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Shit image. Can't tell if it has nice feet.

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Nice feet.

np bb

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Nice feet

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Nice feet


the feet stuff is going to make dash angry

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If you think I present myself as intelligent then thanks, I guess. And again, the answers aren't obvious to me. How is anyone who doesn't come here all the time know you all still come here when there isn't conversation going on, or new pictures to share, but just to kill time together?

Oh no, here we go.

You're the Saltzpyre poster aren't you?
You're always on but say nothing until dash goes off, why?

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Nice foot

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Messy feet
Nice feet
Nice feet
Nice feet
Nice feet
Nice foot
Nice feet
Nice feet
Nice foot

A man of focus.

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Says who?

You present yourself like you have actual autism, no offense. Maybe it's just me, but I'm *really* good at determining people's personality, thought processes and emotions based upon their behavior. I genuinely don't understand people who are intelligent, yet are compelled to ask questions about others. It's so confusing to me, like how is it not obvious? I know I'm not that smart to determine how people behave and think that easily. You come here because you find us interesting as we're "different" and not "normal" and thrive upon searching for answers as if we're some different species when most of us are pretty normal. Like I can easily figure out why people have the hobbies they do and why they enjoy it. Can you not? Serious question.

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Nice feet

Nice feet
Bad foot
Nice feet

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Nice feet

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you said feet always annoys

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It's more or less when people get cringy about roleplay and feel the need to say shit like "i wanna sniff her paws and cum all over her paws" or ask for more. I just have a bias against feet because most foot fetishists are tismos.

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Anyone want to share their first beastiality experience? I always love listening to them

Nice feet

your mom had nice feet

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nice hoof

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Nice buggy toes

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That's fucking hot, kinky boi and teacher

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It's just you, dash.
But I ask questions here because I think it's entertaining, because it gives someone else the opportunity to speak up about themselves in detail if they want, and because irl it's very easy to figure someone out with just a few minutes of conversation. Here I don't know who people really are, and it's more fun to not know than to instantly "get" someone and slot them into another folder in your mind.

I don't know everything all the time like some kind of magic 2 billion IQ wizard you paint me to be. It's weird you keep putting that image of me out.

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Nice foot

Bad buggy toes

The what poster?
>You're always on but say nothing until dash goes off
I'm not always here. In fact, I'm only ever here whenever something happens. And even then, I don't always post. Sometimes I just watch to see how things unfold.

The answer to your question isn't a short one. As a matter of fact, I'm not sure what the appropriate response is at this particular time.

Why? Because, that.

>I don't have to sound better than others to know I'm smarter than most people
Well, yeah. That's not how it works. You don't have to sound smart to be smart. But sounding smart isn't being smart.
>You have this idea in your head that I'm stupid because of how I behave and present myself when I actively make the choice to not appear like a douchebag
You've repeatedly told me as much. Not what you just said, but that you're a bit of a blockhead sometimes, and you behave in ways you regret later. Like now, probably.
>the average person is intimidated by intelligence
The average person probably recognizes intelligence, too, Dash. And everything else, and usually doesn't have to deliver indirect sarcasm or vocalize rhetorical questions. They just know. There's no need or value in using it to posture themselves as "merely pretending".

>I can hide my power level
You are on full blast right now. Furthermore, hiding a power level, and... annoying someone? Dash, what is that supposed to mean? How does that work? I don't think that's how that works.

>but I'm *really* good at determining people's personality
Dashie, I really like the tone, but I don't think this is you. You have that... but then you have the trove of passive-aggressive lashing out making up the rest of your reply.
>I know I'm not that smart to determine how people behave and think that easily.
Then there's this, which is already
You know how this song goes.

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Cute feet

You present yourself like you're all smart because you have to be prim and proper and ask questions like some university student or something doing a research paper when answers are more obvious than you probably realize. I just get really annoyed that kind of personality, that presentation of proper English and diction. It just irks me because I'd rather be smart and sound average so I can talk to the average person.

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I'd love to hear your story then.
...and how do you know whenever "somethings happens" to be here, if you aren't already here? Unless you have people watch these threads for you and let you know when things get interesting.

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Nice feet

Got nothing to say to you bro, you're an annoying, patronizing twat with a superiority complex, so go eat a bag of dicks

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Giggly feet

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This is why I never liked hanging out with spergs in school. God damn they're annoying.

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Boi its you who sees what he wants to see in me, Im not trying to present myself any way other than the way I type normally but if you want I can dumb it down for you.

nigga do you see the irony

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Cute feet
Nice feet

Last post. Time to go home. Work was fun.

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>some user was getting paid to rate furry porn feet pics


You just strike me as the type of person who'd relentlessly ask questions in school that people already figured out. It's just annoys me when people ask questions all the time, especially when they sound smarter than other people whether they realize or not. I just like to appear like everyone else, and try to fit in by sounding average even though I'm nothing like most people, or even like a lot of furries it seems.

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What's everyone's stance on Murrsuits?

>assumptions about school
k dude
>"I'm different guys!"
k dude

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You could not have missed my point any more. I'm smart, I know I'm smart, I know I can have very proper English if I choose, but only do it when I'm explaining something to someone who is interested in learning or I find interesting, or if I feel like showing that I'm not actually a dumbass, so instead I try to sound like everyone else and fit in. That's the exact opposite of trying to be different.

Anyway, I should have been in bed like 3 hours ago. Good night, sfur

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good night

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You don't use hyper-proper english when explaining things to people, you simplify as much as you can. I also don't use hyper-proper english, I use normal english, what's so prim and pompous about it? Boy what.

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>Unless you have people watch these threads for you and let you know when things get interesting
The truth is stranger than fiction. In reality, I was "summoned". But in general, it's because these threads make their way to the first page. And not for the degenerate furry porn, but a lot of... words.

Here's the dilemma with me telling you a story. There's "feedback loop" of information and thread influence in play right now. While I would love to open up that world to you, things would get out of hand the moment I let certain things slip. It would change the trajectory of all kinds of interpersonal and intrapersonal narratives in this thread.

As a matter of fact, I can't think of a lone word to aptly describes what I do.

Well, you didn't call me stupid this time, and you took my advice, so now you're calling me out in a relatively reasonable fashion.

It's something.

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Who called you, Filenames?
Also, you're sounding more and more insane...
I have to know something, drop a hint at least.

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>Who called you
I can't answer to that. I mean, I can. But you must at least be able to guess why I won't.

See, this is usually what happens in communities. The paranoia. Regardless of the answer, you must see how asking that question makes a mess of things.

>you're sounding more and more insane
At least it's just sounding like that.

>I have to know something
Something about the weather?

I think I'm off to bed as well
good night Hopps

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bye bye

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If you’re doing the thing I think you’re doing than it’s not sanctioned by any of the big groups. If you’re on you’re own, it’s looked down upon. You’ll know what I mean, if you’re doing it.

I’m not on my laptop anymore to post the circus pictures... but I’ll work on a way you can talk to me discreetly and privately later.

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>If you’re doing the thing I think you’re doing than it’s not sanctioned by any of the big groups
Like recognizes like, more or less. And yes, I know. Believe me, I know. I've juggled and redirected all kinds of things that would stand out as beyond the pale regarding "that". But that's because this probably isn't what you think it is, not in its entirety.

Here's a way to explain it in a completely vague and tongue-in-cheek way. My "job" is to lay foundation.

However, I really don't think that last part is a good idea.

can I get a name on this one? Is this an established bun I can find more of?

UK Cadbury bunny

Here, also got you an e621 link


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Thought I'd post instead of lurking.
Morning, gents.

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Howdy. Hows it going?

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Alright, I guess.
It's been an awfully long while.
Hopefully the rest of the gang are still active -
If memory serves, there's FluffyPuppy, Tem and Charles Fluffington along with a few others.

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Unaccounted for in this thread, that is.

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dump more of her and similar, she's always great

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i must feed now


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wwhat if u switched it up so that pussay is blowin fire and the fruit is fukkin the butt

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just look at it

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