Cuck wins

Cuck wins
Post your wins from cucks and their Kik
Pic related
I’ll go first. His Kik is jodel1676

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She looks nice got more?

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I've got a few from littlebones72

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There was a dude sending me pics of his bbw wife but I cant remember his handle

Anyone think they might have her?


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Was it her?

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my buddy used my gf and took pics, does that count?


But you may proceed regardless

Her name is Sarah. I got him to fuck his ass with her dildo. Just blackmail the sissy bitch

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Now fucking repost that ass

cucks girl

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Marky.thom97 shares pics of his wife

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I'll bump too,

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Kik: laurasmiles90
I’m a guy
Sharing my girlfriend for people to insult and degrade. Can speak to me like shit to

Not got wins from him but was sleeping with his girlfriend for about 9 months behind his back lol. He now knows about it and stuck with her.

His Kik is schoolboy1235

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More of her?

kill yourself

Lol that scared him poor cuck

Closet sissy cuck with a gf. Put me in my place and dominate my girl. Kik surferkid32