I am worried my IQ is too low to program games. Should I die?

I am worried my IQ is too low to program games. Should I die?

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Just try actually programming some, before you decide to off yourself

most programmers use google for even the most basic stuff.

I did.

And how did it go ?

Read some books

IQ is fluid friendo, might take a bit of work making it higher but if youre decicated.
also you dont need high IQ to code games m8 you just need to learn how to code, think of all the third world people who can speak multiple languages.

You need practice and knowledge more than brains.

not OP but does anyone know why when i try to read lines of text, like in a book or an article, the lines go kinda blurry and look odd making it really hard to read. im 18 and used to read a lot

You gotta start somewhere, try Hello World tutorials to get a grasp of what you're actually doing (most of the time it's figuring out what the hell the program is supposed to do).

After that, try programming something very simple, like a dice game, or tic-tac-toe game.

What's your iq

Dyslexia, sounds like perfect fit, go check to a doctor just to be safe

either you have poor eyesight, (far sighted) or something else, idk.

schifty figh

they have to speak multiple languages because they have shit or low tier first languages. english speakers have no need to learn another language.

Get some glasses, if that fails see a neurologist

my iq was 138 12 years ago, now after a many years of drinking and living like a dog I think my iq is about 70, like a nigger, actually I even like kfc now more than any food

i dont understand your point

No wonder, KFC is great, but get yourself clean, start eating some homecoocked food, read etc

why would you worry about IQ? Why don't you just try it first, then if you fail miserably at the age of 80, you can say "damn, maybe my IQ wasn't high enough"

But if you're trying that entire time, I guarantee you'll do ok.

like a wise man once said... "where theres a will, theres a way"

A lot of games have garbage code so don't worry

You literally don't need to have programming skills these days to do games. Have you played recent games? They all use the fucking same 3 engines just with different graphics. Game making is not what it used to be, I'm pretty sure a trained chimp could get a dev job as long as he or she can come up with a few new ideas for micro transactions...

Wtf. Dude just practice coding random stuff eventually you'll be able to do it faster and faster. Try doing mods for games as a practice

imagine being this retarded, hoping this is bait cause this is saddening, remember we're monkeys people tend to fucking forget

Good news, actual talent or skill not required! Apply with Blizzard for lead developer positions.

Programming isn't much of an IQ thing, it's something you learn by putting time into it.
You'll never be a superstar programmer without the talent and a lot of luck, but you can make a career out of it without being special.


Not good.

Never got it tested.

just learn
put the time and effort in
you are capable