Post your battlestation

Post your battlestation

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Why did he just let his nosebleed go wtf

OP is on their period.

this is really bad for your back, leaning over a tiny laptop on your bed. incoming future back problems.



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I can smell and taste the iron from here.

a jew sneezed on him

OP is showing off the murder evidence he's about to wash off. if i were a fed, id check his IP

hey i have the same lap mate

scooter smacked his ankle

Post blood source op

Did OP get the attention he wanted?

Everythings going to be okay little girl don't worry and Cred Forums loves you okay that's a nice pc setup too

Join now before it's too late

Waiting for update

OP tried to cut the fat out of himself but it didn't work, he has to pay for liposuction because he is too lazy and a fatfuck to workout. You're welcome

you're dumb

Me sitting on my bed eating beans

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Fucking kek

get a load of this bean eatin nigga

>that fan location

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Your corona virus is leaking everywhere, faggot.

blood smell like copper

no story? wtf poiple

He’s not Asian, idiot. He looks beaner or Arab.

Welcome to my BEDlestation. It's not much, but its mine.

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fake likely strawberry jam

wtf is with your fan???

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That's some shitty laptop.

>Not all heros wear capes
>What makes a Gamer battle not a real battle?
>You don't always come back from the battlefield whole

I mean what a wasted pic. So many white text opportunities

having that on my blankets and clothes would bother me more than bleeding. why would you do that and make a mess you're going to have to eventually clean up? you piss me off! I'd burn your house to ashes with you in it, dig a big hole and bulldoze the burnt rubble into it

I hate you discord faggots


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cute look at your little glass of blackcurrant squash


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i like it it tastes nice

>men can have periods, now THAT'S progressive!

Not shaming. I enjoy ribena squash occasionally

Here's your controller, bro.

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What flag is that?

OP dun put too much jam on he sammich.




OP dun putted too much jam on he sammich.

Kys fag

who is this little cutie?


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show cocks

kys fag

Why don't girls ever wear thigh highs? This is why I like traps

ugly controller

Why are nintendo fans like this?

Pretty weak battlestation thread so far, come on lads, you're better than this.

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Yeah, they're cheap but sound pretty nice and get more than loud enough. If anyone is interested.

Logitech Z313 Speaker System


>The pic that shows there aint a woman in the house

guys dont be mean im sure he has loads of friends who are girls

But I'm married user
Thank you fren have a pepe

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might aswell just go back to twitch and fageddit while youre at it nigger.

i bet you do some sick clouds with your nicotine vape faggot.


yeah, that's the only reason. everybody believes you, bro

>our immersive new game will actually stab you when your character gets stabbed!


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Is that a nose bleed, user?

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Post wife £100 she ain't a looker

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No their not i havent seen an actual battlestation thread in years everyones on their mobile device sitting on the toilet.

No blood or guts here fortunately

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This is mine, and it's clean now

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you have all the right gear but its all the wrong brand.

Very Comfy user I like it

imagine being this gay and knowing you'll never make it to heaven to see your family again.

Stale. Try again.

first of all mother fucker; get yourself some Wiha screwdrivers. Secondly. that better be a goddamn Makita power drill back there.

Very cool

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anime faggot kill yourself

kill me ya self cunt

i can kill you with kisses

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I dont know what is wrong with the world, why men are so sissy like that

i prefer death by cuddles

sounds good to me ¿Do you wanna start?

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cute feet

PC overheating? Shame. Clean it the fuck out you mook

His PC probably overheats and is using the fan to cool it off like a pleb instead of cleaning it out

cute like your face

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Back when I lived with my parents in HS

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b-but ive never done it before, s-senpai

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just close your eyes and ... let yourself go

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comfy, i like it

>not using a cooling fan and a lap desk or a table
ur laptops fucked cunt

>le filename
why larp is a tranny?

>the feel when you wanna post ur setup but its niggardly and people might recognized it

post it faggot

just don't kiss me, okay.

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>oh no people on the internet might have an opinion!

Post it you double nigger

do not worry
you won't even notice

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kek you still here faggot?

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Okay, be gentle

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now spread your legs a little bit

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Ty :3

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well now im not doing it.

come on ya cunt, don't tease us an show us your di.. i mean setup.

Okay senpai, but what does that have to do with cuddles?

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im leaning againt the wall with a pillow behind my back, have my laptop in my knee is this better?

is.complicated but don't worry
you'll be fine in my legs

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my diaper? how'd you know i was abdl?

Or its not hot where he lives right now so he's just moved it out of the way?

i knew because you're not showing us your setup

>never make it to heaven to see your family again
>t. Cred Forums user

Now this is what im talking about

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are you a camwhore?

are u eating jelly with a spoon?

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>t. the 25 years blooder

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What is that flag from?

Not him but I think it's pan-african. Right wing nationalist African movement

are you by any chance a serial killer?

how do you feel about it??
your chest looks tense!
are you worried about something?

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what makes you think that?

he's just scurred of your superior setup

kek. OP murdered someone and his thread still failed. what a waste.

Its good

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You are a champ

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pretty shit place for a knife imo

it's clean also the colors in that image are for some reason eerie

this nigga eating beans

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Cheap and dirty just like me :)

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vodka is nice

a) everyone not recognizing the pasta is a goddamn nigger newfaggot
b) kys

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why dontcha show us ur fedora collection as well?

is that tokifuji?

burger king

holy fuck he uses google reverse image search