I'm hearing voices right now I really just want to talk

I'm hearing voices right now I really just want to talk.

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hey hey what you up to

The voices? They are accurate.

hey i have come to tell you
you are in a simulation
soon they will send aliens to capture you

What kind of voices? What are they saying?

voices or covert violence against you and ur mind trying to give them a voice?

its fragile x syndrome nsa from pine gap, menwith hill, fort mead.

google occult physics pine gap

u wont feel like it but if u can trick ur body into exercise ull retain control or u can find out otherwise but its basically a waste of life and ur mortality which u dont get to redo.

make sure u warmup and stuff. injuries are horrible

to rest of world: murder all usa genetically


Nothing valuable I really want this bullshit to stop. And I want my cock sucked

its a trap you cant give them words they are permenently genetically retarded in schizophrenic fragile x syndrome induced psychosis either genetically or transgenerationally epigenetically.

100% murdered and dead enemies of humanity

dont worry about it. they can go on forever. taunt them with baby talk if it gives u psychic profit. just know their schizophrenic psychosis psychological concreteness of genuinely not understanding ur one way mimicking accurately their actions with no return will never be accepted, but it doesnt mean it goes the other way, thats their egocentric projection. means nothing. dont consider it. they have information but no comprehension = no knowledge.

same intelligence levels as the unpopular kid in grade 3 throwing chairs across the room and the teacher having to call the fucking ambulance to come restrain her and take her away

literal schizophrenic bitches. nsa

murder all usa


talk to the voices, befriend them

People like this need to be dealt with with violence.

You try I know better than you

Yeah so nobody likes Emily not even me. Another Valentine's day wasted when I could just have the big dick.

I earned it. My cock.

It'll be okay OP.
Look at this cat.

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you are murdered from history


schizophrenic psychosis down syndrome guilty american

genetic transgenerational retardance 1913-

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Talk to the voices

I just want to be really hot

You cant fucken run from us bucko were the FBI

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Don't skip your meds

I'm not mentally ill. Fuck you indio

I hope your family gets deported. And you get killed in Mejico Canada and elsewhere

I will personally torture you in Mexico.

are you being ironic with the murder the usa genetically?

Well, talk then.
What do they say?

murder americans dclxvi

whats ur name so i can look u up

no uve been compromised since 1913 its a history thing. definitely not.
murder americans dclxvi


Rothschild is unfit to be king.I don't hear the stupid shit you faggots are doing.

Shut the fuck up. You joke and next time you run your mouth on the street and I hear you talk

same man ive just been ignoring it. but it gets louder sometimes

>Not mentally ill
> The voices say otherwise

its funny because i sometimes reply

>Not mentally ill
> The voices say otherwise

Just kill yourself already, you have no purpose here, there is no meaning, stop the suffering, you will feel better

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bro call a help hotline. If they're asking you to hurt yourself or others, seek help. This isn't the right place.

Keep safe and i love you

Quads have spoken

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Not OP, anyone got any methods that are relatively quick, minimally painless, and can be sourced without arousing suspicion?

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Just start talking back to the voices

sometimes the tv talks to me and about me

Fuck I want to fuck her face so hard

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I just want a date this Valentine's day

Are you OP?


You won't have any date, not for Valentine's, not ever, you are a fucking schizophrenic retard, you will die alone and that's the best for everyone, nobody needs your mentally ill children, guaranteed to be serial killers, remove yourself from the gene pool

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Don't listen to the voices, unless they tell you to kys, if so proceed asap

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Learn to code and fight the CIA niggers in your head.

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You're supposed to inherit old money. Thanks tio nacho.

I love living in Texas and not Spain or Europe

When I was in jail they were telling these niggers to go to the college scam to be fry cooks.

I should be working at Sam's club and take my truck to the ship channel to "make it" with the Italians

God's been great to me.

Because you know all the cool kids went to Spain. The ones with money.

I only have my girlfriend and my neighbor.

Yeah me and my girlfriend are homeless in the street. I hope to make it in televisa by prostituting her

We're all friends here

Those other poor faggots got caught

My romantic rival bandhu chose military for his heartbreak. His mistake.

What happened schizoshit, killed yourself already?

Americans these days

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Chicano shit pochito pochito trump is going to deport you all

You fucking indios have no business policing the world.

I really enjoyed 8 years of bush. I did not get tired at all

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It's just a joke. Don't take it the wrong way.

ignore the shadow people have a good convo

You are a joke to everyone

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Destroyed? Or made it better?

Good luck getting a date looney

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I'll pray for you

Your nigger children

whatever happens, do not let them take your jizz...they seek your semen essence to destroy and corrupt your mind

I also mugged a black man the other day you know for stret cred my integrity and my self respect. And for my own sanity

Keep rubbing your little dick retard

You hit them right in the nigger, the Americans never get back up


How else can you build the good ones? The ones that are human beings?

Normal adjusted people that don't look like shit

No one will ever love you

Get your gaybriel shit the fuck out of my church faggot. You got punked up the ass not me

Stop being a victim

Americas enemies love me, and everyone loves money

Everybody is fucking with (you)


Alright party's over. Less child and animal abuse. And get back to work

Cry to my daddy darth vader I'll teach you your self defense laws and the entire constitution. You ain't shit gringo.

Hey hey people.

Valentine's is coming you know how it will end

No seriously be a hero.

Emily actually hates OP

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You need to understand you're mentally fucking ill. The 2 times i brought it up i was amazed that bitch replied how she replied. Playing along. There is zero respect here.

So what I subjugated all my people. You won't be causing any more trouble in Iran etc. I guarantee you that.

No one respects you because you are a joke

What the fuck are you on about?

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What do they say when you reply?

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Ha lol me too, im having an existencial crisis rn.
I also hve an anxiety disorder or whatever the fuck i have obtained genetically from my ancestors. I just want someone to talk to me :(

This is the wrong thread mate, we are trying to get OP to kill himself

You're a punk and a faggot and a persona non grata. Somebody I don't want to talk to.

They are all fucking with you, they've always been

The tiny penis of a feminine boi