I guess since i hear voices now and am paranoid i am a schizophrenic .how do i get neet bux from this

i guess since i hear voices now and am paranoid i am a schizophrenic .how do i get neet bux from this

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bumpo my life is fucko


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Have you been diagnosed?
Did you start hearing these voices recently?
what do these voices say?

starded when i was 21-22 started small like two people talking about me.

it made me yell shut up

fucking yikes.
Are they female vocies or male

mostly male

lol all i can think about everything is the girl that says fucky wucky

damm tht hella gay.

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give me a snippet of these conversation?

btw do you have any disabilities?

"everyone is fucking with you"
"they arent here for "insert here" "
"your life is a joke to everyone"

nothing else

and a constant it needs to end on a loop ignorable tbh but sometimes you just cant

nigga this shit sound like anxiety.
sound like ur having a mental breakdown

how old are u

idk i happens everyday even when i dont go out. it could be happening as soon as i wake up. everyday every second every hour.

File the paperwork.

year it's called ur conscious
>get ur self checked

what's stopping you from getting ur shit checked out?

the tv talks about me and to me.

i feel like im being recorded on a daily basis.

teachers talk about my internet history

Do a bunch of meth and kick your crazy into overdrive.


ya mate u need help.
That's not normal.
You got people you can contact for help?

Do the voices talk to you? Are they saying something or is it just jibberish?

>saying something & jibberish

The first time in a long day I wanna is a part timer and I have no one else in the bed with the other one but it was my first day


It could just be yourself telling you what is wrong with you etc like your backseat brain talking to you to correct yourself of it is voicing your insecurities etc etc if it is telling you to kill people or that you are the messiah or something then it is bad especially if you believe it and get paranoid



If you’re in Canada you might be able to claim disability. You have to get a doctor to fill out some forms that say you can’t work though.

Might be difficult, doctors usually do that as a last resort. You would have to try medications and attempt working first.

My brother has mild schizophrenia and he’s in 4th year med school. He’s literally higher functioning than me.

Kill yourself indio

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Neet bux
You fucking lazy cunt

Hey. If ur not already aware. Voices and inner dialog are 2 different thing. I have inner dialog spirit comunication. Im a bloodline witch. A tarot card reader family. Demons Angles and spirits talk to us with telepathy. Sounds like u got a demon. Dont be afraid of it. Its trying to get u to overcome petty insults and build ur character
Lean into it and become who u were ment to be.... A sorcerer. Develope confidence or die OP . use ur power for good.. If u dont fall victim to there temtations of deatruction like moat do. Rise up user

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kys fag

Hahaha the crazy being advised by the crazier

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Schizokid posts screen capture because he doesn't know how to save a picture from the internet

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Screen cap pics have an extra dimensionality to them u basic bitch. Keep up

Blind leading the blind

No I agree with the other guy this just looks like you are retarded

See with your 3rd eye before seeing with physical eyes my lads.

human organs are really really expensive, ya know.

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You ever try seeing with your human eyes? This place is mystery enough for now.