All men should wear cages Cred Forums for the good of the people

All men should wear cages Cred Forums for the good of the people.

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We must accept female dominance. They are better than us in every way

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What do you get out of this thread?
also sage

The understanding that men's penises are harmful to the world user and every man should be held down and forced to wear a cage

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Trust me user once you are in a cage you will understand all

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So what if you get a random errection?

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Then your erection becomes useless because it can't be physically stimulated. All men should be this way. None should be allowed to walk around free.

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Do you like cuckolding
also sage in the option

But how? Doesn't it hurt royally?

It doesn't matter what I like user. Toxic masculinity is the most devastating threat to the ecosystem. Down with the dick!

It isn't designed to hurt the cock only to make it useless.

Toxic masculinity is the reason why you can live the good life you're living right now you dumb nigger.
We need to cleanse the weak sooner rather than later.

Let's defeat sexism with more sexism.

That's your argument. What a tool you are.

are you a leftist?
Did they bully you in school?
Are you a vegan?

looks uncomfortable
hard pass

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Cringe. Keep your gay fetish toys in your bedroom and out of the public space, you faggot.

Now castration on the other hand should be implemented way more to keep society safe from dangerous men.

Keep animal rights out of this user. Just because I don't want to hurt poor defenseless animals doesn't mean my point is Invalid. You just need to put the cage on to keep yourself from harming the environment. That's all.

You should delete this bs and then commit an hero. Trash like you shouldn't be allowed to exist.


>random errection
those usually stop around your mid 20s. or i just have ED not sure


32 here and I pop random boners all day