The girl sitting behind me drew a Pepe

The girl sitting behind me drew a Pepe

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praise kek

is she cute?

Bullshit you drew that yourself

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If so, go for it, if it goes well get her some pepe merch for bday/Valentine's/whatever.
Let us know how it went

elbow her in the face


Nah I draw much worse

tell her you really, really, really, really like that picture. And toss a smile in champ.

ask her to draw a duck

I told her it's fucking epic kek

there are clearly fine grease spots on that paper, someone ate on it. the stiffness of the left side and unreflectiveness of the surface gives off that it's still attached to a block
you're telling me some fat cunt who couldnt wait to eat her birthday pretzel drew a pepe and then just handed you her entire block so you could photograph a 16x8 image? sure

Lol damn bruh imagine being so inept that something as a simple basic everyday interaction is unbelievable to you.

actually I believe it I just enjoy being an asshole

Marry her

Take a creepshot for us you weeb

imagine being so lonely you look that deep into everything lmao

Give her a bowl of hard-boiled eggs

It's not important to tell me who you are or what happend, the only thing important right now is you need to eat these

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Post the surprise facial then, liar. I know how sitting by girls works.