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Waifu thread

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Look at him and laugh

Right meow meow!!!~

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K-Meow meow~

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>8 killed / 43 injured / 5 students killed

That's just the weekend, right? Average death count by gun in Ameritard land is ~30/50 by a weekend. A weekend, that's 2 days in case you can't count.

Mostly niggers so nothing of value was lost. Your numbers are wrong btw. Your math (58 rekt in 2019 by guns) is false btw.

Compared to my country in which guns are illegal: 8-15 (last year) death by guns over entire year, not even 1/3rd of Muritard land weekend LUL

>I don't know where you live, but i bet it's worse. :)

I live in Poland where faggots get laughed at and thrown stones at while police looks by. No SJW's here, they'd get a heart attack if they knew 1% about this country.

>"losing" might be overblowing it, but yes, roughly 7% (black men) are something like 45% of the murders"

Niggers (13% of entire murica population / 2015) had a 50%+ crime rate in that country, despite being a MINORITY. Think about it, 13% (or whatever) of the entire country population has the highest crime rates... makes you wonder, who's the problem? Why are people racist?! ;(

>More or less the same issue as school shootings. (...) The US is functionally footing the bill for most the medical R&D for the whole world...

Ameritard compares school shootings to the lack of free health care. LUL, also statistically lack of free health care is going to be higher due to population.

>Guns are not a problem in US

Statistically the biggest gun crime rates in the world, even in countries that allow guns for safety.



Loli is not legal pedophilia. OMEGA FUCKING LOL.

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Yay, summer meow!~

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even if loli was pedophilia who gives a fuck who is the victim of some 400 pound superboomer fapping to loli hentai in his moms basement

The thing I sent you was the link to the Death cult. Just remove the spaces and add a period where the word dot is


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So the death cult is real!?

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I don't wanna die anymore. Summer Summer Summer Nice Nice Nice Nice Nice Nice Nice Nice meow~

Nice Nice Nice Nice Nice

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Beats me

Don't make me ruin that butt

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What does your waifu say about you?

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Summer! Nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice



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deranged and idiot and smart

Psychopath with a god complex?

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god complex is based

Meow meow~



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That's the stats for school shootings for the year, my guy.
That's nice. You're country is essentially irrelevant to everything except messing with the EU.
Yeah, blacks are trash, and the if you exclude the inner cities, the US has an -extremely- low crime rate. Like, borderline safest in the world.
>compares school shootings to the lack of free health care
I'm not comparing the problems themselves, i'm comparing the media coverage. The news media is essentially a bunch of commies with an agenda.
>Gun crime rates
The US is not the highest in the world. They're very high up there, but not the highest. Doesn't matter anyways, our crime rates are not much higher than the most of the rest of the western world, our crime just includes guns rather than knives or rocks or whatever you fags use.
>Loli is not legal pedophilia.
I... agree? You wot. I assume that was just a typo. Victimizing kids is a crime, art that triggers your sensitivities is still just art. Sorry not sorry.

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Surprisingly accurate image

Summer!! Nice nice nice nice nice!

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more butt

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I stopped reading at this point. Imagine being an Ameitard who can't even speak his own language.

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Let's play

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Just a combination of auto-correct and not proofreading. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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What are you doing with your life beside butts clocky?

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Are there two Kurumis now?

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What do you mean two?

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Bite the pillow~I'm going in dry!


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Wasting it

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You just quicksaved yourself and whatnot


The Holo pillow?

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I didnt quick saved, I reversed time on myself

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That's it. You sad sad bastard. Hi5~Meow~!

Stop calling Eris Holo ~meow!

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Okay holo meow~~~

Oh. I knew that.

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I never bore Parn any adolescent ill will, if anything I thought his general gormlessness was the best response to his situation.

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Well then

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Lewd. *lick*

Hello. I am Eris. I am a cat from Catia. I am not the wolf deity called Holo. I only meow meow and don't do comfy economics.

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>I am

No u

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Oki fr ikik, just poking fun~

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Thanks I guess
Yeah why not perfect pic for it

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stop rping you fucking retards

Mein waifu

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Well, it's summer after all.


Nice Nice Nice Nice Nice Nice Nice

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The hell you mean? It's cold as shit here

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>20+C here
Just show some skin. It's summer!

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Make me

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Lewd summer

Nice ni-
I mean meow!

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Just let those fat clock tats free.

tsun tsun

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stop rping you fucking retards

You just want to suck on them, don't you ya hornball

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>suck on them
Uhm... *lick*

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Suck on deez nuts

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The smug energy is so strong!

So close to demon trips

And lewd smug too!?

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Shinoa approved smugs

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>deez nuts

tsun tsun meow~!

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Good girl

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what is the appeal of erp

>most insufferable poster in these threads is a retarded polak
now it makes sense

But now. It shows here that you must free those tats.

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No I don't think I will

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Good meme

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imagine my shock

Ebin meme

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>good girl
imagine being yuno


Awwe meow~

Disappointment meme

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sauce please?

I can't like the meme? Big sad



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Wut da hek

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fake meow meow~

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I have enough to make it real

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sexy af

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Relatable post
Also dubs checked!



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Nigga Im going to bed

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whats the hap

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Sounds legit

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O! Nighttt!!!

Nm tbh. Just snacking in bed because I've been up all night so hunger lol

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Dubs checked... tum


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It is
Lmao fatty

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Meow... Also while searching for more content... I never knew that Eris is really a buttlord. Now I understand clock's butt attraction.

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But I stay in shape and have high metabolism ;-;
Although I absolutely do have a fatty deep inside me tbh

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Did you not know that!? That's like... what almost everyone who has seen the show agrees on!


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To be honest I never had that impression. Yeah, she was lewd and playful, but I felt like the most attention was in the big fat cat tats.

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The criminal trash goblin seems very comfortable in such a natural environment!

You say with a pic of an injection straight to the butt lol

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I finally completed the data collection on this planet.

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!? That's impressive!

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You should all now...

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I dont have an anus user

You're making my job hard now meow~

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That's... extremely concerning.

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I am!? Sorri

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It's going to be file. You can do it

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shameless morons

>That's the stats fo... this year.
So far, you mean 2020? I'm pretty sure they were higher in 2019.

Inner cities etc. excluding niggers? Sure, lower crime rates. Wherever niggers are they always have the highest crime rates and that's a fact.
I have no idea how these statistics look in comparison to other retarded countries (ie. France, Germany etc.) but I imagine they're not far away. You get the idea

Thank god. I wouldn't want any niggers or social justice retards dictating me how to live. As much as I hate this country and its people, that's one thing I'll give it props for... for not putting up with the "progressive" (aka mentally challenged) view.

>media coverage
True. All media is cancer nowdays.

>USA is not the highest in crime rates in the world | borderline safest in the world

Sure, if you include uncivilized countries or barely civilized ones. Nigeria or whatever is 99.9% more dangerous than the USA and that's obvious. But if you compare civilized counties (and that's what matters) then USA will be in top 10 if not 5.

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Yes, yes. I know "Smug reply" or whatever, in regards to school shootings.

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shut the fuck up


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your opinions and taste in everything are horrible, i suggest you kill yourself immediately

Attached: _commission__eris_comes_to_play__by_hank88_d8h7w33.jpg (1298x2000, 1.73M)

Are you a faggot? Do you like sucking dick in other words.

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It's the ennnnnnnd!
Also you have disc my fren?

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No that's Seras. Actually.

Attached: dcuun9n-425c4222-8537-42ff-8c5e-ca5497959618.png (1280x720, 720K)

nope. i don't liek that place
~meow meow

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No shit retard. I know "Seras" poster is a collisional faggot.

Attached: 1564318880637.gif (487x560, 898K)

Dick? nope. Only butts here.

Attached: eris_christmas_by_stuffnco_dbxojyu.jpg (1668x2224, 1.64M)


Understandable tbh. I only use it for frens

Attached: %3F%3F%3F%3F%3F%3F.png (360x450, 194K)

Attached: YOU.gif (850x478, 1.91M)

>i has no frens

Attached: 1580871713213.jpg (850x1133, 576K)

I don't get the point of calling people gay with gay/borderline gay porn tbh. Like... you're saving it just for the meme? Seems counterproductive in my eyes...


Attached: bcd.png (768x830, 657K)

It's extremely possible.

I miss wifi-sama tho.

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It's not gay if it has tits

Attached: 1580873173217.jpg (633x798, 241K)

No, for 2019. I was surprised it was as low as it was as well and double checked. I think almost all of those deaths were in just one, but the more i think on it, that might have even been 2018 or 2017. Seriously, it's just a nonissue if you look at the numbers. Turns out kids have trouble effectively using firearms. What a shock, video games are mighty shitty practice.

Yeah, i don't remember where i saw the numbers, and google isn't be terribly forthcoming, but if you take the (i think it was 10?) most violent cities in the US out of the stats, it suddenly turns in to one of the safest nations in the world. Something like a 30% decrease in murder rate. They usually fluctuate around 5-10x the national average.

>No SJWs
Your government might be based for the time being, but if i'm not wrong, CD Projekt is taking an SJW turn, what with crazy gender options being put in Cyberpunk 2077.
That said, we have President Trump, king of trigger the SJWs, so we're not all lost.

>Gun rates
Yeah, we have more guns than citizens. It'd be crazy if guns weren't the weapon of choice for crimes. That said, the per capita amount of crime isn't that different from most western countries. Poland is on the low end of the scale, i'll certainly grant that.

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Oh has Soppo stopped coming on here? I've heard from both Soppo and Pebble that training has been taking up a lot of time recently, but didn't know Soppo wasn't on here at all lol. You want me to relay a message? We frens and I think you're my fren too after all~

Big brain?

Attached: 20200121_151626.jpg (599x798, 284K)

Attached: 0d8606aaff304bd8f1092337ea4a5b51.jpg (950x1335, 221K)

you mean nep


I changed my online time due to life... so I am totally offset from soppo.

> too after all~
That felt a little... kokoro stomping you know?

Attached: Yiv0dMP[1].gif (500x273, 910K)

hello to my fellow weebs & waifus, i hope you're all okay :3!

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Attached: 9DF45CB192865437E86CAEAD7BC7526C2B7F0352[1].gif (500x275, 1.85M)

Ooooooooohhhhh... the offer still stands~
Stomping!? I'm sorry! I didn't mean to hurt your feelings, I meant it in a positive light!!

Heyhey fren~ I'm alive! Not dead anymore!

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Attached: 7TVWLJ4cRvwHjFyWCI7sZ4HmOOY2xnPble7AmUUV95Q6_uCqkHSf4YXp_bPLxWnmHZ2RPjjjcJdZ53zmfEbaUMEekwPjLWIcVgRN (400x225, 1.12M)

Attached: 1568634622536.gif (350x350, 1.02M)

[Ded sounds]

Tomo ball

Attached: victory.png (845x481, 463K)

hey there cute-stuff, how's it going? what time is it where you are? :3

oh thank the lawd, i was incredibly worried about your current alive/dead diagnosis so your reply has made my day, love you

Attached: LinaInverse16.jpg (2125x2535, 952K)

>ded sounds

But really. The only reason I joined these threads was because chii poster told me about them in another thread and when I came here I saw a lot of carfags. When I saw carfags and waifu I was totally sold on this place.

But in less than 2 weeks of being here... I had to reschedule my day activity and I am now stuck in almost dead threads... I kinda' miss the activity from when those guys are online. chii, sopmod, etc.

3.09PM. It's boring as hell. I have 3 more days until I can start a new project. Until then, music and Cred Forums.

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Sachiko claimed.
I don't even remember sleeping last night.
Good morning anons.

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Attached: UlChan AnonEdit2.png (329x412, 104K)

Love ya too fren!

Attached: jlESlsU.jpg (1646x1265, 308K)


But yeah, basically that's it.

'mornin dood

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what part of the world are you from, user-san? what sorta projects are you talking aboot? Feel free to link some of the music you're listening to :3

r-really? :x i'd like to believe that you're being sincere, as no-one has said they love me for years pretty much D:!

Attached: LinaInverse17.jpg (1525x1918, 539K)

You should probably get a messaging platform like Disc then tbh... that way you can dm Soppo and pebble whenever you want!!

Yea! Trust me it's obvious when I'm sarcastic (which I rarely am) because I want to make it clear I am^^

Attached: UTto3gc.jpg (1151x2000, 1.24M)

EU. Repairing and upgrading cars.

Well, what would be the point. Offline here is offline there too isn't it?

I am mentioning those guys because they actually introduced me to those threads and they were not gatekeeping. Uhm... also pebbles ignored me a lot lol.

Attached: 1580872369858.png (823x1300, 705K)

They stay up late and often message me even when not on here. Idk I jus want you to be able to talk to the people you like!

Attached: ijf7hpuib6q11.jpg (1000x1412, 176K)

that's sweet as fuck, thank you :3! i don't want to call you user-san, what do you like to be called? c:

Attached: LinaInverse5.png (1378x2039, 1.13M)

Well, I am able to talk to a person I like lol.
It's... YOU
~meow meow

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Beer acquired it's never too early

Attached: c040928e68106d26fcb62cb576c9ee81.png (1500x2000, 1.4M)

Uuuh, some common ones are variations of shark, Emilia, or kiri. Those are related to my presence online.
Tbh call me whatever! I have like a billion nicknames lol

Dawww, wholesome!

Sipp sipp?

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Well you simply appeared in a thread and wanted to fluff my tail just like sopmod. That's a sign of pure friendship.

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>my tail
stop rping

I just wanted to join in on the fun convos and ended up liking my talks with you fren

Dubs checked, heyhey!

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>my tail
instead of
>the tail of the character i'm posting on this imageboard full of waifus
stop being autistic

Well the fun is defined by the people... To be honest, it was fun while literally talking to people... it was fun sharing music, it is fun rp-ing with that nigger wanting butts. Fun is fun :3

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Oh yes I'm sipping alright

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>her tail
how about this

>her tail
Who's tail? We aren't even talking about the same waifu.
>my tail
reflecting on my waifu history
>my tail
literally the tail I keep in the glovebox of my car

you're still autistic

"Wanting butts"
Powerful but accurate...
You're just a cool person!

Nice nice nice nice nice

That's too ambiguous in a general sentence tho.

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hes rping bro

hey, "her tail" would be fine, you're making up reasons to dislike it

Way too many people told me that on this board recently. Even if I'm not feeling that, I'm going to accept it here.

I kinda' regret not sticking with tamamo tho, but eris ls literally my fav from any point of view. I kinda' start all new after starting new.

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>I am literally so unsure about myself that I need confirmation that user is not female and/or furry

Tbh I also think people are just being polite sometimes because like yesterday for example, someone kept complimenting me and I was like "but I've been here less than basically everyone else..." lol
But am serious! You're real easy and fun to talk to!

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>increased time spent ITT is requirement for good content
do you truly believe this?


what does this even mean

Well. I'm here for the fun. I'm not gatekeeping anything...

I also appreciate people that can ride a sperg train. You don't have to be a sperg to act like a sperg... but if you're a sperg you can't actually act normal when the time comes.

That's why I also like playing with nigger butts. He started out runing away the first time I talked about a fox in heat... but the next day he gave in. From then on, he's literally bugging me about butts.

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yuno is a braindead rper good job youre doing what he wants

Eat this!

Well no but when someone says "oh yeah I like you more than ___" or mentions me in their top 3 fav members, it's hard to believe when I've been in here for such a small amount of time...

Am also here for the fun! Also didn't even know he shied away at all! I've only seen him just like "it's time." lol