.

3. Get enough biotin and other B vitamins and basically all the nutrients relevant to hair health.

Other things I try to do is use nourishing hair oils after washing hair. I wash hair with COLD water as many hair experts suggest - hot removes all sebum etc. And cold is stimulating.

Some bald guy grew some peach fuzz with literal onion juice. The peach fuzz died off, but it's still progress and sounds promising. Some guy swears he had a bald spot since childhood and used "small onions" which he rubbed on the bald spot.
Nettle has also been found to be promising, nettle extract and nettle tea seem to be good, also a study found that topical herbal applying helped (mostly used nettle but also other herbs) against bolding.

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Yup. Don't stress it. Get ripped and no one will give a fuck

>men who had consumed pumpkin seeds throughout life
I meant frequently, a lot of.
>2. Proper hair massage
Forgot to say, there's a guy that has a website devoted to hair massage, he swears by it and has a video with instructions on vimeo.
Basically pinching your scalp with both hands (careful not to rub hair on scalp, just get the skin) and stretching it, also using your knuckles to press your scalp/head really hard.
He even funded a study about it that showed results and it got published in a medical magazine.

>against bolding

I was getting the same bald spot as OP at 26 and massage alone fixed it after like a year.
Started balding again at 28 but this time with a receding hairline, it seems to have stopped after applying everything I've mentioned, but we'll see.
The top of the head has been full ever since, though.

Maybe a little but who gives a fuck. Just grow out a beard and shave it in like 7-8 years when it gets really bad.