New kik thread. username, a/s/l, your life's purpose, you know the drill

new kik thread. username, a/s/l, your life's purpose, you know the drill

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27 m USA

kik: kramer1337

Like hearing anons describe the gay experiences they had growing up with their good friends, especially if they involved group experimenting. If you experimented with a group of your friends on sleepovers, campouts, school trips etc. and enjoy talking about it, feel free to message me.



I do loyalty test. Kik me Michaelm38

Kik noggeregott been edging for 2days make me cum. Will trade also

looking for traps or guys sharing candid milf pics

>kik: ThatYellowGuy94
Down to chat, mostly looking for a femanon to send me nudes for whatever reason.

Trading sets on mega
Kik is Skonemaster

Kik idgaflolxd

Cuck here
My gf and her mom
I want them both fucked

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BrandoDean117 I’ve got nothing to trade but if you’ve got porn or pics of your family members, send them my way.

Send me your wife/mom/aunt/etc and I'll tell you what I'd do to them.

Kik is Anonymoose712

Send teens

Let me jerk off to your family. Young daughter sister. Mom aunt cousin niece.



Won’t reply to just “Hey” send me a pic/vid first

I want to see any extreme content. Rape, scat, incest, pizza, etc

32 m mi


Send me whatever you think is hot. Chubby a plus

Hopscotch2020 tell her how much of a slut she is

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Full send, trading, etc.

Aramere for sissy and beta stuff, I share my crush for captions

friendly bump

HMU for gf pics, if ur chill I’ll give u her discord

Sharing wife, send this picture or at least more than just “hey” kik:bmbmcck

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Straight and experienced guy here, up to pretty much anything. Females to the front of course, but I'm open to chat with everyone, from cucks to swingers to loyalty tests, or we can just share our experiences.

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I'm hairy and fat with a small cock.
Wanna fap to your mom's/daughters/gfs/sisters/aunt's etc.
Also into lots of hentai. Send me anything.
And every female/sissy/trap is welcome to send me anything

lookin for tributes of my exes

Kik: expthrowaway

Like exposing girls

Big dicks, cumshots, hot gf trading

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@ mysluttyfiance

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sharing pics of friends for wwyd rates and captions

Send me girls for loyalty tests
Snap and Insta only

Kik: Sayto

I meant Snap and Kik only

Let me give you girls I know Facebook's or instagrams and you send me the pics you like. Dont send just one pic from her page.

Kik fxfxfxfxfx3

wanna rp with a bull, tell me how you used my girl behind my back.

kik veinman93

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Sharing this Indian girl

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Use my gfs body as your pc background, kik anonbroszz

Kik me at yuhyuh1029 to b u y some of these sets

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>buying nudes from a guy
I only buy nudes from girls

Looking for german Girls

Trade: Vid´s / Pic´s / incest / sister / Dauther

Kik : Andre..P

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Add @ BarnacleBoyX *Only Trading*
Send content to receive content !

M 18

Into small dicked fat guys just as me. Send me anything you want tho

Forgot Kik helvete5444

doesnt even respond


Lets chat about our sexual experiences


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Send me whatever


I came on a girl when she was passed out at a party

Sissy who needs to be dominated


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Wanna trade Exes


I need someone to rate and wwyd my cute sis

Kik bigdadscuck

Exposing tiny sluts

25 m bi
Down for whatever, but would appreciate some goth chicks, big dicks, or your girl

what age is she?

Looking for someone to trib my gf.


Cuck roleplay. Role play that you’re fucking my wife or threaten to expose her and blackmail me/us. I’ll supply pics.


Send whatever you want to make me cum


Looking for girls you know, indian girls, KIK sluts.

Looking for someone to jerk off to my girl and cum to her pics.
Kik me alsmith89

Kik anon43333 to see more of my hipster girl sucking and fucking. Would like to trade for OC if you have it!

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Kik longlostlegend91

Dude's a soft lefty beta boy dating this hot piece of ass.

He's got a shit load of white guilt. And he's a beta so he can be pushed around.

Her name is Jenna. They both live in Peachtree Corners, Georgia.

Have fun.

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Smoking a bowl
Let's see your BBWs/milfs/ latinas/black chicks/ Indian chicks/older women/butter face girls/ anything good

Kik is user_Underground


Jerk off to my girl. Degrade me.

tight slut tight ass
please degrade her

I'm doing tributes. Send me something interesting.


Send me your gf/ex/wife
Kik: ehwalnkp

Send me pics of ur girls booty. Thong bikinis are a bonus.


Looking for german Girls

Trade: Vid´s / Pic´s / incest / sister / Dauther

Kik : Andre..P

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42 M Divorced

I love to chat/share with all age, shapes, and size of females, but I chat with anyone.

I'm also an ER nurse and nursing instructor, so healthcare peeps go to the front of the line in awesomeness for me. Make sure you hmu and say hi!

I suppose it cant hurt to mention I'm hung lol

doing tributes, will do anyone i find attractive. feel free to send girls you might not want to post here.
names,face, and nudes are all bonuses


send me any taboo fucked up shit and lets talk. Feet, incest, loli...
kik is zimmertim

nice to see that you stopped mentioning your kids, seeing how they're off limits. took you long enough, retard

Kik me your sluts for a rate/wwyd burner1002

Also looking to trade/share Indiana wins


share me some jerking material.
can do wwyd


30 m Toronto - whenintoronto

ask me all things toronto and canada in general

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Love showing off my small cock

No, I don't think I will. Thanks anyway though

Pls come and cock and cum tribute my gf

Kik me: inneedofbbc9

Since your a leaf your probably the best person to ask so here goes, I need to know which breed of dog is the best to fuck up the ass?

Kik grizzly616 and ill trib your gfs and exs you have nudes of if you don't have nudes dont even bother sending a message

Prefer 18/19
Chubby white girls
Or blacks and latinas

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Send me anything to fap to.
Kik cotolettaalvapore

Jerkymcjerkin80 m/40 fap to my wife


Sharing pics of my slut

looking for tributes
kik: anamiya.99

More of her? I'd love to send him a tribute

Would love to rp about a bull fucking my girl and I have no idea kik j102991

Ffs this degenerate shit is soooooo fucking stupid. We need to kill all the fucking kikes before this shit gets any worse. Next we'll be fucking kids and wondering where it all went wrong

Cuck white guy catfished me by pretending to be a black guy with massive cock, I just wanted to have some fun. :(

Kik: DyingCactusPlant


lets Worship and tribute this insta babe

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19 M Earth


Send me taboo stuff pls

I will give her nudes for free

---> "DangerLinz" is anxiously awaiting

25 M europe
Bull for cucks, pm open any ages


814. Kik jimjub if you recognize her. I want to share her with guys who know who she is

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Looking for people to spread her
Also trading teens

Kik cgbcuck

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26, German, male

Chatting about wife, sharing pics, jerking

33 m usa

kik: holytitties6969

just do your thing anons

Looking for Italians to trade amateurs, but if u have something to trade feel free to Dm Megas welcome!

kk: linksmega24

One hot slut

Well let's see then

kik Kingdomginger for her album

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Kik: epsimore

Send me anything, do your best anons! I may give something nice back if you send good things.


trading estonian girls, add me if you have any estonians and lets exchange

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Test my gf see if she is trust worthy


juan_bar_nas wwyd to my gf and her little sister

Looking for tributes of my wifes face

Kik Bobbailey84

Is that her kik? Or yours?

Robzombi70 looking for someone to send my dick to. Prefer femanon but not fussy.

Kik: merz783
Looking for good jerk material

Anonvik, slut likes big cocks, tributes, and being exposed

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No reply

Show me your sluts for my enjoyment or their exposure

Doesnt look like it

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Kik yuyu301 for no rules invite

She is selling them

Kik johndough987

Looking for nudes of black girls and asians

interesting oc content
Kik xxx18tnx

It's either a larp or she isn't.

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Make my gfs body your pc background and show me, kik anonbroszz

Looking for german Girls

Trade: Vid´s / Pic´s / incest / sister / Dauther

Kik : Andre..P

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No limits trade

She sent that same picture to me

Looking for tributes, cock her and Kik teddywiggins1 for more

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She's gone silent now though. Did you have more luck?

Kik: johnanonanon955
Cum/Cock tributes, wyd, bonus if you have some saved

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Trading sis nudes and other oc

looking for someone to trib my good friend I have no nudes but she's really hot


Looking for someone who would like to share their wife or gf so I can stoke too Kik dodgerfan4200 long term and live pics are a plus. Love all shapes and sizes

Tell me how you’d rape and humiliate my gf. Post her nudes on her Facebook. Best brutal no limits rape story gets more nudes. My kik: jessiecali951

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Cock and Kik teddywiggins1 lots of her

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looking for other creepy perv to share some sluts and maybe more
preferably in canada area


Will caption your sexy pics, nudes preferred aaronhill_55

Trib my bitch
Kik: hhfdbjf

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A MILF her Kik. She is some taboo mother and a cranky bitch. Single mom with a son, too bitchy for me, bet she will like being posted

Kik: Monkeyswillrule, just a blue eyed semi attractive white man in desperate need of a black queen :( message meh.

wow you weren't kidding user already blocked

You again? You fucking larp..quit pretending this indian actress/model is your daughter you faggot

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Temper, temper.

Send me anything to fap to.
Kik cotolettaalvapore
Shameless bump

Send me fap materail, straight, bi gay, traps, shemale, into most things.
Might do captions if requested
Kik sowalard

33 m UK to be exposed tinycocc on kik

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Kik toothoot8888 for more of this slut if you wwyd

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Fuck temper and fuck you pajeet, street shitting-eating food with your dirty hands mother fuck

I seen a bunch of her a while back, looking for them now

Make my gfs body your background and show me, kik anonbroszz

Anybody want to force me to suck cock and be a cuck while making me send photos of my girl?


Kik gregfredgreg

Trib my gf

Kik: inneedofbbc9

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Kik: hhfdbjf

To trib my babe

Send me some .onion links
I'll send cheesy content back.
Kik : BarnacleBoyX

Not op, but found this

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I want to worship big dick like only a little femboy slut can. Just open with your cock, the bigger the better!

Kik is chastitysizequeen

I want to rate and degrade the women you love. Janon9860

Did some digging, looks like op is a larp

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Looking for german Girls

Trade: Vid´s / Pic´s / incest / sister / Dauther

Kik : Andre..P

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can you post a smaller image please

Send me blackmail mega’s

Kik: AlexHarris43321

Looking to fap to your gf or wife if interested Kik dodgerfan4200 I love all women shape and sizes. Long term and live pics are a plus 34/m/Cali

Profile pic looks nothing like pic she sent, idiots

oh my god will you fuck off already


Send your best, your worst, your favorite, your weird. Anything

Looking for cuck rp with Mia khalifa or Dillon Harper! :)


Kik Sierrasuckkks to buy my ex gfs nudes and buttplug video

kik: oasistitty
21, bi, california

she's a cheating nigger loving whore

My booty lol

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27 M VA bi switch
Compare/wager, chat, send me anything, show off.
I'd love to get off work and have some fun waiting for me

Also male

Rate her pussy tell me what you think Theb1797 kik

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Looking for german Girls

Trade: Vid´s / Pic´s / incest / sister / Dauther

Kik : Andre..P

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ghost.155, im a guy, 23, weeb, sub, looking for a mommy kinda person. clinical depression , schizo, sociopath, has suicidal tendencies, hedgehog dilemma, complicated, ptsd, and lots of other shits. 175cm, kinda light beard, light skin, thick eyelashes/eyebrows , fluffy hair kinda.?, kinda thick lips, kinda muscular skinny, nice butt, and idk.

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23 M, let's get started with anybody or anything. What's up? Rob.jones.e for Kik, snap is tony_garret2020

22 m
Love big cocks, dirty talk, sissification

cuck sharing sister (non nude), humiliate and expose me

kik: pantycuck36



42 M Divorced

I love to chat/share with all age, shapes, and size of females, but I chat with anyone.

I'm also an ER nurse and nursing instructor, so healthcare peeps go to the front of the line in awesomeness for me. Make sure you hmu and say hi!

I suppose it cant hurt to mention I'm hung lol

jerking/showing off, send me anything

Kik: anon1475

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21 m bi
goon, completely degenrate, lewd
kik is leastlybeast

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Attached: 3844F349-DCA2-4F37-B8BF-640F1933C879.jpg (539x960, 50K)

Attached: D8DB62D6-E9E5-44F1-8C0F-EE2B807A0EBD.jpg (578x960, 71K)

Attached: F35659A1-F6C8-497A-9D7E-5F8069790810.jpg (485x960, 53K)

Attached: E36075FA-52DE-465B-AD37-52F079F6C91A.jpg (549x960, 56K)

Send me teens 18+


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>red tights
more of those legs/feet

Bisexual whore

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Attached: CCB2E8BD-62D6-4A28-97E9-2EAADF14762B.jpg (539x960, 47K)

23 M Straight

Send me anything, as long as it's not scat, gore, stuff like that

Kik gramrock66

Kik is LLwife

LF some nasty WWYDs for my landlords wife. Will ignore “nice”, or “damn”. Boring replies lol

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Here my dude

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Kik imnotapantyfan

Tiny dick cuck here, looking to compare cocks, be humiliated, and for cock/cum tributes of my gf. Pic related.

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Send me stuff to fap to.




send me rape stuff

I'm still here, comment if you've seen her


Send Me Straight Girls Pics And Vids Please
I Need To Cum!

kik: anamiya.99
looking for tributes my gf

Looking for a couple willing to bring me in on their fun. Long term is a plus Kik dodgerfab4200 age doesn’t not matter


Send me anything, taboo included

Help me edge. DL33445
Love big ass and cute faces


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Holy shit. She's hot af.
Got nudes?

Looking for german Girls

Trade: Vid´s / Pic´s / incest / sister / Dauther

Kik : Andre..P

Attached: (599x1067, 116K)


Kik dodgerfan4200

want a hung bull to trib my ex or to just jerk with in general

kik yungfuhrer

send dick pics to enigmanoise

Attached: 4A55C5A6-0805-4B73-82AD-35AFC0A00021.jpg (2320x3088, 1.03M)

Fake and gay

i’d love for a bull to trib my gf or do wwyd

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F 19
Send me anything

Looking for to chat about whatever you like.


my kik is OneandOnly2595

36 days. Pixelated profile pic. Fake.

Send pics of your chubby/nerdy gf's/exs/wives to Kuloas. Have snap and kik

Need to cum. Send girls to me at leftsticky on kik. Gf, wife, ex, sister, mom, friend, doesn't matter. I'm into everything.

If you have a young daughter or sister you want to share, kik me at bjim7942 No limits.

Show me your gf and watch me jerk off to her.
also bonus points if you send feet pics.
kik: lovejerkingtogfs

Attached: IMG_2021.jpg (640x1259, 102K)

kik: bigbrowncock19

ill wwyd (brutal if u want) any girls u got. love teens, asians/latinas/whites, no lims, rape/violence, everything fucked up.

kik: gtgashina


Bi chubby guy here. Into pretty much everything. Down to chat, swap pics, share porn etc. Would love to watch you get off ultimately, as that's what gets me off. M or F welcome and appreciated! Let me know what you're into :)


Attached: Screenshot_20191006-000437.png (676x1067, 1.11M)

kik morningpoop
24/M/US asian guy femanons hit me up

Send cucks, trade teens, send your family members
Kik masluts69

Looking for Anons to make captions on my wife's pics
KIK - Slider_715

Attached: 2.jpg (750x1000, 82K)

Looking for bbc to tell me how they would use my gf. Omega2200

Attached: Screenshot_20191201-013759_Snapchat.jpg (1080x2220, 1.02M)


Degrade me and tell me what a cock thirst whore I am. Dick pics more than welcome~

Attached: received_1594448164159202.jpg (960x720, 68K)

Cuck my small cock

Attached: F72EE4B3-3EB6-43BF-842B-23A739C4729F.png (750x1334, 1.94M)

Message Gatorr99. Dick pic in exchange for my gfs tits.

Kik TheJoker317 if femanon and down to sext back and forth. Or if have Asian to trade.

Attached: e12b2f2a-e2fc-4d0f-8dd4-9f0652d13434 (1).png (720x960, 545K)


Anyone wanna tell me how ugly I am?

Attached: Screenshot_20190412-210016_Snapchat.jpg (720x1280, 598K)

Guy pretending to be a girl

That's what I was thinking to.

JackBullet, 30m, looking for fem with large clits or labia for me to worship


Anyone interested in sharing their wife or gf with me Kik dodgerfan4200 I love all shapes and sizes of women. Long term is a plus

Up for anything

Jerkin to your stuff


No response.

Anyone in MA?
20/M looking for anyone with a nice ass prefer to be feminine


My kik is Lordyhey

I like hearing canons talk about fucking my little sister and using her body however they like. No limits except scat

Attached: 20190813_000807-1.jpg (3024x4032, 902K)


USA wins discord ,,

Thinking about taking pictures of my girlfriend when she's changing. Anyone else do this?

Kik: alina.bolshov
Write me for trading:
Teens (especially voyeur, beastiality, group or public)


Tell me what you’d do to my girlfriend

29M Germany

Kik grizzly616 and ill trib your gfs and exs you have nudes of if you don't have nudes dont even bother sending a message

Prefer 18/19
Chubby white girls
Or blacks and latinas.

Attached: 20200121_172615_1.gif (656x368, 1.14M)


ill rate your gf honestly

Trade/send arkansas wins _harrisonFord

Lets chat about our sexual experiences


Spam this dumb slut with dick pics and fucked up porn. She'll try to hide it but it gets her wet as fuck

Kik me if you wanna share your sluts.
Wives, gfs, friends, daughters im game for anything really

Still active

I like showing my cock
I don't need anything in return, but teens and lolis are nice


Straight M. Love sharing/talking about all cum related stuff.

Kik noggeregott been edging for 2days make me cum. Also trade

Looking for a dog fucker to let me watch. Kik is rhk1999

Reply to this with your kik if you have girls you want to see nude and know their snaps.

If you wanna bm somebody drop your kik


Attached: FG20190801-05.jpg (768x1280, 85K)

I’m a cuck. Ask questions
My wife will be reading these.

Or kik crazyoleray i like oc women only

Attached: Screenshot_20200207-163923_Kik.jpg (1080x2220, 381K)

Want to show off your gf or wife
Kik me

Send porn

Looking for really fucked up stuff, idc no limits jas9496

Want me to rate?

Show me your fucked up stuff.

Show me your gf too.

Will repay with nudes of a girl who just started a dive from innocent to slutty.



i'm up to rate and tribute..
KIK: wanturjuice_

23 m or

just some dude

send me some girls to use as a phone background. all welcome.


Someone kik my gf curious to see how she’ll respond



Exposing a hot thot

Prove she's your girl

pic of us together

Attached: 0CCD9AB2-D8D8-4860-845F-7A9A09662F41.jpg (3840x2160, 1.32M)


I want to see any extreme content. Rape, scat, incest, pizza, etc

I’ll bm. Kik is jajck42. I’m open to anything if somebody wants to pm

Send me your girls flashing/naked in public and ill trade


Make me cum to anything you want

Kik denden430

Kik: rhynowarrior45 send me whatever

Lookin for chubby sluts and big tits

got her tits already

Prove it

i need to cum real har send me anything female Gf, wife, ex, sister, mom, friend, doesn't matter
taboo shit is more than welcome too. Even good hentai if you have



If anybody wants to send me some high-quality content

She hasn't read mine yet lol


looking for femanons mostly but will trade if u have something good

Kik Sissykate72

Lets just talk and see what happens, prefer females, but whatever, who cares

Because it's a dude you dummy


gf sharing pics of herself, tell her what you want to see in the msg, kik is alizslt.


Vay shit hehe 23 bi
Show me those juicy cocks


Stroking so feed me your girl/sisters/daughters or just send me porn

Need to cum quick. Into almost anything



Trib my gf

Kik: inneedofbbc9

Attached: 7a77036def9d4fddb664aef9af45b6bf.jpg (576x768, 55K)

Kik hellalit556
Sharing my sis for you to stroke it to
Appreciate tributes

Attached: 80822149_162797748388687_3404185758282150454_n.jpg (720x1280, 186K)

musical_cow I might be doing tributes