I've got my gf onboard to buy any lingerie I want... what do I buy?

I've got my gf onboard to buy any lingerie I want... what do I buy?

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buy weed and gym equipment instead, make sure her under wear gym stuff is right size, and the overwear should be extra baggy but never compromise functionability.

shoes, health, vitamins, minerals etc. real shit..

then u want to cover ur houses walls every surface in like some collage of ur lives/personalitys combined all interweaving and stuff.

stuff like that.

happy good and healthy stuff

lingerie who cares ud rip it up anyway waste of money

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also oofy on that body xx
again wrapping mean nothing
its tangible reality that holds weight and bearing

Do you want a wide variety for super cheap or some really good quality pieces? What do you think a reasonable price is?

I prefer to look at how they're baring than their bearing.

I haven't really thought about price yet, I'm more interested in styles! but I'm happy to go up to a high price if I think she'll feel great in it. Quite want her to want to do it again, but also get something that's not too conservative and boring. Interested what people would go for in this situation.

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um wow

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She's also onboard to wear whatever I pick underneath her clothes going into work, so that's a consideration haha

he told you

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quite like the idea of this kind of thing underneath a dress :P

victoriassecret co uk/lingerie/bras-and-panties/strappy-cheekini-panty-very-sexy?ProductID=460511&CatalogueType=OLS

Depends on her looks and body type. does she have big tits or a big ass, chubby or skinny?
maybe you should just post a pic of her

She's size 8 with big boobs which makes things more difficult. No pics sorry haha

>She's size 8 with big boobs

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emm size 8? also what ring size? and shoe au

i love women in bodystockings (with the Vag cut out). fishnets look awesome on big tits.

Trips demand you buy her bodystockings and post pics of her

size 8 UK is:
26.5in waist, 36in hips
but her bra size is 32FF UK or 32H US

if i get quints you post pics of her

Body stockings not a bad idea :D

Can only recomnend it. Bought some for my girl and it turned her into a cock hungry slut (pic related). Also, they fit pretty much any bodytype.

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i dont know what any of this means i just wanted the right number answers ull have to tell me if u stay alive emm

Mine only wears thongs, but bralettes are sexy. And shelfettes.