What’re you doing this morning ?

What’re you doing this morning ?

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Nice pussy
More ?

cleaning my office, it's a fucking mess

Waiting for my pre shift meeting to start.

About to go to bed, third shift sux

I am about to go to bed. I can't wait to fuck my first puss of 2020 that isn't the ex.

Show her asshole

preparing for a great great coom, then smoking a cig and working a few hours.

what ciggies?

Smelling panties

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Whos? More pls

Pall Malls.

Preparing to smoke heroin

meant for


Jerking off, then I'm gonna study for my Physical Chemistry Quiz. After that I'm going to take that quiz.

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Not having sex with underage girls or posting child porn on the internet. You?


Hoping you post more

I'm on my way home from my shitty 3rd shift truck driving job. Back to my lonely little townhouse. Divorced 53 yr old lonely loser here. Haven't been laid in 3 years

On my way to work user what else