Best methods and locations to meet and date asian girls?

Best methods and locations to meet and date asian girls?

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Step 1. Find chingchong bitch
Step 2. Ask her if she wants to go karaoke
Step 3. Start playing music, make sure volume is on MAX
Step 4. Rape her, nobody will hear her cries for help because loud music
Step 5. ???
Step 6. Profit

asian massage parlors

tinder you dumb nigger. did you steal the computer you're using?

China, seriously. Go for a few weeks to a month, use tinder, most of the chicks there are looking for something serious. Sichuanese girls are super nice and the food is great. Just don't be a stupid English teacher kind of fat retard and you'll be fine.

I second that !

Don't listen to this idiot. Chinese girls are some of the most conservative out there. Go to Philippines or Indonesia instead. You'd think those Indo girls would be super conservative, but behind closed doors they're animals.

kinda true but not really... they are only freaks for the money, went to Manila last month and paid $50 for 5 hours with a "hooker" she was actually a milf I found at the local street mart and asked her if she was down to make some extra money


Chinese girls take dating so fucking seriously.

Every Asian chick I’ve dated was this way. They have no idea how to relax when dating someone.

live in Asia for a few years.
the ones you'll meet overseas 9/10 will be 2nd gen ie: spoilt rich white girls who look like asian girls.

Get one who has studied abroad, they are pretty cool about stuff.

Indos/peenoise are schizoid caveniggers

Well, I don't know, but I do know that most asian women are fet up of being fetishised.

ive had the feeling this would be the case.

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i was a yellowfever virgin 9 months ago, this is how i did

>live in city with 3mil population
>make tinder account
>upload nice image of myself
>spend an entire 3 weeks swiping only asian girls
>end up fucking 3 asian girls in 1 months time
>mind is still blown and going to do it again after i save up more monies for going out

i feel bad for rural/small town people if they desire an asian girl, citylife is best life

this sounds like a fantastic idea

Method? be white lollllllllllll

Wouldnt that just get you a bunch of asian sluts instead of a non-whore?

pics? was she hot? did you get any other girls while there?

Ahh welcome to the club non virgin. How are you enjoying the non virgin life?

everything feels wonderful and new again, life is much brighter and i feel so happy with lots of energy and strong confidence. having sex truly changes a sad life into a great one. i am so powerful, everyone thinks im more imporant now. my job performance and charm increased and im making +3 more an hour than 10 monhs ago. i feel truly awful for virgins, they dont understand, they have an idea of how good they can feel by having sex, but until you lose virginity, youll have no clue how it really feels. for people who are still virgns especially 19+ yearolds, how do you manage t make it through the day? im sure youre miserable and loney. real sad life you virgins have. sex is so much more than you think.

Japan, china, india etc.
Posible a "china town" like area.

Anyone have luck in somewhere like Singapore or Taiwan? Would love to hear stories and tips.

this literally sounds like what a virgin would think being a non-virgin feels like.

this is what someone who is lying (about everything) sounds like.

>Indos/peenoise are schizoid caveniggers
spoken like someone who's never actually been there
flip girls know how to suck it down like a pro

As the development of a country goes up, so does the "westerness" of the girls there. For example, being more demanding about looks, money, drama, etc.
Japan, Taiwan, Singapore are some of the most developed countries in Asia, and the girls there reflect that. Unless you're extremely attractive and a smooth operator to boot, you're not getting laid there unless you promise to get married or fork over a lot of cash.
Girls from the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand tend to be easier to get, more authentic, and don't generally come with a lot of baggage.
China and Vietnam are a little strange outliers in the sense that they're probably the most conservative countries in Asia, so dating culture as we tend to think of it doesn't really exist there.

go to the rice store.

Buy lots of rice


>bags of sand