Built for BBC

Built for BBC.

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As a black man I approve of this thread

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She looks built for it for sure

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Imagine her trying to deepthroat a bbc

Fuck! A fat cock would look amazing in her mouth! More of her?

I imagine it daily.

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Do check onlooker

She your wife? Gf?

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any interest?

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I’d love to see a huge cock destroy those cute white little butt cheeks

Fuck. She is built for that bbc

I'd almost rather fuck her BF
She's a spoilt little bitch

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She needs a bbc to fuck the spoilt out of her.

This thread is a pathetic display of shit posting kys

What about her friends?

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Left or right?

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Left for sure

No black girls of course. Racist fuck


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needs it bad

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Fit for the cock?

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This pawg needs it rough from a gang of blacks

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Yes she does..


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who is she? shes hot as fuck post more please ass and feet

They’d abuse her thick white body

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More body??

Looks like I’ve found my first fap of the day..

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I’m interested

Cum for her

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Got discord or kik?

Kik johnadams4333

Ideal skin for bbc?

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Sweet nerdy girl


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How do you think she'd be used?

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Thick as fuck


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Hmm maybe she knows how to ride? That be nice to see thoughts on her?

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She would definitely be a good slut for bbc

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Perfectly thick

Wow she’s gorgeous. More legs user

She needs to be stuffed with cock

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I figure she will tutor some black inner city teens , who will go and steal the nudes off her phone. Of course, she will agree to anything to keep them quiet. Anything

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She really does. Her hips and thighs are insane

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Fuck I’m throbbing for her

Mmm. So fuckable

more of her ass

Her pigtails would make good handles to make sure the BBCs would go all the way into her throat, whether she liked it or not

I like the way you think. There'd be nothing she wouldn't do to attempt to preserve her reputation

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What do you would happen to her?

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Cute braid

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Anyone on kik? Send girls to chat or roleplay about them getting blacked.

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Imagine the horny boys demanding to see her tits, so she obliges and lifts her shirt to flash them. Then they demand to see her pussy. They would probably fuck her right there, but she will insist they meet at her apartment that night. Of course, the boys will insist that she answer the door wearing just a thong. Poor nerdy white girl will be in over her head.

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She would be gang banged by 10 bbcs, they would spank her, choke her, brutally fuck her and fill every one of her wholes, leaving her impregnated

Dose she know she’s got a scrumptious booty?

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Built to service cock

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They'd definitely be bringing more than just their cocks to put in her. She'd be so delusional from the stretching out of her pussy by random objects that she wouldn't even realize when they started filming

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Anything else?
I believe she does

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Kik mysluttyfiance

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Fuck. Please have disc or kik user

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I do have discord, but drop yours.

Any more booty?

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I would like to see her getting facefucked unt she would be choking and crying. Other men would fuck her pussy and ass during it. She would be fucked without mercy and would need to take all those cocks.

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Any pics from behind?


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Any like the one on the pool?

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I assume they would assert their dominance by taking beer right out of her fridge, drinking it, and forcing the empty bottles into her pussy. They would tell her that if she dropped it, her punishment would be bad. Of course, once they start whipping her white body with her own belts, she might lose focus and drop it


After they started whipping her she'd drop the empty beer bottle from her pussy. They'd grab a bottle of cheap wine from the counter, open it and force it into her mouth. They'd plug her nose and force her to chug it or suffocate. Afterwards they'd force the empty bottle into her pussy

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after their older nerdy tutor has been reduced to a sobbing drunk mess, and they have plenty of video, the boys will insist on losing their V cards to their nerdy white slave. Good girls like her don't take birth control, so she will try to dissuade them from using her pink tight pussy. "Don't you want my lips around your cocks?" She will ask them. Of course, they will all interpret that as an offer to roughly throat fuck her.

Promising booty

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more !

Any bikini of her?

Damn... she looks stupid AF with that silver hair.

She starts to take the first cock into her mouth, but she's too slow so the boy just grabs the back of her head and forces himself into her. Using her skull as leverage he vigorously fucks her throat as she gags and struggles for air. After what seems like an eternity to her he finally empties his balls in her throat, but before she can even begin to recover the second boy takes his turn. Her world begins to fade into blackness as she can't breathe while being throat fucked by bbc. The last thing she remembered was a cockhead pressing against her pussy lips

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GIRL LIVE YOUR LIFE TO THE FULLEST. challenge some shit. have fun. what else is there to do except ....... well i dunno

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She needs clean white cock.

pretty white girls need bbc

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Pretty eyes

There is no way they are going to let her pass out. She will think its over when the last boy shoots his load down her throat, but she is still thinking like these are white college boys.

Instead by the time the last one finishes, the first one will be hard again. He drags her to her bedroom and throws her lean, pale body onto the bed.

"put...on...condom...can't have...black..baby" the half passed out girl mutters. The boys will laugh. "Hear that? She wants a black baby"

She always dreamed of the moment when she and the man she loves would unite and make new life, but instead that moment is her and an underage, abusive black boy. He lines his bbc up with her pussy, mocking her for how wet it is despite her pleas that she doesn't want it. Finally, he thrusts into, moaning to his friends how tight she is. He hammers her white pussy with abandon, not caring at all for her pleasure. She experiences her first unwanted orgasm, and soon after, a hot load of potent cum floods into her pussy. She sobbs as she feels it enter her fertile womb, conquering her.

wuzzup biiatch.,,,,,?

bia pls telllme u did not go out in that OMG

She sobs all night long as bbc after bbc deposits their load into her fertile womb. Anytime she comes close to passing out she is backhanded across the face. She can do nothing but dread her future as a single mother with a half black baby

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wanna see some thugs use her up

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She dresses like that to impress black men

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The boys will make it clear that she will continue to be their sex slave as long as they want, and if she stops, or gets an abortion, they will not only leak the videos, but file child exploitation charges against her.

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She'll do her best to keep going as a tutor, but with the boys insisting on fucking her every class she will eventually be fired because of their poor performance

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wow. what is you have?

what an ass on her. Saving the best for last?

She does have an amazing ass, here's the last one I've got

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Sure no nudes but got lots of pics

Could this tanned thick slut handle them?

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