So I got soft again guys. Thoughts? Chubby Puppy Thread

So I got soft again guys. Thoughts? Chubby Puppy Thread.

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damn whos that. i like


Behold the American diet.

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Is me ^_^

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>chubby puppy
No, sorry. You’re obese, stop trying to sugar coat it you’re literally a fat faggot.
I don’t tend to tell people to kill themselves but look at yourself, I think you should seriously consider it. Not trolling.

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> sugar coat

Yes pls

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how fucking creepy

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I think I recognize you from twitter user

Looking good, but you could benefit from a pink chastity cage, don't you think cutie?

What a bizarre post...
"Ur fat so die?"

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Yup I’m timbywuff on twitter
Gosh maybe heheh...i usually don’t like chastity but that sounds kinda hot. Also my mind is melting with horny thoughts since i got smooth.

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would eat everything/10

Do you tie your balls for pleasure. I do. But I'm no so smooth.

I mean youre obviously a bottom, do ya really expect to fuck anyone with that pathetic dicklet? Might as well lock it up so its at least cute to look at.

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lose some weigh you fat fuck.

Do you have an xHamster account?

Mmmf..yes pls
Nah i don’t
Yeah maaaybe~

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I hate how I instantly get an erection when I open your threads.

Timbypup on pornhub. Timbywuff on twitter

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my eyes, my poor eyes

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Aw why do ya hate that? o:

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Show us your armpits please? I hope they’re as smooth as your cock



Bumping for this


i want to squeeze that belly while you squeal like a girl so bad

Hell yes, this.

I kinda wanna see your armpits too bumping


You chubby bitch
I wanna fuck your ass and spank that giant butt

Boomp it's like the one place i didn't nair/shave...i'll make sure to do that soon >_>
i'd def be squealing...squeeze my tits too~

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Show a us your armpits anyway

Smooth pits feel so good, I hope you do.

show us that cawk baby boy

I wanna caress and squeeze your tits from behind while I jerk you off until I have you moaning my name.

I will
Mmmnf pls do

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Whyyyy~... its smol!

Gosh i feel so soft.

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Would you like it if I tied you up and tickled you until you screamed? I’d love to sniff and lick your armpits while you giggle


Ooo and has anyone’s interacted with your armpits?

what state you in user?

>Whyyyy~... its smol!

Its perfect. I want to make it cum in my mouth and then continue playing with it while I fuck you


You sicken me

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Here’s a cawk~
Actually i prolly would like that but i’d prolly pee myself lol
Sorry had to repost, also nobody has o.o

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Soft again? Did you lose weight timby?

Oh well, too far unfortunately.

Enjoy having a doubled chance of cancer than other people. You'll probably die young and live with a bad health, less friends, girls hardly interested etc.

Nope i gained

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I want to suck that bad boy so bad


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But its so smooool

It'll get bigger in my mouth bb

Shove a toy up there.

Take this same pic but put both arms up for me?

gosh I want to sniff every corner of your body and squeeze those tids

God I want to eat your ass and suck those balls.

Not by muuuch ^^
Shove your cock up there~

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Only if you clean me off with your tongue afterwords.

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The male sexuality is so gross sometimes like is it just me or does like look completely alright and not at all disgoosting if you just cover the peen and pretend he don't have one?

Try it on this pic:
This next picture is literally a work of art as an expression of male pride despite being a chubster with groty average peen like most chubsters, he literally look like buddha lol:
All I'm saying is that male's have body image issues too, mostly to do with the peen, but that might just be because the peen is more often than not a very gross thing unless it's big or attached to an adonis, which 99% of men don't have, but maybe the problem isn't that most men are just ugly rather that we see the penis as a vile thing in almost all cases, that male sexuality itself is actually disgusting more often than not, and through removing any indication of it we can appreciate the male form merely as the human form without any sexuality at all. Seriously consider that, this thread might not be at all disgusting if this was just an art thing rather than a sexual thing. What do you guys think? Are men just inherently less attractive than women? Is that why 80% of women go for 20% of men? Would like guy be entirely attractive if he had a perfect peen? Even if he was fat? Just some ideas.

I’m just a chubby boy lol

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force your foreskin remains over your glans

Yes sir~

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i wanna eat those balls


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is that as covered as you can get it?

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I can go all the way over it o:

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how exciting, but i want to see it from your pov

Take a pic of your tongue out?

can you pinch the skin and stretch it?

jerking off to your pics right now

Soon i have some face masks on the way from amazon. Baclava and puppy hood.

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Balaclava i mean lol

I've already jizzed my load to you today, I'm just sticking around because I like looking at your chubby self.

Awwwwww ty....did it feel good? Did you think about it going deep inside me?

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I thought about ruining that ass of yours.
Ever thought about inviting a few anons to your place for a gangbang?

Yeeeah i’ve thought about it

Ever gonna make it happen?
And if so, can I get an invite?

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New tweark vid please. I want to see this new Xtra soft was move

heya cutie, how do you have so little hair?

Damn i wanna suck your boytitties

I just naired last night x3
Soooon~ There’s always gonna be morw twerk vids.
Maaaaaybe and if i do i’ll post about it here for sure~

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No who you responded to but always wondered this when I’ve been manscaping. Do you use nair on your dick hair? Like I got hair at the base of my dick I usually use at home wax strips but nair sounds a lot less painful but I’m not sure if I can actually use it on my dick or not. Would rather not ruin it

If I don't come back, tell them I left with a smile.and a good meal

cute, i wanna see your cock frotting with a bigger cock

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you're cute, i wanna fondle your folds and kiss you

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I’d be very very cautious with nair around the genitals and any crevices down there. I’ve chemical burned down there before and its not fun. Don’t ever put it on your balls by the way. Just above the dick should be just fine as long as you wipe it off after 3 minutes or so. Even on it should be fine. Make sure it doesn’t get on the glans(head.) or your sack tho.

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Mmmf would be great
Please do. I want to be thigh fucked

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Also you don’t want it in the crease between your thighs and your groin.

I do a mixture of nair and shaving to touch up.

"Puppy" thread. This shit is so gross man.

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Its more like "you're a grown man calling yourself a >chubby puppy

>Please do. I want to be thigh fucked

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I’m just gonna stick to waxing haha
Don’t wanna worry about chemical burns and it’s not a ton of area I wax