Anyone ever get any matches on tinder/bumble? been using for about 2 weeks with no luck

anyone ever get any matches on tinder/bumble? been using for about 2 weeks with no luck

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not a single match in 2 weeks?

Nope, I'm not terrible looking and ive used decent photos, even one of me and my dog

Don't swipe right on every hole. Tinder treats you as a bot if you do.

show us you tinder profile

Yeah, i've had matches, it's rare tho that those matches actually lead to something cause most girls tend to be so fucking STALE to talk too, fucking sucks having to lead everything, these hoes gotta step their fucking games up

I don't. probably swipe right on like 70 percent of the time
and okay will post in next few posts

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I'm even visiting another country right now, shouldn't i be slaying some strange rn Cred Forums?

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Only sluts still use that app.

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well i guess im a slut

A filthy bottom dwelling slut

Using Tinder for past 4yrs.
At most,3-4 matches,messages sent,no reply.
Message Tinder explaining situation.
Suddenly,a case of ‘Oops,you missed a match!’.
Too much of a coincidence,in my mind.
Tinder as well as others are a known scam.

you sound like an entitled fuck

You have to be 18 to post here.

i think its more so heavily dominated by very attractive dudes as girls have a lot more choice on dating apps

Cursing isn't allowed on this board

You look like a massive faggot

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What happened to your face?

be gone cuck

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you're not a bad looking dude, and your dog is cute. i don't know what to tell you, bud.

change your profile picture to this and watch that pussy roll in

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I fell into a giant vat of acid whilst being pursued by the batman

holy shit dude, can you send a version with just the picture

use ms paint

Kek based, this will guarantee lots of 10/10 pussy

This is why you are single. Lazy tit.

thank you for blessing my thread with this

listen buddy im a chef not an artist

What's the dogs name cunt?

I'm going to hit you with the truth. You're not attractive enough for tinder. Girls using it are in their most vapid and superficial and there are some really good looking dudes on there that probably come close to outnumbering the amount of women. Just work on approaching women in person.

ramses the one eyed bastard

Post the bands you have listed on your profile.

ik but you think id still get at least one match though right?

I know in reality most chefs just follow recipes and its basically manual work, nothing more
But i still think a good chef that cooks his own creations is an artist
Also, how did you get the idea for the picture user :3
>some user had the idea and made it on a Turkmenistanian donkey breeding forum
>normal pictures are so boring so i spend a few minutes in ms paint
What sounds better?

aphex twin
danny brown

Cred Forums leave me alone

you got any more pics of the dog

if theres one thing ive learned its that stacies love when you talk about Cred Forums threads you've posted in

just delete the app. you’ll feel much better when you do. ive been able to pull 9/10 qts irl, but on tinder and bumble, i’ve only pulled a 6.5/10 at best. you have to be a gigachad to even compete

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I think ur cute, just no tinder cute
add more shit to ur bio but u kinda give the school shooter vibes


what's wrong with having money you pederast

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fuck, what exactly gives off those vibes

Thank you for the pic.
i'd match with you just to pet the dog.

on tinder?? I pull hoes like sardines
you don't even have to be a chad to pull 10's
just know how to talk and get a bitch horny enough to fuck. protip they're all submissive sexually

thanks buddy, heres another

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listen mr. redpill. how am i supposed to neg girls without them matching

>Shaved head
>dead eyes
>no fucking style
>just a tip get a white shirt and black pants, it'll do wonders for you.
>in ur bio add that you'll cook for these hoes and flaunt your wealth if you got it .
>if your poor fake being rich

> ur trying to get laid not find a a soulmate

Ok OP. Time for some tough words. You are pretty fucking ugly. That first picture of you is terrible. The dots all over your face, the disgusting haircut, and honestly..... the dog looks disgusting as fuck. And it's funny, because you and the dog have striking similarities! All your facial features are bulbous. Bulbous is not attractive.

The rest of the pictures show that you are a loser with no friends. The picture with MM proves it.

The hair is gay as fuck as well.... in the MM pic.

You need to go into the poor-white areas of your city and talk to girls in real life. Those are the girls for you. Lower-class whites/rednecks.

youre either a normalfag or a larper

don't even neg them, but use the boost feature, like 12 will match with you, then you just talk them up and ask sooner than later to meet up, and get dat ass

women don't care about looks, they only care about confidence and personality.

if you can be 1. funny and 2 have confidence, you can fuck ANY woman on earth.

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>actually thinking negging works
you've never seen a vagina have you

>different approach for different hoes

Nigger he can't get matches. That's why I said go out in real life. You're not much of a thinker, are you?

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> Don't care about the looks
Biggest lie of all time

no i was more mocking him, he sounds like he runs a pickup artist YouTube

No, the fucking DOG is a chef. You're the artist.

you're only pulling drunk 8's though, irl sober women would say NO to you.
so you're like OP. maybe you should try the "boost" feature, too.

and just try talking to women like human beings, I don't know why you feel the need to "neg" women and be abusive, that shit doesn't work. have some personality, be funny, be sexy, and fuck the dogshit ouf of them.

and NEVER settle for a 8 when you can have a 10.

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Lmao op thinks hes good looking.

Lets show him guys profiles who are blue eyed fireman and green eyed pilots.... then a couple of guys who played college sports who use photos of them at bat or scoring a goal.

Lmao...... ur nothing kid. Open your eyes and your dogs eye. Ur alone and literally doing nothing in those pics.

Yeah got 8 matches on tinder.
Bumble is pretty trash only got 4.
Try having better photos.
Have your bio be like two words that describe you and one personality thing like if you have a pet or something.

Looks get you the audition, then the rest has to earn the part.

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lemme send ur pic to a girl and see what she thinks

okay so you are literally retarded. got it.

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Bumble is way more stringent with their rules. The girls on there legitimately are looking for relationships, or at least that was the main sell of the app, as opposed to Tinder.

I got banned from Bumble for using some random model's photos and trolling girls. It was so fun while it lasted. :(

a photo's nothing when someone can go up to a woman and talk to her, make her laugh, be endearing, go get drinks, go back to house, watch the sun go down, eat the pussy and get up in her colon.

Over two years of using tinder
Never got any match

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bumble's for feminists, gays and trannies.

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funny. In my city, Indianapolis, I make a bumble account every 4 or 5 months. THE GIRLS NEVER CHANGE. They are there forever because they are that fucked up. I hate flipping through the same 500 girls only to realize that if they aren't getting taken off the market, I'll never see the new! And most of them are so fucking fat or ugly.... Indianapolis has the WORST selection when it comes to girls. They are mostly all farm animals

that's fucking hilarious

post ur pic pussy
you gotta be a beauty

not even fat chicks?

I'm serious, and i tried any advice. Switching pictures every week or so, trying different approach in description.
But my face is weird looking and I guess it scares off anyone really


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psh yeh I bet ur fat fag post urs

Kek. The grips that I’ve seen on that are pretty nice.
Average body type.
They can actually hold a conversation.
Only a couple of them were fucking disgusting.

Okay so in summary heres what i need to do to get tinder matches
be less ugly
be a firefighter
delete tinder
buy tinder boost
hit on drunk women

... Pics of the actual farm animals then? =]

how large is the population of your city?
and how varied are your hobbies?
also age?

Not a single soul

Pic related

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Nope, kinda just gave up on the app's, and hit the bars/clubs

you look like you would rape people without hesitation

fuck man you look like more of a murderer than me the op

go out with your friends to a bar or something, get pictures with them of you smiling and being sociable in a group

Join now before it's too late

firefighters are fags, shallow women want to date a uniform.

looks don't matter
tinder or not, you'll find someone

boost may help

just make sure you're both not too drunk. things get blurry in those situations.

damn.... you're workable. A diamond in the rough. Unfortunately, I doubt you ever had the vision to see it, and therefore you have that pedo-look. Wispy facial hair, a moles-tache, and no "look" to your hair. It's just there on top, where hair is supposed to be. Yet nothing about it that makes it special. You need to do a power move to impressive the girls. It's called "an hero" and you are quite capable of it if you set your mind to it

u french?
what ur ethnicity?
tbh u have nice features but u give a fucked up vibe like u rape and murder chicks.
maybe get a haircut and smile more kek

deadass not bad looking

you're a handsome dude. you'll have no problem.
are you confident in yourself?

don't EVER listen to someone's advice, who also uses the word "deadass" unironically

parlevois fages?

go out and get photos with friends, or get your friends to take photos of you doing shit, like normal fun shit, at a carnival or something fun/travel idk man.


I'd pound you out, you have DSL's.

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>Clean your house
>You're wearing a bathrobe
>You look like a serial killer
>Your dog looks like the dog of a serial killer

I don't fuck with dating apps at all.

Nothing turns a woman on more than a dude with strange hair posing by a gas pump

u look like ur about to cry?

r u fucking okay?

>tiny biceps
>low-end art
>hair not cut
>jew nose
>doodoo eyes
>cheap kitchenware
>weak facial features


would not bang.

I mean, c'mon, you're wearing a shirt of Marilyn Manson taking a shit. I don't understand how you're not slaying pussy as we speak

I'm actually the nicest thing...

I dont go out often enough, when I do we usually don't take pictures...

I'm indeed french, how do you know?
French origins too

I had a rough time but I'm getting better with myself lately


Plus the heels comment makes him seem like a tranny

That's great, your confidence and love in yourself will reflect in your personality I think. People see that, and it's an all-around attractive personality feature. (I think it's hot when a woman is legitimately confident in herself)


Tinder is garbage, man. It's supposed to be hookups & it's overrun with chicks looking for relationships. I was hoping it'd make picking up chicks a bit easier than the typical bar scene... it was just as much work with pretty much no return.

well this pic worked, got 3 matches in thr last 10 minutes

sad truth for EVERY MALE about tinder...

>t . PUAtard

get some bootski

pic or didn't happen

Used Badoo in Minsk and got like 10 in the first day.
Met 3 irl and fucked, unfortunately, just one. :(

i.e., your ugly got it thx by

>t. Incel

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Never used Tinder. I assume I should stay away?

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> lrn2photo
> real men don't smile
> otherwise probably high 8 or 9

also you guys aren't women why are you all not posting full body shots? stop with the selfie shit

you should stay away from the internet in general and school yards as well.

it's like you selected random when generating a face.

I wouldn't even fuck you and my standards are low, I'd fuck your dog though

OP. you look fucking retarded. So does your dog. Lose the dog pic, in fact delete the profile. Grow some hair and keep it the natural color. Stop buying clothes at hot topic, try van husen or something. Dress like an adult. Get new pictures in the new clothes and try again.

hey dudes - i'll throw down with you clowns - how am i for tinder?

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Yeah your fucking hair sucks ass, no girl wants that. Are you a virgin OP?

ah. a gay saying he wouldn't "fuck me". the end of the world.

I'm not a gay :>

Remember.... Bitches are great somtimes. Snuggles are great sometimes. But money and fun are relaxation are great all the fucking time. U get that confidence then u get them hoes. DONT PUT THE PUSSY ON THE PEDESTAL. it will bite u. Always leave the chicks wanting more. This is a game my bredda. Play well

look like the Lenard fag from big bamg theory.

Shampoo you hair and take care of your facial hair. Jesus the fucking picture smells. Learn to dress better.

Just stick to the feminist land whales you orbit already.

I'm 40 years old and overweight and I get a new match every single day. Post photos of you doing fun shit. Post pics with you and your friends having fun. I always post hiking pics, party pics, group photos of people smiling. A photo of you standing next to a gas pump screams "school shooter". Girls don't want some loner creep who listens to Marilyn Manson.

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>Be alcoholic
>Be addicted to weed, cocaine
>Damages intestines multiple times a week with BBC dildoes
>>>Ohhh, no, I'm healthy. I only eat locally grown organic fruits and vegetables

I do well on Tinder.

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are you chris gardocki's brother? he's a birdturd

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u meant grindr

where did this gay or tranny go?

Look up how to make a decent tinder profile. Works all the time. Had plenty of matches by doing so

It looks like grindr might be more your thing

he looks like the Walmart version

yeah man

If you are less than an 8 or a 9, then Tinder and Bumble is a waste of your time.
Like I know pretty decent looking dudes who get almost no matches, women are just way more selective than dudes, and those apps reinforce that more than any others I have tried.
More success with OKCupid, or Hinge.

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i feel fucking terrible for your organs..
Poor things covered in visceral fat

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Ahh. That's your problem user... Your fuckin' hideous... Jesus

Very true.Also most girls are there to collect matches,thereby justifying to themselves that they’re attractive,which they may well be,but they’d get matches anyway,so in a way proving to themselves what others already know,in that they are attractive.
Such is the female mentality/insecurity.

no one really dates. it's just for validation. even if you get a chicks snap, you just end up looking through their stories 90% of the time.

Ooohhhh honey come look at THIS post. This one has more edge than I've ever seen, would you just LOOK at the glimmer coming off of it? Mmph we just HAVE to get one and show the Vittoria's this weekend.

>no one really dates. it's just for validation
Eh, I'd say that's just mostly true.
There are genuine girls on there looking for genuine relationships.
Don't get me wrong, its still like playing the lottery.
But just like the lottery, you can't win if you don't play.

> Such is the female mentality/insecurity
> Speaking nothing about the male insecurity which is rampant and gets thrown under an avalanche of bullshit more and more

if you're having a hard time on tinder, you're like just starting out in the world of women and sex (ie dating). you're clearly too thirsty, and need to settle down. go to a bar, and start talking to women randomly. you'll be knee-deep in pussy. it's just human nature. unless you're a wallflower, but even then a woman will probably pull your dumbass home and suck your soul out.



Thanks for the advice brother, but I am fine in that regard.
Its just Tinder specifically that doesn't work well for me.
Possibly a worse experience from being in a very large metropolitan area? Because I know you can only match with people who have happened to swipe on you as well, and obviously the more people in your area the less chance of 2 people seeing and swiping right on each other.

I can empathize re large metropolitan area. it's tough to date in a big city. you still just have to get out with friends, or even alone and talk to people.

Find random dogs and take pics with them and make all your pics u and dogs itll be a lot easier

Good ol b

Gettin' no matches :(

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show cock

when the obvious fact is regarded as an EdGy jOkE

man or woman

with women or men?
you should give up on women


No i need women, don't care about boys :(

What is your manhunt profile?

answer this question; would you fuck yourself?
you look unhygienic. the background is shit. The clothes are shit. don't take profile pictures, it makes you look like a caveman.

I think long hair, pink sweater, painted nails, ducklips and pony shirt are throwing people off.

women are thinking "hey lesbian, yum!", and some men are thinking "hey trap, yum", and you're thinking "gosh why is no one even clicking "like"?

it's very difficult to date with gender dysphoria and when you're gay or bisexual on a straight dating app

hang in there!

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are you taking the piss? you look gross and feminine

>it's tough to date in a big city
Which is stupid because you'd think it would be easier with the plethora of people
Yeah I can meet girls at like bars or clubs, that's fine for like fwbs or 1 nighters, but like, I don't want to date a girl who is into bar hopping and clubbing, because I honestly hate those places.
And I am now at the point in my life where random hookups don't interest me that much anymore.

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would you fuck me? I'd fuck me.

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Girlhunt >:(

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You are a man, but are you seeking a woman or a man?
What are you looking for, hookups or dating?
And what kind of person are you looking for?

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Try another dating app

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I'd fuck me SO hard

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Attached: IMG_20200207_141340.jpg (1080x1741, 351K)

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That's not my everyday look
I'm 100% straight boi

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I'm 100% with you. I don't even know how to respond, because like you I can get ass for days, but when it comes to meeting someone worthwhile, I'm lost. It's impossible, and I live in a city where everyone's an asshole, super stuck up (I don't think I'd want to be in a relationship with most of them).

what's your manhunt?

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I used to but it sucks so now I just show titties and sometimes sell nudes to people willing to spoil me on paypal. Also Tiramisu.girl on kik btw.

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Jesus fucking christ, dating apps aren't exactly rocket science.

If your face isn't atleast a 9, compensate with dressing well and by having a witty bio with personality.

I'm barely a 6/10 but hooked up with 9's at best by not being totally socially retarded and not looking like a creeper in my pics.

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that's a cute fucking dog dude, fucking apologize to the dog

"shamera" -- she's likely there for the duration of gitrell's prison sentence, waiting him out.


>, but when it comes to meeting someone worthwhile, I'm lost
Its a numbers game man, just keep that in mind always.
There are awesome girls out there, but you gotta just plow through the droves of the boring basic bitches.
Also, being willing to move somewhere opens up a lot of options. In the scope of how big the world is, there is a good chance that a few perfect matches live in another state/country/continent.
Obviously this is not something everyone can do, it depends also on how much of a priority you want to place on it.

yeah I bet gays are all over you

holy fuck that's funny

How many fucking diapers she got on???

we're all friends here, since you SEEM NICE let's take look at some vageen, tits and butthole pls

Attached: dat boi.gif (220x367, 48K)

hook-ups only hahahahah

do people really pay to see tits?

Women, dating
Some girl that gets me and love me !

"girlhunt", I'd be terrified you were the next zodiac killer with that name
you poor dear, I want to hug you and run at the same time

Kik me fren

No i wouldn't. There is nothing interesting about you. Again you aren't the best looking. You don't look friendly in any of your pictures. you honestly look like you would rape a girl if she rejected you. you look like an incel. especially with the t-shirt.

What kind of girl do you want to attract?

I mean let's tri 2 b nyce pls

Your dog looks dead and wearing a bath robe - a definite no no.... Shave, put on a shirt and have a friend take photos of you looking at the camera - smile if your teeth aren't manky and take photos in a park with the dog not showing his face.

Shutup nigger

i'm sorry, i was trying to be honest

Yeah, just approach someone IRL and hypnotize her or something.

absolutely based

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Shut the fuck up THOT

i'm not him, who are you? I'm just some baaaaaad mutha

pls leave the dag alone, OP and dag are fine

no timestamp, it's a dude

No word of a lie, I've had better luck finding someone on Cred Forums.
Dating sites are trash.


good for you. How much have you made?

is that what kids are calling date rape drugs now?

that's not ur bizness.

Couple hundred last month. Also that's me lmao

Attached: IMG_20191021_164134.jpg (1840x3264, 1.26M)

Do they ask for confirmation it is you?

Sometimes yes I just take a pic even if I'm not wearing any makeup lol

I think that the problem lies in the fact that those pictures are "cool" for male viewers and not intended for a generic female one.

I have a chipped tooth and decaying tooth in the back. I don't smile, I sure I can't get anything anywhere.

Real question for those that use tinder or other dating apps but mostly tinder. Would it be well recieved to put a half naked pic (taken by a girl after sex) where I am all bleeding and cut up if I am into s&m and would want to meet someone with similar interests, or would it be better to put somethibg like 'sadomasochist' in the description? I'm pretty buff if that matters.

Honest criticism:
Get the hair out of your face, it's not cute its cringey
Weird facial expressions can be funny, but when the person is only seeing like 4 pictures of you before deciding if they want to match, this is not the place for that
Basically that you have to remember that this is an ad, an ad for selling you. Make it the best it can be. Professional photos of yourself can go a LONG way. Its all about getting her attention and interest, and then going from there.
Getting a match and then getting her engaged in the convo at all is the HARDEST part by far.

he looks like a loser.

women like the personality, and the cock. just trust me okayyyyy

I bet you just sent the matches "Hey"
Get some personality or lrn2B creative you fucking mouth breather

That's not true, he's got a job, he does a cool sport (temperature at least) and has a dog. Way better than loser imo.


Attached: 1580934220874.jpg (720x524, 20K)

Would bang.

BINGO when guys say
"hey" to me I delete them instantly. have some ingenuity, be creative or fuck off incels

He looks like a loser because he looks like a pussy in his pictures. Gotta show confidence in pics. Bitches love confidence.

i'm kinda deaf so this is actually true

Attached: sides in orbit.gif (201x200, 81K)

I'd probably let her crap on my tummy.

Can you give an example of confidence? More smiles?
I'd also add better quality pictures, they look like frames from a compressed video.

show your teeth like a dominant Silverback Gorilla when you smile, they love teeth

Gay af

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It would work better if women weren't so damn shallow and would live in reality.
Basically you got 5s who think they're 8s and have the personality to get a 9

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I'll show you my asshole for 20€

But being serious and professional is not me
I'm selling me, not lies

I'll make you not want to kill yourself for $20

You ugly and ur dog ugly too.
Just get a hooker or a massage. Otherwise lower your standards irl

crap on a plate timestamped for 25E

say HI Cred Forums boys! cash paid on completion

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I'll try to post some pictures. I'm not the best looking guy, but I have a 82% fuck rate on the first date



Found the in...

Yeah you're right. I started finding this chubby asian girl with a big mole on her face attractive just because of how much we'd cross paths, then one time I saw her in leggins and got so fucking hard.

Would a woman find a man attractive because of familiarity and because he wore something else? Doubt it.

82% is pretty low tbh

I didn't say serious and professional, I said a professional photo, as in go to a place that takes pictures and take an actually nice picture of yourself.
> I'm selling me, not lies
Never said you were, but lying and just showing your best angled self, are two different things.
Anyway man, believe what you want, but appearance on Tinder is the single most important thing.
Not just looks, but how you present yourself in general. Also, once you meet and actually connect with someone, the shit on your profile doesn't matter, unless you like just bald faced lied about shit, or used pictures of someone else.
But if you'd rather keep the cringey photos because they seem more genuine, by all means.
You have seen how well that works.

you're doing it wrong faggot.white shirt, smile portrait shot. rn you look like a 30 yo zoomer

you're going against Cred Forums

this, tinder worked well for me

tbh what's a zoomer

why is it so hard younger generations to get pussy

Tinder girls act like toddlers they are unironically not fit for mature relationships, if you are looking for a hookup i would recomend to hire the sexuals offers of a prostitue

fuck off boomer

Gen z

I don't use roofies

I thought about this the other day.

I assume this has to do with the fact that women can easily have one- night- stands with men way above their league.

So let's say you'd be a 5/10 women, totally average, you could, with some sluttyness and luck, eaaasily get a 8/10 guy who is a bit drunk and just wants to fuck. Because that guy isn't dumb he makes you believe that he does not just want to fuck you but rather is into your personality or some shit like that.

Afterwards, they assume that they could get such a guy to become their boyfriend or even husband.

So they continue to hunt way out of their league and will of course get a lot of one- night- stands but will never find a guy they find attractive to be their bf, because the guys that she thinks are in her eague just aren't

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Its something boomers call generation Z individuals, because they think it angers them as much as boomer angers them.

Change your jew hairstyle, shave your gross beard and lose the glasses fuccboi.

>So they continue to hunt way out of their league and will of course get a lot of one- night- stands but will never find a guy they find attractive to be their bf, because the guys that she thinks are in her eague just aren't
Pretty much this.
Of course, many women are different, but this is definitely a big enough trend that it cannot just be dismissed.

Bitches see how fat your are and they know they gonna be eating good

are you looking for a hookup or an actual relationship on tindr?

Ok skinny arms

El goblino

fascinating :/

Download Badoo instead, it has some lower class whores on there that are pretty desperate. Im not too bad looking, I usually got around 5-10 new tinder matches a week but got like 40 a week on Badoo. Had some easy fucks thanks to badoo

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Imagine this. Modern men are weak willed and thirsty. The internet has become a big place for all.
So now you got these average looking hoes posting super dolled up instagram or w/e site getting hundreds if not thousands of likes. How do you feel when people like your shit? Good?
That validation corrupts them, so now they think they're better than their 5/10 male counterpart.

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if you can't talk your way into some pussy, you're doing it all wrong. 80%? up your game kid

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ooooohhhhhhhh :O
that actually makes sense... they're probably shocked when they try to throw the pussy at Real Men and they get tossed aside.

Nice work user

easy tap into their daddy issues.
goths most likely go for the eboy aesthetic or an older fatherly type. so look older,get a beard,dad bod and you should be able to get goths.

It's actually cool to read the stats (plus you feel a lot less bad) like it's amazing how biased it is, most just use it to feel better about themselves, all the attention for them is way more fulfilling than IG or facebook.

>most just use it to feel better about themselves
Also true. I've seen so many matches where they don't even respond.
100% just looking for that validation.

Based dubs. Women are trash.


It does say: "Less than 6' swipe left", probably turned away both those above and below.

You have potential. But the picture is creepy. You need to smile in some happy enviorment or athletic activity

such a daring opinion to have on /b

can you imagine if there was an app where girls would just message you all day? flirting? calling you hot? Trying to go out with you not stop? I guess I can't blame them. (But I don't play the game anymore, you got to swing at so many balls, then if you do meet her, she is 30lbs heavier and that pic was "before they hurt their leg or back" or whatever so they haven't been to the gym in a while...)

Okay that won't work

It's fact.

>I'm 41 Pro-tinder user.
lower your standards. Expand your age range and milage. swipe right on everything. 50 swipes every 12 hours. i get about 1 match a day.
unmatch the trannies, prostitutes, and completely fugly ones. I troll the girls trying to sell photos.
i have had some success but you got to get through the 99% where nothing will happen.
hardest part is getting someone to meet IRL

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>be man
>on Tinder for a month or so
>finally a good looking prospect match
>I send a witty joke
>she responds and laughs
>I continue the banter
>she doesn't respond
>must just be busy, I will wait
>don't want to seem desperate
>am generally good looking, not worried
>never hear from her again
>be woman he matched with
>oh look another 8
>kinds funny
>but I got like 3 thirsty 9s on the hook
>scrolls through 30+ other matches
>funny user is lost in the sea of thirsty desperate men


Also there is probably only 1 grill on tinder for 2 or 3, maybe even 4 guys, depending on your location.

My town has one of the biggest military bases in my nation, so here it's even worse.

I also have been told by average women how ez it is for them to match on tinder, for women a swipe right is almost always a match, have heard that out of other areas with a more balanced gender- ratio as well.

Also I saw a poll done at college- campuses where up to 70% of females said they are only on tinder to boost their self esteem.

Regarding all this, tinder is shit

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What then? Are they interested in what you do for a living? What if I'm a NEET? Where do I take them? The zoo, the museum?

Honestly if any men out there want that kind of validation and to see that they aren't totally mongoloids: Install Grindr for a few days.
You will guaranteed have guys messaging you that you are handsome and shit
Real confidence booster if you need it.

why do you hate women? are you a known gay homosexual?
I wish my MOUTH tasted like pussy.

>swipe right on everything. 50 swipes every 12 hours. i get about 1 match a day.

this is so pathetic.

I know. Everybody, women included, say they don't like insisting, clingy guys. How am I gonna get noticed in a sea of men? Unless I'm fucking super attractive... Oh.

>I wish my MOUTH tasted like pussy.
eat fish

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I will pay you $100 to have a night with her.

you've got to ask them out sooner rather than later.

they don't want to talk. they want to go out. who wants to text for an hour.

cuz he can't pussy.
why are you so obsessed with women

>they get tossed aside
Except that doesn't happen, why refuse a free fuck? I guess not many attractive guys do refuse.

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Top kek

Don't care about guys, might fall for a cute young tranner though. Too risky.

I eat red snapper and pussy on the reg :))

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I think I have a vizz parasite

>might fall for a cute young tranner though. Too risky.
Why is that risky?
And I don't like guys either, but that one time my self worth was pretty low, gay dudes really do see the good looking person you see in yourself.
Honestly 100% if I could genuinely switch to gay I would, guys are so much saner and down to earth.

>gay dudes really do see the good looking person you see in yourself.

Dude, I see myself in the mirror and I say I'm not that bad, I shouldn't be alone.

>Honestly 100% if I could genuinely switch to gay I would, guys are so much saner and down to earth.

I wish I just couldn't care about women, relationships or having kids and a future but Starwars and Playstation.

you think women star wars and vidya game tho?

Don't give a shit about that, those bearded guys look so happy though.

just accept the fact you have lower fitness and move on. don't hate the player hate the game.

He made it, why can't I?

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>went for a walk to the post office today today
>saw a fat couple walking in front of me, dressed in strange black outfits
>the dude was enthusiastically telling her something about batman, and something about burt ward from the 60s tv series
>she was laughing along happily
Just gotta lower your standards bro.

you figure all that out when talking to them
sometimes they only one dick
sometimes you have to wine and dine them
right now i have 3 women that i use for my needs
they aren't supermodels but they are good in bed

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how bad do you look?
you are most likely average but have bad style.
Don't be so harsh on yourself

What matters more, appearance or money?

What is your average 10/10 girl more likely to gravitate towards, a 10/10, fit, well-toned chad on a low-paying job like a gym instructor, or a millionaire who looks like a scrawny, seedy soiboy?

If your net worth is $1million+, you don't use tinder.

She'll fuck both, the first for free though. Might even throw him some clothes or shoes for his birthday with money from the rich guy.

>not realizing $1M in 2020 is peanuts

You need $3M just to retire

Millionaires go for their own kind for a majority of the time.
-The tech ceo won't go for the bimbo. they want someone of the same success of from the same come up.
-the Asian millionaire will go for their own kind
-the dubia prince will fuck the western whore and then settle for one of their own
-old money NEVER goes for the poor,family wont allow it

looks really don't matter as long as you have money

Explain why Henry VII went for Anne Boleyn then.

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Henry VIII*


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in 1485? it's 2020, we're talking about modern culture. if you have a time machine, feel free to ask him.

>this is for modern rich families. sure the guy can fall for a poor chick but the family won't allow marriage . usually they have a girl picked for the guy. she must also come from old money.

The family usually make it very tough for the girl if she isn't old money. Also they tend to join business together with the marriage aswell.

cultural factors matter as well.