This guy is a piece of shit

This guy is a piece of shit

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You gonna be ok, big guy?

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who is the middle chick?

casey anthony

we've known that for years

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Yeah but he’s our piece of shit. Learn to appreciate what we got.

This is ultra mega giga cringe. Huge waste of dubs. Get it together, faggot.

Who's the chick on the right?
Also, still your president

eh..50/50. MJ didnt touch kids and Trump didnt do anything wrong. Technically youre 25/75 seeing as Casey Anthony didnt mean to kill kid, she just tried covering it up, but im feeling generous.

OH the irony of you scoring trips lol

ur mom stuipd

one of Kavanaghs victims

i once took an iron to the knee

MJ definitely touched kids. Casey definitely tried to cover up her crimes. Trump definitely committed contempt of congress, preventing them from gathering any evidence to determine whether he abused his power.

It's 100%.

Youre are definitely 100% mongloid. Youre "dad" definitely shit you out after your down syndrome "mom" stuck her abnormally large clit in "his" ass after a muffin binge. You definitely absolutely are 100 attracted to balls and mushrooms.

Typical Frumpf supporter. Can't back up anything with facts so just starts spewing childish rants. Don't fall of the edge of the Earth today big boy.

You are entitled to your opinion. If you and so many other people don't like him, you can vote him out in November

Eat shit you faggot, I'm an Aussie and I care about your country more than you do! Trump is kicking arse and seeing bitches like you cry over your President NOT being an evil overlord is fucking hilarious!

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user I hope you understand that Trump is guilty and even the republicans think that, but they are so scared shitless of losing power that they will effectively turn him into a king just so they can hold onto it.

Mitt Romney is the lone true republican in the senate

The Democrats now have Buttsex and a Communist as the front runners to face Trump, you should be scared.

Agreed, guy in top left is a peice of shit, fuck niggers

user, he is an evil overlord because of the senate republicans being feckless betas (except Romney), he now has no checks in his power and was effectively told he can do anything with no repercussions. he is for all intents and purposes a king.

Anyone is better than Trump, hell I’d even take Pence as president over Trump and that guy is a fucking moron

>even the republicans think that
Pretty cool to see someone with superpowers. Not sure how you can know this, because I for one don't think that.

>Anyone is better than Trump
you're forgetting about this fucking retard

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Because from what Romney and some reporters have stated (without naming names because it was off the record) many republicans hate Trump and would like to see him gone

You are moronic, the check in power is a democrat run house that has done NOTHING except shoot down anything Trump proposes and try to throw Trumo out of office from day one because they are like petulant children that didn't get their own way when their candidate lost.

Congress has decided that passing bills and doing their job doesn't matter, because a witch hunt over hurt feelings is more important.

Gonna be honest after the bullshit that is Trump I will gladly have Bernie as President he could not do any worse damage than trump has inflicted

You are a stupid child.
A stupid brainwashed child.
You parents are even dumber than you.

Sorry. Only 5 more years.

You are an idiot. No real person actually thinks that.

Bernie will never be president. Sorry kiddo.

My 401k went up 23.5% last year the stock market hit record highs unemployment all time lows for blacks,women,latinos..

And no this is not a result of failure Obama, who blamed retard Bush for 8 years as he ruined the country even worse and almost tripled our defecit.

Stop drinking CNN's kool ade.

Republican senators have said as much


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You have been misled

user they are not the republicans during the Obama era, they actually do try to work together and pass bills just because Trump Executive Orders every damn thing does not mean the house does not try to work with him. Hell Pelosi was desperately trying to avoid calling for impeachment but Trumps crime was so fucking egregious she had to act.

Also from day one of Trumps presidency he had both a Republican held Senate and House and he still didn’t get shit done through normal channels and just opted for Executive Orders and most of what he has got done has just been rollback of protections that were set up to keep US citizens safe

This. It's a sunk cost for them at this point, because they've had their wagon hitched to him for too long. If they turned on him now, they have too much invested to come out looking clean, ie. "What took you so long?"

The best they could hope for would be for him to lose the election to Biden, a guy who isn't very left-wing, and then they can put a more normal Republican up in 4 years. They want him gone, make no mistake, but it looks too bad if they have to admit he's a scandal factory and help the Dems get rid of him. Losing the election is a nice, clean break that allows them to keep their hands clean.

A few years ago, they had a chance to band together against him, but nobody wanted to be the first one to jump. Now they're fucked.

Trump 2020 reelection was guaranteed by 4 years of Democrat conspiracy theories.

Like how the economy is hitting record highs? How he killed one of the worst terrorists in the world which might spark a western revolution in Iran? Or do you hate that he got North Korea to negotiate a deal to stop making nukes? Maybe you hate that he put a travel ban on 12 of the worst countries on earth? Or do you hate that he got serious about deporting Mexican criminals? Do you hate how he pulled 95 percent of our troops out of the middle east? Maybe you're mad because he's fighting a trade war with China because they keep stealing secrets? Are you mad because he grounded the 737 Max after the FAA failed to act? Are you mad that he got Israel to agree to a 2 state solution? Or how unemployment is now at a 50 year low? Or how he withdrew from Syria and avoided a confrontation with Russia?

Republican senators are publicly saying they are too scared to lose their own power so they all willfully and openly admit to breaking their oaths. Hmm.

You’re going to be so triggered in November

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Let me guess. You feel the Bern huh?
Lol you're dumb as fuck.

So your response to me is not to refute my claims but to just call me a child and insult me very mature.

You don’t even have to look far, lindsey graham, a guy who weaseled his way into Trumps inner circle, before Trump became President was very critical of trump but as soon as Trump became president he bent over and let Trump rape his southern ass

Of course, why do you think so many people voted for him. It's pure nihilism and apathy. It's everything losers deserve: the top representative of the nation telling them everything they want to hear for the votes then turning on them when they no longer suit his purposes

Keep the tears flowing, idiot. He's getting re-elected, no question.

look, dubs of idiots

by a president and senate flip?

Ah shit! This isn't the fisting thread. My bad faggots!

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Meanwhile you braindead commies want pic related to become commonplace in the US.

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Skeletor Pelosi has wanted him out since he was sworn in you are delusional.


>a democrat run house that has done NOTHING except shoot down anything Trump proposes
you mean like mitch "balls in mouth" mcconnell did during Obama's 8 years?
Bet you didn't complain then
Or were you still in your 3 time through fifth grade then?

proof of guilt or will we just have to imagine it sense you dident name anything

>Pelosi was desperately trying to avoid calling for impeachment but Trumps crime was so fucking egregious she had to act.
She was pressured into it by her party moron The ones who pressed her for it the most are the ones looking to take over her speaker position..Lying to further your narrative on common knowledge is pathetic.

yes they do.
only the brainwashed trumpies don't

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>they actually do try to work together and pass bills
Well, that's blatantly false.

>retard still upset about the election loss calling trump supporters losers
Yeah ok idiot.

And somehow Trump being president will make things like this not happen?

>Mitt Romney is the lone true republican in the senate
Bahaha, you idiots will accept anyone as long as they oppose Trump. Even a corrupt businessman like Romney, responsible for bankrupting several companies. Jesus christ, the stupidity is unbelievable.

Bezmenov was right about your ilk

Maybe find a real crime next time?

By the way, the Biden family corruption is real, and it's just the tip of the iceberg. Top Democrats got rich from US aid to Ukraine, and they wanted to prevent an investigation. Not just Biden. It's all coming out. Billions of US aid dollars flowed into Ukraine to manufacture imaginary weapons. People up and down the Obama administration profited.

It's all coming out now, faggot.

Trump had every right to cut off aid, you fucking pathetic nigger.

user for one thing NK almost immediately went back on their words and think Trump is a fucking joke

The Economy boost is thanks to what Obama did, we still have yet to see how Trumps actions have affected the economy, but considering his actions keep fucking up the stock market and he’s rolling back protections for workers and consumers it’ll probably go down the fucking tube.

While yes he did have some take out a terrorist and is taking steps to remove the army from the Middle East he literally almost stared a war a couple weeks back with Iran, we still have no idea what the repercussions of that will be.

The Travel Ban is not to keep anyone safe but more of a Brown People Bad maneuver that is supposed to make racists happy.

What Mexican criminals all I see are little kids being locked in cages where they are being mistreated

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Go look up how many bipartisan bills were introduced over the last 3 years and how many passed you delusional fuck. Trump hasnt came anywhere near the number of Exec. orders Obama used without going to Congress first anyways. Wake up snowflake your political heroes have left you behind and could care less about your well being theyre too busy trying to save face because of 2016.

1. Economy has hit 'record highs' under successive administrations since records began. It will generally grow.
2. Clinton, Bush and Obama all killed terrorists, revolution will be no more his achievement than Tunisia and Iraq.
3. NK is progressing.

Ok but you're still a loser and a cuck

i'd take this over trump

Oh don’t get me wrong I still can’t stand Romney, but he has shown that he sticks to his morals and was not just following strict party lines he actually listened to what the House Managers said, which is pretty fucking damning

Keep telling yourself that, even while your leftie candidates keep losing, retard.

I know.
In fact, most people know.
This is one of the main reason your commie candidates keep failing.

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Cling to Romney, faggot. He's the most despised fake Republican. Utah is starting to hate him too.

I love when homosexual niggers try to define the GOP's true morals for us. "This faggot who agrees with Democrats on everything is the true top conservative."

>you are here

Haha, and now you're backpedaling. What an embarrassingly stupid idiot.

>and almost tripled our defecit.
of course!
>everyone that doesn't agree with me is a braindead commie

keep regurgitating what fox tells you to "think"

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>Utah is starting to hate him too
Yet they keep voting him because he's a mormon, even though his business practices have been well-publicized.

Utah is legitimately one of the most braindead stupid states in the US. They're like the republican equivalent of California or Oregon.

Trump has record-setting approval among Republicans. Even higher than Ronald Reagan.

Why do kikes/niggers/faggots like you have to lie?

What comes after 2024?

I'm serious, no Trump for life joking around. An amendment to the constitution allowing that just won't happen. Is there a long term plan? I suspect the pendulum might swing the other way and we'll get some uber leftist or something after trump's gone

Well, they haven't come remotely close to happening so far, despite all the fear mongering idiots like you keep spouting.

Is some fat antifa cunt being run down in Charlottesville gonna be your counter argument?

What a tool

how was he proven guilty?

You've never been to Alabama have you?

Trump 2024

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god how seething are liberals now its obvious to everyone the Dumbocrats wasted everyone's time and tax payer money on their own lies?

In the court of progressive opinion, where evidence is oppression

Daily Reminder the President of the United states put Alan Dershowitz on the senate floor.

Dershowitz was THE guy that single handedly kept Jeffery Epstein out of prison, also negotiating his own immunity within the sex trafficking case, as he fingered by a victim's testimony (also Donald Trump).

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Unemployment fell more during Obama. The deficit fell more under Obama.
The stock market has risen at the same pace it has for nearly 10 years.

What? Nigga what? Literally fucking what?

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Ahh, the jew emerges

Dude it's funny but I'm serious.

Mad that nancy just lost you guys the election?

total acquittal

Shut up cunt

Got to love this agenda you morons have against Fox. Naturally you wouldn't dare criticize any other network for the same thing, after all, they conform to your agenda.

Meanwhile Tucker Carlson shits on corrupt republicans all the time. He alone is more politically balanced than your tiny brain will ever be.

oooo if he definitely did then why did he get acquitted?
I was under the impression democrats thought they were soo smart

MJ didn't touch kids. Remember there was a trial and he was acquitted?

>missing the point this hard
Popular among republican *voters*, and that's the problem.
Any GOP member in the senate or house is ultimately hostage to Trump's popularity. If he goes against his will, his election suffers.
He took down your establishment picks as well as Hillary.

>spews childish rant
lol you massive hypocrite

He touched kids.


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It’s funny how all the white supremicists would suck this Jews dick for getting Trump acquitted

how much are you paid to type this? is it by the word or total amount of shitposts?

I don't give a rat's ass about her. It's not an either/or, or at least it shouldn't be.

I want ALL those fuckers gone. Literally every last swamp creature in DC. I don't care if there's a D or an R in from of their name. We need term limits and full transparency in government.

>He alone is more politically balanced
He's a crypto-fascist pretending the right wing voting block cares about corruption or incompetence in the GOP.

keep up that optimism, don't let people tell you you're a fucking retard

YOU FOOLS IT WAS ALL DONE TO DISTRACT YOU. THE ENTIRE POLITICAL SYSTEM IS RUN BY THE ELITE. Nothing happens on jewnews unless they want it to happen.

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Yeah yeah, get all that projection out of your system, idiot. Keep pretending Fox is a propaganda network while CNN and NBC are beacons of truth like the braindead dumbfuck you are.

It's not about what happens at the top, it's about seeing hardcore commies cry.

No u

I'm just having a laugh fool

there's not a single awful person Trump doesn't like or isn't jumping out of his chair to do business with
The way these fucking MAGAhats will connect the dots all the way up to the Qanon shit, Trump is a fucking nuclear waste dump of shady connections, obviously corrupt actions, and open deceit.

Hilarious. No wonder the left will lose again.

No he was acquitted

Acquittal = exoneration
Haven't you heard?

>pretending the left wing voting block cares about corruption or incompetence in the Democrats.

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Join now before it's too late

I completely agree. And when voting time comes and people look like they got brainwashed from a Toronto Blessing church. Priceless.

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>merely pretending

>calls trips dubs
>calls singles dubs
> idiot

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>there's not a single awful person Trump doesn't like
Hillary Clinton?
Nancy Pelosi?

Gee that was easy.

a taste of past victories...

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>while CNN and NBC are beacons of truth like the braindead dumbfuck you are.
Yup, there's the crux of you conversative dementia.
You act like pigs when rewarded with power because you assume the other side is as blindly loyal and craven as you are.
There will never be a true maverick or reformer in the US right, because you're all clapping seals to whoever republican President is in office.

What about the people that hate Trump AND Clinton?

just because two money grubbing families taught their kids to lie doesn't mean MJ touched kids.
I bet you believed Dr. Ford too.

>Acquittal = exoneration
lol nope. We were here just last year user with the Mueller report, user.

>lowest unemployment in decades
>dow and s&p set records every day

What has the Democrats done again?

>keep regurgitating
>regurgitates some atheist hack
>thinks cnn is different than fox

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The exodus of bernie voters in 2016 was exactly that. Dems are incoherent and meandering because their base actually makes up different ideas.

thats the final evolution, when you realize both sides are the same and you just look out for yourself

looks like they fucked up in Iowa trying to rig shit against Bernie again, and when they realized they had been found out they have to buttiger their way out of it

The deficit is irrelevant, it's just the amount added to the debt each year. It's the total amount added to the debt that matters.

Unemployment fell under Obama because people gave up looking for jobs, and the official figures only include those looking for jobs. The workforce participation rate during his administration, which is a better measure of actual unemployment, rose to the highest levels in history.

You're correct about the stock market boom, but that just means the rich are getting richer.

Exactly. Remember where you are.

I start pro trump threads to make commies mad and in the same thread I post pro commie stuff to make the trumptards mad. Snowflakes come in all political orientation. Why do I do it? I seem to be one of the last remaining oldfags... I do it for the lulz

>lie doesn't mean MJ touched kids.
Yup, perfectly normal to be a 40+ year old man with a secret room full of shrines of creepy little kid pictures and encouraging them to sleep in bed with him.
>I bet you believed Dr. Ford too.
Kavanaugh fucked up his testimony so bad that her own accusation almost became irrelevant.
What I did see as I saw with Trump and Roy Moore is that the GOP media machine will invest in undermining rape accusations every single time.

Trump 2032

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>Gee that was easy.

That’s what they want you to think

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Maybe. Maybe. His constant seeking attention from daddy makes him a little pathetic though don't ya think?

>more mindless crying
Keep the tears flowing you stupid idiot. Won't help you win, and no, you're not persuading anyone on this degenerate porn board.

Are your mutilated genitals starting to hurt?

Based Tucker should run for president.

Probably can't because he's the only one in the media with the guts to shit on corrupt republican donors and braindead commies.

I came

Dude Tucker is a scrub

>Those mental gymnastics

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That doesn't say much coming from an idiot like yourself, with absolutely nothing worthwhile to say.

I don’t need no scrubs

Your trips outrank his dubs. Therefore you're right, hes wrong

That's why Ivanka led the way.

Trump 2040

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The master screws everyone.

Doesn't it concern you that he uses sumo-app?

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Cry harder cuck

I don't like Trump but honestly; he's stiff arming the fuck out of his competition. I hope nothing else comes up and he can finish this year without side tracks. Let him be president and do his job. He's taken our best shots and keeps going. I ain't even mad at this point. Now... I'm not going to vote for him come November but I give any president a chance: Dem, Rep, Indp.... He's done some stuff I approve of so he hasn't been all bad.

I applaud your quads

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That doesn’t make any sense, trump supporters are laughing their assses off. Those all need to be laughing faces. You can leave the sheep, that one makes sense.

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Trump 2048

not that dude but they sure do cry a lot, right now they might be laughing, but they werent a week ago.

I don't know man. Most of the hardcore trump supporters I've met irl are some of the touchiest snowflakes that don't know how to take a joke. I know some lefties too and yeah they're definitely snowflakes but holy shit they got nothing on those trumpers

Trump 2048

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Dude his kids will be old people by then. He'll have been dead for years. He's got maybe another good decade before he dies due to his living style

>Obama's economy time bomb(tm)


He's autistic with an oedipal mother

checked before wrecked

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>He's autistic
Bernie Sanders is insane, that doesn't stop hordes of people from thinking he's the best candidate in the field.

90% of of the 35% of people who are Republicans. It's not as if that's even a particularly high number of people. And the number of people who identify as Republican is shrinking.

How is he insane?

A rigorous defense of autism. Thanks.

So true

Because hes stupid

I don't expect a commie like yourself to grasp the insanity of commie policies.

So is the number of people who identify as Democrats.
Independents have been growing.

Ahh I see so you have no argument. I bet you think JJ Abrams' "mystery box" story telling is deep and entertaining

>Independents have been growing

This can only be a good thing

Nah. The Democrats are in such a turmoil they can't even get out of their own way. They mismanage everything they touch as evidence of the Iowa caucus. That all but guaranteed GOP victories for the next decade at least. Dems should start planning for the 2036 and 2040 races.

2020- DJT
2024- DJT jr
2028- DJT jr
2032- Dan Crenshaw
2036- Dan Crenshaw

Id say Ivanka somewhere in there too. But she is a jew now. America will never put a jew in the highest office. Its too high profile for them anyway. They are much better at subverting leaders then leading themselves.

>touchiest snowflakes that don't know how to take a joke
This is all modern Conservatives.
It's all about that projection user, which is why they incessantly suggest that it is the other side of the bench that does this, when really Conservatism is one big appeal to emotions.


Don't disagree.
Fuck both parties.

Kek, scarily accurate

>no argument
Refer to

and try to think very hard about what he's saying, as difficult as it must be for your tiny brain to understand.

Same. Really hope this trend continues.

Yeah, I know. They’re retarded. Sadly, they vote in large numbers.

What a tool you are

Bahahahaha, that's all you got? You're literally proving Bezmenov 100% right. You truly are one pathetic little idiot.

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No u

>the liberal tears in this thread
I am looking forward to the upcoming election.

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The internet got Trump elected, and Trump supporters watch television the least. If anything, the Liberal, Jew, 24/7 media bias against Trump backfired.

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>That all but guaranteed GOP victories for the next decade at least
Except Dems have had big wins in every election since 2016

Yeah those midterms sure went great. They totally expanded their senate seats hey?

It's not like there's a global trend resisting leftism either? That's why Jeremy Corbyn won the British election by such a large margin...

Attached: g8l.jpg (353x393, 34K)

Liberal or conservative, lulz are lulz

>They totally expanded their senate seats hey?
Mathmatically it would be impossible in literally any era of US elections.
What they did do is hold most of their seats in Trump country, while flipping other republican strongholds that were red for *decades*.
That's how morons like you are always conned by conservatives, you literally don't understanding anything besides face value opinions.


gonna have to deal with it now morons. hes gonna be around another 4 yrs! so best thing to do is find something to do with ur time instead of complaining about it all the time. get a job! Walmart is hiring! yall get to meet some nice people!! or if u don't want to work...get on some kind of medication and sit home day n night!! Or maby take a vacation?? get away for awhile! take ur mind off things. maby China??? ive heard its nice there this time of year! don't stress over this! The Don is gonna be just fine!!

Attached: 1573109752700.gif (300x225, 122K)

This is some next level cope, lmao. Idiots like you will make up any excuse to justify your agenda.

You idiots expected to make big gains after the Kavanaugh drama, and ended strengthening the republican majority, even losing Indiana. But by all means, keep fooling yourself into thinking the complete opposite is happening; maybe it'll ease the pain on your mutilated genitals, freak.

>You idiots expected to make big gains after the Kavanaugh drama
Like the "kavanaugh effect", where outrage over a drunken rapist being persecuted was going to rally the GOP to keep the house?
Where the exact opposite happened?

Where Trump is on a recent losing streak of governor's he's endorsed?

Where the longest standing republican districts in California and the North East capitulated in 2018?
Where the Virginia legislature became a dem super majority?
Talking about that giant red wave?

>What they did do is hold most of their seats in Trump country,
Like where? West Virginia? Because Joe Manchin voted Kavanaugh, and that upset you.
How'd Beto's hundred million dollar Texas campaign against Ted Cruz go? How about Florida? Indiana?

>where outrage over a drunken rapist
How does a brainwashed idiot like yourself end up on Cred Forums anyway? Why don't you go back to your usual tumblr/reddit circlejerk?

Again, I refer you to the video you're scared of watching:

>keep the house?
The house always flips during the first term, retard.

>Where the longest standing republican districts in California
Haha, you know you're getting desperate when you've got to fallback to California. You're literally braindead.

>Like where?
They had to defend 9 seats in republican districts and kept 7.
GOP had to defend exactly one in dem country.
It was a 100m meter race where the GOP started at 90m, yet the Dems make it to 70m.
>How'd Beto's hundred million dollar Texas campaign against Ted Cruz go?
Way more fucking close than republicans in Texas are comfortable with.
> How about Florida? Indiana?
What's happening nation wide is both parties mobilizing their own base well, but Dem's doing better at getting independent to vote.

2020 might be decided on the margins as was 2016, but dem turnout is going to be a big fucing problem for Trump and the GOP, and they know it.

>2020 might be decided on the margins as was 2016, but dem turnout is going to be a big fucing problem for Trump and the GOP, and they know it.
Keep telling yourself that, delusional idiot.

>when you've got to fallback to California
You know it was a republican state until 1992, right?
With a hugely important electoral district the GOP has invested heavily into with every campaign?
holy shit go back to your Sargon comment thread

Sure, I'll pretend none of the recent elections and the data collected happened


No shut up it’s liberal as fuck libtard that’s why Ronald Reagan never set foot in it moron

ok zoomer


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Wow you're like really dumb.

Attached: 1479489898348.jpg (480x514, 34K)

I know right fucking dumbasses just want to hate America and don’t know how to cope

Our president bangs pornstars, made space force, and is fucking the Republican Party so hard they have battered woman syndrome and do whatever he says. 4 more years.

>impeachment fails
>trump's approval rating at an all-time high
>trump's odds in the betting is shortening
>salty dems beginning to seethe more
>rbg is fighting pancreatic cancer which will kill her soon, while republicans hold the senate
Life is comfy.

Attached: f931.png (500x567, 351K)

Naturally this is all you can retort with when you're a braindead political prostitute. Robots like yourself will never persuade anyone, you'll be an idiot for the rest of your life.

>california native who carried most districts there didn't do much work

the most basic contextualization of data doesn't tell you about the senate race what you think it does.
You're one of those people the news can make up surveys about fake nations and whether we should bomb them, and you vote yes every time.

Reminder that democrats want to empower people like this.

They also reject the idea that these people should be in prison. You see, it's important we be as compassionate as possible to people of color.

Attached: 1564120785135.webm (500x500, 1.87M)

Losing 2 seats alone is an embarrassment, idiot. Also no matter how much you try to dress it up, not winning Texas after the sheer volume of spending you did is even more embarrassing.

Morons like you never learn, ever.

>republicans empower sleazy shitty businessman that has conned people his entire life, obstructs justice, uses tax payer dollars in his own businesses
Nah let's get the bike thieves yo

I like the idea of Jared running next. He triggers the left even more than don jr

>Losing 2 seats alone is an embarrassment
Alright genius, how do dems win a district that voted trump in 2016 with an overwhelming republican base?

Why are Democrats so driven to keep these people on the street?
Why do they keep giving them free gibs?

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ah... all you can do is fall back to the house, which flips every single time in a president's first mid-terms
Yep, you're braindead stupid alright.

Because literally everyone admitted what he did - they just argued that it was not a breach of power.

>not winning Texas after the sheer volume of spending you did is even more embarrassing.
That Cruz barely got buy.
All elections are expensive asf now, what's your point?
It exposed glaring GOP vulnerability in Texas, which is what they're always fucking telling you about muh mexicans voting democrats, BECAUSE THEY WANT TEXAS.

No, I'm talking about senate seats.
How were they supposed to gain seats in Trump country?

Trips has spoken. Sieg heil!

>That Cruz barely got buy.
>All elections are expensive asf now, what's your point?
Why are you overlooking the sheer difference in campaign budget? It's almost like you're ignoring anything that hurts your agenda.
You literally couldn't drive 2 meters without seeing a Beto sign... and he still failed.
Pathetic idiot.


Still waiting for an explanation.

Is this webm the white girl's fault?

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This is how stupid people are. You need to learn your shit before you pop off with your brainwashed bullshit. The charge was obstruction of Congress you fucking dumb faggot.

Once upon a time, a black guy named Rodney King got beat up by the cops. Those cops were then acquitted in court, which invoked thousands upon thousands of chimps in California to start chimping out, rioting and randomly bashing and murdering white people in the middle of the street.

It’s ironic that you call someone else a mongoloid while making basic grammatical errors. And support trump, another mongoloid staple.

Sucks that making you cry like a little bitch isn't actually a crime huh?

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This fallout for the upcoming election will be funnier than the last one.

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Oh look, we got ourselves a redditor

Why couldn't Bill Nelson hold onto Florida?

"Morals" = Trump's a meanie

Sounds about right.

What the fuck fuck you ronald Reagan was the best president after Trump and he worked hard for US (United States) and he hated that liberal pit

... 28 years ago, as if it was yesterday... you're fucking braindead

Bingo. Notice how almost every major new channel is liberal? That's some solid propaganda.

If you look at advertising dollars, the Dems have virtually no money in online campaigns.


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Wow, this case is so sad :(

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Make America Nigger Again.

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you are acknowledged, user.

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yes, please send her back into her sandcastle.

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I love the metaphor of comparin Trump to Michael Jackson because they didn't have any evidence on Jackson either.
I love the metaphor with OJ because it proves how out of touch these people are

>and he hated that liberal pit
Where he was a massive popular governor and even concede them immigration reform?
ooooooooo kayyyyyyy

Imagine the outcry if those two white boys defended themselves against those raging chimps. The media would be claiming that the two afro-american children were on their way to spread the word of Jesus Christ when they were attacked by two white racist honkies on bike out to make trouble.


he'd have to be 18

Because this happened EVERY DAY under Obama. Kys

No they don't. But you believe that because you are dumb.

Meme War II 2020


Murderer, Murderer, Pedophile = Clinton, not Trump dumb dumb. Get your shit straight.

Sounds like the perfect guy to hire... he knows Epstein's secrets. Obvious strategy is obvious.

Go back to r/politics fag

> no one has ever been in a photo with people they hate

Dumbest shit I've seen in a long time

No counter argument. Nice. Hypocrisy is a typical Commie thing. Good Tankie, Good

Kek, lets remember who deported more though. Daddy Obama, a nigger deporting the 'minorities' that voted him in.

Wow could be Lion-O a little bit too.

Fucking cucks. We need a purge. It feels good to be a dominant male with a pawg girlfriend and his own house and car with a great career. My parents are proud your parents despise you lmao

Trumps sons asking people in Detroit to vote Trump.

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Ootimus Prime failed Megan Fox that day.

this guy just keeps on winning. he is unbeatable

Trump is trying to make things better for businesses and people's well being in america. Quit falling for the partisan crap and outrage culture.
He wont be around much longer. Four more years maybe? So what? Stop listening to the bullshit TV for a change and just live your life.

Look up the new way forward bill if you want to be outraged. It's quite literally insane and we have elected officials trying to pass shit like this and you wont hear about it.

>Trump is trying to make things better for businesses
Big businesses he and his friends own, yes.
>and people's well being in america.
You know this is not true.


> Bike bullies = Progress
> Political disputes handled per the rules = bad
You're a fucking moron

Lol yeah, k champ

Holy shit you're dumb


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Whenever you get sick off losing feel free to hang yourself

Dude, if you're starting out your channel. Keep the videos short. Don't push the 10 minute mark just to get an algorithm bump. You don't need that atm.

Right. Now you need to find a rhythm, style and a tone that really resonates with people. 10 minutes is simply too long right now.

What a great time to be a dem when your frontrunners are...a ex vice president idiot, a bitch who claimed to be a Indian to get ahead, a bottom bitch youngster, and a 100 year old proud communist

Infographic NAO!

While this is true of most politicians, these is probably least true of Trump. Trump has put more long term effort into fulfilling campaign promises than most presidents. Has he been successful, no, perhaps because he's met with more outright resistance than any other president as well

Are you serious with this comment? If so, you obviously watched zero impeachment hearings for quid pro quo. Wait! It was bribery. Oh, that's not right! It was obstruction of congress. Democrats literally changed the charges twice because there was zero evidence of any wrongdoing. This fiasco, by their own admission, has been planned for over 2.5 years. That's drastically earlier than the phone call with Ukrainian president.

Lol go get em millennials, participation award didn't work this time.

Read page 173 of the Mueller Report and get back with us.

is so wonder HAHAHAHAHA

>Holy shit you're right

>Democrats literally changed the charges twice because there was zero evidence of any wrongdoing.
This is false.
>This fiasco, by their own admission, has been planned for over 2.5 years.
This is also false.