Can you tribute her please ?

Can you tribute her please ?

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you got kik or discord

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Hmmm you made my day ! will you cum on her face ?


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No but check this

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do you like Chloe guys ?

Could she handle it all?

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Shes pretty thick but im not sure...

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now thats fucking hot

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Please tribute her

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Think she'd milk a big load from your cock?

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damn she looks great with cock onher

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Think she likes bwc?

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Pls good sir

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oh absolutely, she divorced her asian husband, guess she found out about BWC

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sexy girl

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please do her

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Mother and daughter

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Her pls

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6ft blonde

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Trib please

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Any chance of these?

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this one plz!!

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What is the point or the satisfaction of this tributes? Are this your gfs and you enjoy seeing other man's cocks near their face? Or are you and incel who things it's denigrating and some sort of vendetta over a girl not interested in him?

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> her
Suuurre user

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Tribute her pls

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Someone do her pls?

More of her please. IG?


can you explain what is the point of this tributes? I asked above and genuinely want to know an answer

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The point is that the OP has some sort of chemical imbalance in the brain.

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Not only op considering all the replies