Rekt thread

Rekt thread
Animal edition

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How come i cringe when i see dogs harmed but i feel nothing when it comes to cats

You're only half faggot.

Niggers only watch home pets die

Dont moralize here fag

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I would rather see humans than Animals, where Is the ordinary rekt thread?

Make one

Not here faggot

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Animals rekt are much better since it doens't air on tv.
Humans? that shit boring bro.

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fuck this thread and everyone who posted in it

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everyone who posts in these threads want to and should kill themselves

Then don't ask yourself how coronavirus spreading around the world

Including you, considering you posted here

yup, but not because i enjoy watching animal abuse, that's on a different level

Dirty ass mother fuckers.
Thanks for the corona virus

Make love, not war

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Best ylyl ever.
>inb4 edgelord

You're on Cred Forums. Don't like it? Put a gun to your head and pull the trigger all the way the fuck back to Tumblr or Reddit.

>inb4 b always liked cats. Caturday?

Cred Forums never liked anything. Cred Forums was never good. Cred Forums can't be molded into anything and it gets worse every year. Again, kill yourself.

what makes dogs more valuable than cows?
now i dont love cows or hate dogs, im just pointing out that you are a hypocrite. They are both just animals and if you asked an Indian, YOU would be the inhuman monster that you think these people are.

I'm not the person you were responding to. But that is such a hard-to-swallow pill for most.

my friend would say that it's because we've bread and had an evolutionary relationship with dogs. "man's best friend." yadayada.


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sadly liking dogs isnt in our dna, its in our society, you learn to like dogs and the fact that not all people like dogs proves this nicely.
Dogs on the other hand got the short end of the stick and have been altered by humans so much you wouldnt believe them all to be the same species.

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